Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gazelle's verlore seun

South African music is definitely being taken to new heights....or lows, by some people's standards. There is a soul sickness in the art that accompanies the 'mashing' up of cultures. In the following song by Gazelle, called Die Verlore Seun, it's a mashup of white and black culture. The video was filmed on a farm in the Limpopo Province. Limpopo happens to be one of the provinces that is notorious for farm murders. But it's the expression of these mashups in art that gets international attention. The New Yorker recently commented on Gazelle -

Gazelle with the sights and sounds from home shot on location in Ohrigstad Limpopo province on xander’s family farm with all the lovely people he grew up with… A dedication of respect to the simple people that are the most beautiful and really make the world go round.
It was just a slight oversight that they neglected to mention that it was these 'simple people' that were responsible for genocide.

Gazelle - Die Verlore Seun from xander ferreira on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of youngsters expressing themselves through music, even hoping to make a career from it, considering that they have limited possibilities with all the anti white racist discrimination being aimed at them.

That said, this dude is unknown and has probably no fans. Perhaps he should consider not giving up his day job if he has one, or if he can't find a day job due to affirmative action he should consider immigration.

Anonymous said...

He´s not white. He´s a hotnot from the cape. Those cappies are a fuck up.

FishEagle said...

@ Anon 1.47. Huh??? This video was shot on Xander's parent's farm near Orihgstad. A bit far from the Cape!

FishEagle said...

@ Jim Beam, feel free to speak your mind about the last comment from Anon. Or not. We don't pretend that we're not racist on this site. But we do appreciate it if someone sets us right if we are wrong.

Anonymous said...


What do you want me to respond to? The use of the word hotnot? I have been called many things, hotnot, boesman, klipkop - it's not important what people call me FE it's what I answer to that is important.

Anonymous said...

So what? Cape Coloureds (aka Hotnots)are the most racist people I have come across in my life. They hate Kaffirs more than they hate whites...then amongst themselves the Muslims hate the Christians and vice versa. Then amongst the ones who have smooth hair hates the ones who have kroes hare or Bushman features. And these are the people you want to ally with?

FishEagle said...

@ Jim Beam. Good. Cause I happen to like your way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 20:56

I wish you sissy lot would register a name and post under the name and not do hit and run postings. It shows a lack of candor and belief in what you say.

The hotnots are not the most racist people you have come across anon lets face it they are just not afraid to say what's on their mind where as you lot are afraid of labels such as 'racist'. You can't even post under a name so afraid you are. Who wants to be in an alliance with a bunch of sissies anyway?

As for Muslims and Christians, you might note that the Muslim Cape Coloureds are mainly Cape Malay. They passed the pencil test but failed the visual test so they are classified Coloureds even though they are not.

The Muslims in groups such as PAGAD view themselves as Asian and not Coloureds. They are in actual fact - Pakistani in origin, hence many still speak Urdu.

Oh yes, the smooth hair and the kroes hair - Hey, some of you whites like the ones with the kroes hair. It must be Jungle Fever. None the less - The kroes hair tends to be San in origin and the smooth tend to be Western or Asian in origin. The San is viewed as stupid hence having a kroes kop makes you stupid. Go figure.

Now there is a free lesson in Cape Coloured demographics. Nothing you would find in a school book.

We all live in societies with warts. How infectious is yours?

Aldebaran said...

@anon 5 March 2010 20:56

You are spot on. Of course coloureds would never admit what racists they really are.

Anonymous said...


Would you?

Of is dit nou, soort soek soort. Jannie maak nou sy broekie nat.