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Off-Topic: Why Islam Makes You Poor

In his recent book False Economy, economist Alan Beattie argues that Islamic countries should not be inherently poor, and then, oddly, gives reasons why they are inherently poor. Beattie does not adequately explain why every Muslim country is an economic basket case, and this is something that requires a far better analysis than he is prepared to give.

While Muslims are busy marketing themselves as the New Oppressed - on account of a tiny number of them without a country in Palestine - and even, in Europe at least, as the "New Jews", it must be remembered that Islam, for most of its 1400 year history, was unequivocably the oppressor. Arabs invented the African slave trade, which for them lasted around 600 years. Islamic armies invaded most of the known world, and were only beaten back by European innovation and the timeless strength of Far Eastern traditions.

The reason that Muslims are able to reinvent themselves so, is that they are unmistakeably poor. Western liberals like to believe - and hence their love affair with Islam - that Muslim poverty is due to Western "Imperialism", an accusation readily reinforced by the Muslims themselves. Even the slightest historical knowledge shows this up for the lie it is. European colonial involvement in Muslim states was always minimal and shortlived, and was hardly
destructive. There was certainly a relative weakness among Islamic countries by the 19th century but the European powers did not conquer them the way they subdued, say, Africa.

however, during this period, Islamic countries were very much engaged inwardly, purging themselves of non-Islamic elements within, rather than conquering without. Zoroastrians were being converted at swordpoint in Persia and further East while Europeans were carving up Africa, destroying almost completely one of the world's most ancient religions.


Liberal scholars will tell us that Islam flourished until the 9th century, busily engaged in the arts of mathematics and science and bringing us such innovations as the modern university and the number zero. None of this is true, of course. What is fair to say is that Islam was particularly good at sucking up culture from those regions it conquered, and it is very relevant to this discussion to observe how wealthy were those regions BEFORE Islam took hold of them.

The North African and Middle Eastern world were always part of the Mediterranean World, and were considered a part of "Europe", if that concept even existed back then. From Iran to Turkey, all the way across North Africa to Tunisia and beyond, the Middle East was thoroughly "civilised". Egypt and Iraq were the birthplaces of civilisation, and every major empire worth its salt had a foot in the door. They were not "Arabs", either, they were mostly a mix of Indo-
European and Semitic peoples with thoroughly Caucasian roots, and their civilisation was imitated by the Greeks, the fathers of modern Europe.

All of these regions were conquered by hordes of Muslims between the 7th and 10th centuries. It is important to note that Muslims often did not make up a majority in each conquered region, but ruled as an aristocracy. This is important in understanding the economics of Islam. Islam, as I have asserted, is an inherently poverty-inducing ideology. Throughout most of its existence as a world power, it lived off its conquered peoples like a parasite, taxing and extorting from its productive, i.e. non-Muslim, citizens. Eventually, in the words of Mrs. Thatcher, they "ran out of other peoples' money", and had to seize -by military force- other colonies.

Which is how they ended up in Spain. Liberal historians will tell you how the Muslims flourished in Spain. Partly, this is true, but only because we can't compare it to what Islam destroyed. There is hardly a single Goth or Vandal building remaining standing today, and because of this, these have unfairly become known as barbarians. However, not a single Carthaginian building stands today, and yet nobody would doubt the breadth and power of their civilisation. Many Muslim holy places in Spain were converted into Cathedrals, but it is equally important to note that these were built on top of churches in the first place!

The Islamic presence was only removed from Spain in 1492, the same year that Columbus landed on Hispaniola. Spain, once a jewel in the Roman Imperial crown, has never recovered. The same can be said of Sicily, Crete, and Cyprus - once cultural treasures, these are now the poorest parts of Europe.

From the 14th century on, Islamic traders raided the Eastern coast of Africa for slaves, an industry they carried out happily for hundreds of years, transporting and displacing MORE people than the European slave trade would during its more brief period later, and many argue that the Islamic slave trade continues.

Incidentally, a note to those who argue that Europe and America "got rich" off the backs of African slaves : bollocks. Muslims traded more slaves and did not get rich. Explain that?
Indeed, slavery, or ridiculously cheap labour, is BAD for any economy, as it stifles innovation. If you can find 100 men to hoist a block in the air, why invent machines? If this were not true, why
didn't the South win the American Civil War?


