Monday, March 01, 2010

Old SA flag banned at new Cape Town stadium

It's much too late for South Africa to hide its embarrassment from the world by banning the old South African flag from Cape Town's 2010 soccer stadium. They'd have more success attempting to turn back 16 years of time.

The old South African flag has been banned from Cape Town's 2010 soccer stadium, along with items such as tear gas and pointy umbrellas.

The flag is on a list of forbidden items displayed at entrances to the 68 000-seater showpiece, which on Monday hosted a whistle-stop visit from a group of invited local and international media.

It is listed just above "banners or flags with content that can reasonably be considered to be sexist, racist, vulgar, discriminatory, inflammatory or offensive".

Also banned are firearms, ammunition, knives, and any sharp or pointed metal object that could be reasonably considered a dangerous weapon.

"Even an umbrella with a long extending metal point could be regarded as such," the notice says.

World Cup local organising committee chief Danny Jordaan said he was unaware of the restriction on the old flag, and did not know if it was in force at other 2010 stadiums in the country.

Cape Town mayor Dan Plato said what had happened at upcountry sporting events where people displayed the old flag had "caused some embarrassment".

"We don't want that same embarrassment to take place here," he said.

"We want rather to say to people, the old South African flag is not a recognised national flag any more and we don't want people unnecessarily to embarrass South Africa and to embarrass Cape Town."

"Let us rather be patriotic and act as good patriots of the country.

From Mail & Guardian

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