Monday, March 15, 2010

R3NDI3R - Kill All the Blacks....

What does the middle class white youth have to say about SA in 2010?

Well, this young bloke is really passionate, brave and not afraid to say exactly what's on his mind. He has built up a terrific following on Youtube and his latest vid has over 11,000 hits in only four days!

No, it's not hate speech, despite the title; this is exactly what he is exposing!

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Anonymous said...

A GREAT video!

He is 100% right in what he says!

trey cruz said...

How unutterably stupid.
What is this foolish young man's point?
He's trying to reason with 60 IQ imbeciles, incorrectly assuming that, because they are in the university, they are intelligent enough to understand his line of reasoning.
That is not far from assuming that, because a chimp is a bi-ped and lives in a zoo, he is qualified to be a Zookeeper.
He can argue all he wants, but their impulse will still be to kill all whites.
In the same way that a lion will go after a wildebeest; this is the way they are wired.
"But they go to university!"
They also go to the toilet, but I sure wouldn't want on to engineer a sewage system.
No matter where they are or whos borrowed clothes they are wearing they are and will remain a group of violent, dirty, gibbering, lazy, lice infested murderous primitives, and soon you will be faced with the choice of either defending yourself by killing virtually all of the "kaffirs", or surrendering and being killed [or worse] by them.
It sucks to be you, homey.

I hear France is beautiful this time of year.


I must agree with "Trey Cruz", and, for instance, I often watch R3NDI3R videos @ YouTube.
I am (a proudly white, of Italian descent) Brazilian and living in SA since 2 years ago.
Unnecessary saying that the opportunity that brought from overseas is the shortage of skills in this superbly built country.
I admire the real (= white) South Africans for what they have achieved despite enormous difficulties.
But, sad to say, the world and the "democratic institutions" wanted things to be like this.
Now there are only savages, monkeys, tribal chiefs, gorillas, etc. sitting on fancy chairs, cars, etc. making their arses fatter and fatter and fatter, burping their ignorance and bad will over hard working people (even of their own colour).
It is useless to argument against those parasites, as it is useless to make most of the world understand what happened here, actually a fight for survival...
I already have SA as a second home, and nowadays IT IS HOME, and I hate the babboons for what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

The kaffirs are going all out communist:

ANC Youth League backs state’s plan to own all land

Opposition, farmers lead chorus of outcry

By Donwald Pressly

THE ANC Youth League had come out in strong support of a Department of Rural Development and Land Reform initiative to nationalise all farmland, pledging yesterday to put the matter to the highest policymaking organs of the ANC.

As a storm of opposition to the plan emerged, with arguments put forward that it would destroy commercial agriculture, undermine investment in the sector and cause famine, the league spokesman, Floyd Shivambu, said the land issue followed on neatly on its call for mining nationalisation.

Thozi Gwanya, the department’s director-general, reported in a strategy document that it wished to “facilitate a discussion” by proposing that all productive land “will become a national asset and a quitrent land tenure system (whether) with perpetual or limited right is envisaged”.

The youth league would put the proposal to the upcoming ANC national general council in September – together with the nationalisation of mines proposal – for the national elective conference in 2012.

Shivambu said while the league did not want to see “what happened in Zimbabwe” repeated, the majority of the land should be transferred to the indigenous people. It was a consequence of the philosophy contained in the Freedom Charter, the guiding document of the movement, and he believed it would get widespread support from ANC members.

There was an outcry across the board in commercial farming and opposition political party circles yesterday.

toon said...

trey cruz, he's making exactly the same point that you are, that in spite of a veneer of education blacks always want to kill whites.

Anonymous said...

The truth is, that left to their own devices, they will, directly or indirectly, kill each other.

This point is frequently overlooked.


Viking said...

Jairo Eduardo

welcome to SA.

Anonymous said...

I would love to put a bullet in that kaffirs head (malema)then put a article in the paper saying "I don't have a problem with blacks running the country but then they must run it, and the next kaffir that spreads hatred etc, and not doing his job will be killed " we might get somewhere then

Anonymous said...

yes well... How are you supposed to reason with people with no education (cause they burnt their schools at the ANC's instruction). These are now self made idiots in a society with a hunger for revenge over a perceived (rather dimly) disadvantage. Well for people with an IQ of a white 11 year old (oh sorry I should have concealed that FACT!) how can we expect them to see the problem with hobbling themselves even further? Why should the white minority who put in 77% of the money for their schooling even care? Would Charles Darwin care? They don't even care!!!! as they kill themselves off! Why don't we even bring God into this... whats that saying "god helps those.." Good luck SA, enlightenment can take a harsh toll sometimes!