Sunday, March 07, 2010

Malema being investigated by SARS

Let's be honest, we actually like Julius. Yes we do! Ever since his election as ANCYL leader when some of his bootlickers pulled down their pants in a most "uncomradely" gesture and showed us their arses, we knew exactly what we were dealing with, and have been provided with a never ending source of mirth and entertainment ever since. If I was still living in ZA, I would personally adopt him as my own "kaffirtjie"

This is a real one, straight from the bush, with so much of the bush still in him, you will never get it out. Did anyone really think our "kaffirtjie" was paying taxes? Dream on!

In the follow up to allegations made public by the Sunday Times and IOL concerning ANCYL President Julius Malema's lavish lifestyle and how he acquired it, comes confirmation that the South African Revenue Services are now investigating him.

According to City Press SARS have purportedly appointed a senior investigation team to look into Malema's affairs.

This comes amid claims by Malema that he resigned all his directorships upon being appointed Youth League President and that documents in the hands of City Press - that showed he was still a director of SGL Engineering - were forged.

Allegedly Malema has not paid tax since becoming president of the ANC Youth League two years ago with none of the companies of which he is still registered as a director having complied with tax regulations.

News 24 are reporting that in addition to the R140m worth of tenders SGL previously obtained another 13 were awarded to them by the Polokwane municipality at the end of last year.

'Just reward' for the findings of an inquiry that found that the previous tenders had been carried out with 'extremely shoddy' workmanship and many not even completed.

Of interest will be the fact that ID leader Patricia De Lille learned confidentially that Malema's companies also had not received certificates to verify that their tax matters were in order. As such the continued awarding of tenders to these companies flies not only in the face of common sense which dictates that substandard work is the subject matter for law suits not more tenders but also prevailing law.

Malema recently said that SARS was welcome to investigate him and said he was being targeted.

He blamed this on a group who wish to bring down supporters of Jacob Zuma by using SARS as a means of attack.

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Anonymous said...

And boy can he lie badly as well. He claims that he resigned from one of the companies as a director when he was made ANCYL president. However, the company was only started after he was made ANCYL president. Let's see how he gets out of this one. Even Zuma has sanctioned a look-see into Juju's financial matters (not that that means much, but at least shows that where there's smoke is usually fire...).

Piet the Pirate said...

Just one question. Is this munt above the law?
If he is, then the law is absolutely meaningless.
Should´t ILSA be running articles on exposing corruption within the legal system. If things have reached the point where someone like Malema can simply do as he pleases, then the country has reached a new all time low, as he is making a mockery of the law and justice.
Only once the legal system is functioning properly, can crooks like Julius Malema be brought to book. Until then, we are all at the mercy of a corrupt system that has hijacked out country.

FishEagle said...

@ Piet the Pirate

A good site that deals with present day legal issues in South Africa. The author likes to appease the left with biased sentiments every now and again when he expresses his opinion. Still, it's very good from a legal perspective.