Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Human Rights Day from the Liberal's Paradise

Well, I awoke on this Human Rights Day to a nice traffic fine courtesy of the unusually observant City of Cape Town who were out bright and early trying to bugger up the public holiday for the rest of us. As I pondered my R500 extortion fee, I wondered whether similar officials were walking the streets of Mitchell's Plain and Khayelitsha demanding the same from other unfortunates who hadn't quite managed to get their vehicle licences updated on time.

ha ha, I thought.

Sure, bang to rights you might say - and you'd be right - but there's something suspicious about such vigilance in one of the wealthier (read: whiter) parts of Cape Town on a long weekend. Could it perhaps be the hordes of easily traceable, public-spirited and relatively law-abiding citizens who populate these areas that attract such concerned officers of the Law?

Remember The Matrix? I can't help but feel - and I'm sure I'm not alone in this - just like one of those human batteries, who exist just to have the life force sucked out of me on a routine basis. I suspect most South African taxpayers feel like this. In fact most taxpayers worldwide probably do. As Islandshark recently remarked in a comment - services? what services? In South Africa, the tax to services ratio is particularly high, and that's what makes this country such a Liberal's Paradise.

Let me expand. If you think for a moment about Things Liberals Like, cappuccino and taxes have got to be high up on any list you can come up with. A good Liberal has never met a tax he didn't like and South Africa is full of them. The sad thing is, a lot of South African Liberals are happy to be taxed to death, because a hell of a lot of government spending here is for Things Liberals Like.

So here's my top ten list:

"Community Projects"
Steering Committees
Coffee Shops/ cappuccino
Public Transport
Free Healthcare
Quangos, lots of them
"Human Rights"
Welfare, of course.

I might have to add things like:

Getting offended
Being "Progressive"
Having friends from Minority groups.
Making sure nobody else is offended.
Limiting freedom 'for the common good'
and of course, "Diversity".

The reason Libs love South Africa is because so much of their taxes go to stuff like this. And why not? They feel guilty, and knowing their taxes (and YOURS) go to 'helping' in such ways, makes them feel a hell of a lot better about themselves. And sure, maybe corrupt government officials and their pals skim a bit off the top for themselves, but ah well, that's just Africa for you.

Aside from income tax - which most people don't pay - there's sales tax, which a surprising number of people don't pay. Then there's the tv and vehicle licences (ditto). Traffic fines (ditto...). Lots of fees for government services too (wait - isn't that what taxes are for??), like Home Affairs, and various other application fees for pretty much everything. Like South African banks, government departments like to charge you for wearing out their carpet when you walk in. Then there's rates, which are dependent not on the amount of services you use, but on how much your house is worth.

The taxes you pay then get spirited off out of whatever province you live in to some central location, where they are divvied up and sent off to whatever backwater doesn't have enough 'services' this week; Doesn't matter how big the pothole on your street is, there's a bigger one in the Eastern Cape.

The reason South Africa is such a Liberal's Paradise is because there is such disconnectedness between what is paid in and what is spent. It's a Lib's wet dream, to see all the money being pooled in a nice big socialist pot and then redistributed to where it's 'needed'. It's "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need", and it excites the liberal no end. The reason the Liberal likes this disconnectedness is because then nobody gets to know what anything actually costs. He thinks it doesn't matter. Goodbye, market, hello socialism.

In most Western countries, the huge tax burden would induce massive emigration, as it did in Britain in the 1970s and other places too. Belgium has some of the highest taxes in the world, and who would live there? Oh wait, immigrants would, because all those taxes go towards paying for more little Mohammads and Jihads to be born.

California is finding, to its horror, what happens when the number of scroungers exceed the number of willing liberal taxpayers - their entire productive class is moving to Nevada. It's why America's Red States are - get this - the only parts of the Western World where white people are reproducing above replacement rate! i.e. it's because they can actually afford to, as they are not being taxed to death to pay for other people to make babies.

And South Africans are migrating. Why not? Why work Thursday and Friday so some people you neither know nor like can have free stuff? Liberals are the only ones who can conceivably have an answer for that: because the others can't afford it.

Newsflash: neither can you.

So how many scroungers can a Liberal support? How many angels fit on the head of a pin?
We will get an answer to this in the next few years, as even the Libs feel the squeeze. Their big hearts will not be so big then, and their endless wellsprings of goodwill will dry up. And then they can migrate too, if it's not too late, to some country that liberals haven't destroyed yet, some place desperately in need of some Progressiveness (Texas, perhaps) and enlightened thinking.

And lots of new taxes.

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FishEagle said...

That's interesting. I've never considered that the white population may be declining simply because we can't afford to reproduce. It's almost a case of higher intelligence going hand in hand with higher reproduction costs.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons for low white fecundity is the need for women to work so long, simply to put enough aside for the couple to get a decent home.

This is particularly the case in Europe.

What is nauseating is that potentially healthy, productive and intelligent members of our society (I mean, OUR people) are being taxed to the point of extinction to pay for others to breed irresponsibly.

This is simply cretinous, and is in fact a form of enslavement.

Other examples are not hard to find.


Exzanian said...

Viking - Top form!
I cannot fathom how a tax base of 5,000,000 can possibly support the rest after the elite has siphoned off the cream first...Maybe it's true, the whites have too much money ;)

Lime Lite said...

@Viking - I have news for you. The majority of those libs you speak of left SA within 48 hours of the ANC winning. Libs have a vision of utopia - with no plan or foresight on how to get there or the consequences of their dreams - hence why they usually stuff up when they get into power. Those libs remaining are usually in high places and don't feel what they've brought on their people (or ignore it).
@ FE - can't believe you've never put two and two together and realised that whites aren't having babies cause they can't afford them (unlike the blacks and muslims of course, who rely on the white taxes to support them and the reason why they just continue to breed unchecked). The USA has just about reached the tipping point where more minority race babies will be born than white babies. The USA white race will be out-bred within 50 years if they continue on their current path.

FishEagle said...

@ Lime Lite. Regardless of white taxes that fund the reproduction of other races, the other races still have more children with an average income that is much less than the average income of the white race. How do you figure that out?

FishEagle said...
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Tim Johnston said...


You have to take the quality of parenting into account.
When a lot of family members are unemployed, childcare isn't an issue because there is always someone to pass them along too. They also don't have to consider saving for college fees, etc.

It's true - I know professional, educated people who put baby plans on hold for years because they can't afford them while others just keep making more.

I think you answered your own question to Lime, how do they do it? Complete lack of foresight that's how; and safe in the knowledge that the nanny state will come to the rescue.

Getting our priorities in order may prove a weakness for Western people, in the face of those who reproduce without any thought of how to care for them.

Lime Lite said...

@Viking - spot on. Thanks for answering.

bbb said...

Those liberals started arriving here in NZ from about 2 years ago, right after the power issues started happening.

How do I know? All of a sudden a lot more SA build BMWs on the roads here...

And of course the superior attitude came along, they stand out a mile away. Boy, do they come down back to earth hard here. I so enjoy it!