Saturday, March 20, 2010

Defiant white ratepayers: Government has plan

The government doesn't have a concrete plan to deal with ratepayers who are withholding payments for municipal services, apart from "engaging" with them.

On Wednesday Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Sicelo Shiceka told journalists that white ratepayer associations had created "a parallel government" and were undermining the ability of municipalities to deliver services.

"We have discovered that over 280 ratepayers' (associations) in South Africa - which unfortunately are white organisations - have created a parallel government. They take the money instead of paying service to municipalities and put it in a trust account. That undermines the ability of municipalities to deliver services."

He said the government wanted to engage with everybody to sort out municipal problems.

The chairperson of the national taxpayers' union, Jaap Kelder, confirmed Shiceka's statements. He said hundreds of associations were hiring companies to deliver the services that the municipalities were failing to deliver.

He said his was an umbrella body. Of the 325 associations, 70 had declared disputes with their municipalities, while in 40 towns ratepayers were withholding payments. The withheld funds were put in a trust fund and residents would then use it hire companies to deliver services.

"People have been laying complaints with municipalities for years, but were ignored. They have been paying their accounts without getting the service," he said.

He challenged Shiceka to use his powers to get municipalities to deliver efficiently.

But constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos said it was illegal for ratepayers not to pay taxes and or rates. He said the ratepayer could take up the lack of or poor service delivery politically or with the courts.

"They can't unilaterally decide to bypass the law."

Local Government MEC Anton Bredell said there was no such problem in the Western Cape.

Shiceka's spokesperson Vuyelwa Qinga told the Cape Argus last night that Shiceka would continue to engage with white ratepayers until sustainable solutions were found.

By Andisiwe Makinana, Cape Argus, 4 March 2010

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Exzanian said...

Excellent! We all need to be exposed to raw sewage, it's the South African way: Dumb it all down to the lowest common denominator. One class for Azania! VIVA - Kill the boer, kill the farmer!

Anonymous said...

white South Africans have now discovered the Government's weak point and we should capitalise on it. This is perhaps the sign, the signal and the time to unite in this effort and force this Government into doing their job. Whites have always been the primary source of income for this country and this provides us with the power, much greater power than we have ever realised or utilised. We should all join these ratepayers groups and deposit our rates and taxes in their accounts. It would force the ANC to come begging.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to CT - where there's a functioning, delivering local government. See how all the boons rush to live there - once again under the whites. When will these blacks admit that they don't know how to polish a diamond?