Sunday, March 14, 2010

Farmers stunned by new land policy

Hat Tip: Lime

From News24

Johannesburg - The department of rural development and land reform has kept farmers completely in the dark about plans to declare all productive agricultural land a national asset, an industry body has said.

Agri SA will meet the department about the issue on Monday, even though the plan has already been submitted to the departmental portfolio committee.

In its strategic plan for up to 2013 the department said it is considering the possibility of declaring all productive agricultural land a national asset.

Current owners will then receive rights to use the land on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Hans van der Merwe, chief executive of Agri SA, has said his organisation has not been consulted about this plan.

Two weeks ago when Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti addressed Agri SA's industry conference in Somerset West, he broadly discussed the department's strategic plan but failed to mention anything about changes in land ownership.

Theo de Jager, deputy president of Agri SA and the organisation's spokesperson on land affairs, said what is contained in the strategic plan does not accord with recent discussions held with the departmental representatives.

If this is policy, it will force commercial farmers straight into the trenches, said De Jager.

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eduard said...

Oh my, what they also failed to tell you is that your property i.e. your almost payed off house is next. The will probably take your vehicle too. And what did the sheeple say awhile ago : "This is just urban legend!" he same goes for the so-called conspiracy theory, it is a theory until it happens, by then it's too late! Wake up, you stoopid goyim!

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe? It's the British starting to starve everyone. Bob Mugabe, Jacob Zuma - all members of the Order of Bath. British puppets.

Anonymous said...

Fact is that the mines and the reserve bank WILL be nationalized.

Try to assimilate this information, because it will happen as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Don't try and negotiate with the fact that the mines and the reserve bank will be nationalized. To do so is to be ignorant of the African way.

Anonymous said...

Time to go Galt?


Lime said...

This is huge and I can't believe that not more is being made to raise awareness. Like Eduard says, houses will be next. This is going to turn SA on its head. Just the other day they were complaining that 90% of government farms lie unproductive - now the farmers land will no longer be theirs. They will need to be given rights to farm their own land on either a permanet or temporary basis. This means that the goverment can also decide what they must farm and who to employ. I can't even say that this is the beginning of the end, as it's been coming for years now.

Viking said...

I agree with Anon. I've always reckoned SA's farmers need to go on strike - but they won't let people starve, it's not in their nature. maybe they can up prices a bit just to make a point?

Anonymous said...


Not a new point as it has been raised before. The problem with it is that you would only hasten the demise of whites in South Africa as it would give Zuma and company reason to :

1. Ligitimise nationalisation of farm land;

2. Create more hatred;

3. Use it to justify the 'One Boer One Bullet' slogan.

4. Cripple agriculture permanently;

You don't need a spark like that as it will not ignite hatred towards the government it will only ignite hatred towards whites. What needs to be done is to steer the black anger towards the government which is creating it. So far the government has been able to use the media to steer the anger away from them.

How to do it - I dont know.


@ anon 08.18

Time to go Galt was already long ago. One needs to starve this destroyers of as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

The Communistic nature of the ANC will and is becoming more evident day by day.

Like it or not, Mbeki was the high point.


FishEagle said...

@ Jim Beam. I agree wholeheartely.

@ Anon. F*ck! If you put it like that...