So, the results of too much Islam are plain to see, but what are the causes of Islamic poverty? According to Beattie, the European invention of the corporation, whereby a company acts like a person, but unlike a person does not die and have to divide its wealth between its offspring, is what sets us apart from the rest of the world, and ensures our economic hegemony. But yet, there is nothing in Islam that specifically prohibits corporations, or even the accumulation of wealth. Even the charging of interest is only Haram depending on a certain interpretation of the
word "increase" in the Koran (even if it's a very popular interpretation).*

The answer lies in history itself. Just as Islamic armies brought destruction and iconoclasm to the world's most culturally important nations - Egypt, Byzantium, Persia - they chased away too the spirit of enquiry and debate that led Europe to enlightenment and achievement, they suffocated trade and entrepreneurship, and stifled banking, the industry central to Europe's financial development.

When Muslim nations get money - and thanks to all that oil, they get plenty - what do they spend it on? Weapons, and more Islam. Saudi Arabia has developed no other industry in the 30 or so years of its oil bonanza, and instead has built more Mosques and "cultural centres" all over the world, to spread their Wahhabism far and wide. who knows what Libya buys?

So, Islam makes you poor because it revels in poverty, can't handle financial systems, and is inherently hostile to anything "Western". When it suits them. Islam did flourish, but for only a brief while. Only until it had, like any parasite, exhausted its host's capacity to support it. What they had, they inherited from the advanced Byzantine Empire, including some innovations which were briefly lost to Western Europe. Islam isn't poor because it comes from a poor region: it doesn't, it just made what were once wealthy regions poor.

Guess we'll need some more of that in Europe, then....

*note. Incidentally, this is why we have that joke called "Islamic Banking", which is a way for Muslims to make money from Capitalism while fooling themselves into feeling morally superior to it. They borrow money and instead of paying "interest", they pay a "service fee" (which is what interest is, anyhow), and when they invest, they dont receive "interest", they receive "profit" (which is what interest is, anyhow). My advice is for everyone to get into "Islamic Banking" as their investments tend to outperform normal ones... and they pay lower fees.

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Anonymous said...

It's because of their backward religion. They're more interested in lifting their arses to some unseen God seven times a day and blowing unbelievers up than to actually look after their people. They're sand kaffirs - that should explain it all.

Anonymous said...

off top

Anonymous said...

Black anonymous


Having travelled to europe and america, one thing that disgusts me more and leaves me with less hope for my race is the blacks who become muslim.

Like in the US, brother Jeremiah Jones (alias) decides he hates christianity for enslaving his forefathers and bringing them to the US over 300 years ago, so he chooses to join Islam, a religion that has enslaved Blacks for over 1400 years up to this very date. I am not saying the transatlantic was better, no, but it was for 300yrs compared to Mohammed's 1400.

To add peri peri to an already infested reeking wound, brother Jeremiah Jones now takes up an Arab name and now calls himself Abdullah rahhmad shitface mohammed alawawi (whatever). Its surprising they always choose the longest and most complicated names in some kind of self-congradulatory delusional intellectualism. Yet they have no idea they have just literally confirming their complete and utter enslavement to someone else's religion. (SERIOUS PSYCHOLOGY HERE).

Finally calling on the vultures to the dead soul of the Black man, they now kill each other over religion (NIGERIA ANYONE).

I do believe in God, but don't believe he is represented by any of the monotheists (they are too tribal and violent), but I still pray that One day he will lift whatever spirit of ignorance, laziness and backwardness I see in many black Africans. The idiocy I sometimes see in Blacks makes me wonder if God created the Black race just to show the rest of the world how not to live.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, another Muslim knocking article. What is this site? A jew love in and Muslim fuck ´em site? I don´t particularly like Muslims personally, but why the need to put them down? What are you guys trying to achieve? If this was jew knocking we would soon be read the riot act.
Is what´s good for the goose not also good for the gander?

Exzanian said...

Ah yes, to get the masses to accept their lot; impoverished, poor and suppressed, that takes communism. To get the same and keep them ecstatically happy, now that takes Islam!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:16 - can you please join the 21st century. Muslims are far more dangerous than the Jew. Please don't visit this site if it upsets you when the majority of the readers disagree with your view point. You sure know how to irritate me, doos.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 13 March 2010 20:37

"Muslims are far more dangerous than the Jew."

They will outbreed you. Sounds like...?