Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Daily Mail: Zuma is a sex obsessed bigot and "vile buffoon"

Zuma must be in his element. Rubbing shoulders with the elite (oh how he's been craving international lubrication) and sleeping in Buckingham Palace. No Lucky Star pilchards on door stop bread slices, served with coffee in a jam tin. Nope, canape's and caviar for this zot.

Spare a thought for the Buckingham Palace protocol officials tomorrow when His Excellency President Jacob Zuma arrives in London for his first state visit to these shores.

For this incoming 'One hundred per cent Zulu Boy', as the South African President styles himself when he has an election to win, presents unique challenges of planning for the courtiers.

The formal announcement of the state visit primly notes that the President will be accompanied during his three-day stay at Buckingham Palace by 'his wife Mrs Thobeka Madiba Zuma'. This is not untrue - but nor is it quite the whole truth.

Because Thobeka is just one of Mr Zuma's four living wives, not including one from Mozambique who committed suicide in 2000. She is also one of the estimated ten women with whom the libidinous Zuma has sired the 20 children he acknowledges to be his own.

On top of that, Zuma has paid lobolo - a sort of tribal deposit on a future bride - to the families of at least two more potential wives.

On a recent visit to South Africa, I was told very confidently by a man who knows the inner workings of the government that Zuma's true tally is actually 35 children, including a set of twins with a woman from Ukraine.

One thing is clear. Jacob Zuma could not be more different from the man in whose long shadow he must walk - South Africa's great and first democratic leader, Nelson Mandela.

But to go back to the hard-pressed Palace courtiers in charge of protocol, how can they prevent disaster in the diplomatic minefield of tomorrow night's state banquet?

At these state dinners it is traditional to invite leaders of the 'arts community' to break up the stodgy ranks of diplomats and establishment bigwigs who tend to get the bulk of the invitations.

But will theatrical greats such as Sir Ian McKellen be comfortable breaking bread with a man who has described same-sex marriage as 'a disgrace to the nation and to God', and who boasted that when he was a young man, any sensible homosexual would have got out of his way because: 'I would have knocked him out.'

Will our bishops want to nibble canapes with a man who won the South African election last year by appearing at rallies and singing the old ANC guerilla war song: 'Bring Me My Machine Gun'? At the time, this was interpreted by many South Africans as a grotesque disavowal of Mandela's exhortation to his supporters to throw their weapons into the sea.

And for that matter, would Harriet Harman, assiduously promoting her equality agenda as the General Election nears, wish to discuss gender issues with a man who, when charged with rape in 2005, protested in court that the alleged victim was wearing an extremely short skirt.

'In Zulu culture you cannot leave a woman if she is ready,' Zuma told the judge. 'To deny her sex would have been tantamount to rape.'

Knowing that the woman he had imposed himself upon was HIV positive and that he had not used a condom, Zuma took a postcoital shower, believing that would protect him against the virus.

The Foreign Office expects the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to submit themselves to an average of only two incoming state visits a year, so why was it thought necessary to honour Zuma in this way? It is not as though South African leaders have been strangers to Buckingham Palace in recent years.

President Mandela came on a state visit two years after winning the first democratic election in 1994, and returned again 18 months ago during his 90th birthday celebrations. Thabo Mbeki, Zuma's predecessor as president, came over with his wife on a state visit in 2001.

Which all means there was certainly no diplomatic need for Britain to mark Zuma's installation in power last year. During almost 60 years on the throne, the Queen has learned she broadly has to do what the Foreign Office tells her, so she throws open Buckingham Palace and pins medals on the chest of any murderous dictator the government wishes to suck up to.

Zuma may not have matched the grotesque misrule of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who was welcomed to the Palace in 1994. But he tends to side with the mobs who have invaded the white-owned, productive farms rather than those who used to produce the country's food.
'Europeans often ignore the fact that Mugabe is very popular among Africans. In their eyes, he has given blacks their country back after centuries of colonialism,' Zuma has said. 'The people love him, so how can we condemn him?'

No wonder that affluent South Africans, black and white, are now so concerned by the course South Africa is taking under Zuma, and fearful they are on a trajectory towards becoming the continent's next basket case.

It seems utterly misguided to have invited Zuma at a time when it is becoming ever more evident that South Africa is being turned into an organised kleptocracy.

With timing that seems suspiciously fortunate given the looming state visit, the government this month announced a deal with British Aerospace to end investigations into whether bribes were paid in several recent contracts.

This is fortunate for Zuma - he was deeply implicated in the bribes paid by European defence contractors, including British Aerospace, over a gigantic 1998 South African arms deal.

Schabir Shaik, Zuma's personal financial adviser, was one of the few men to stand trial for corruption as Thabo Mbeki's government kicked over the traces of the arms deal and other corruption scandals.

Shaik was convicted of making several illegal payments to Zuma, and in effect underwriting the cost of his substantial private home to accommodate his various wives and children.

The truth is that corruption is now so prevalent that South Africans have lost their capacity to be shocked by it.
But Zuma may not be forgiven for his flamboyant sex life. Having been acquitted of rape, then mobbed by jubilant supporters, Zuma believed he was beyond criticism.

Yet he now finds himself in political difficulty after the recent revelation of the birth of the 20th acknowledged child, to a woman in Durban. This broke a deal he made with the party that even if he could not conquer his libido, he would at least behave with discretion, and stop impregnating casual sexual partners.

Like the 19th-century missionaries who attempted to stamp it out, the ruling ANC party disapproves of polygamy, partly because it reinforces white men's stereotypes of Africans as somehow uncivilised.

But Aids is the much more compelling explanation for why Zuma finds himself in trouble. With an HIV infection rate feared to be close to 30 per cent, and with South Africa's rural areas overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of Aids orphans, Zuma's manic promiscuity is setting a terrible example and has become a matter of grave public concern.

The ANC was forced, in a formal statement, to acknowledge the level of public disquiet about Zuma's conduct. And there is now even talk at the highest level of the ANC that Zuma might not be allowed a second term as president.

Since Thabo Mbeki (who had demented ideas about Aids) was forced from office, the government has made progress in changing the sexual attitudes of black South Africans. Zuma has blown a hole in this campaign for the sake of his nights of passion.

No doubt the guests tomorrow night in London will be too polite to raise such delicate matters with the guest of honour.

But millions of South Africans, viewing television images of the Zulu Boy at Buckingham Palace, will wonder why the Queen is honouring a man who back home is rapidly becoming a very bad joke.

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Anonymous said...

The Queen better watch her back! Nothing and no one is safe when Mshlozi is around.

Anonymous said...

Fuck queenie for inviting this buffoon and his entourage of sluts, I for one hope he displays some typical nigger behavour and try to "put long donkey by the meddemm"

Anonymous said...

The queen, no doubt, simply views him as some kind of enlightned savage and is just humouring the buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Zuma wasn't just idly invited to Britain. Things happen for a reason and Zuma's invitation to the throne is no exception.

The English elites, whom are the owners of the mines in South Africa, need reassurance from Zuma in that he is doing his utmost to eliminate any talks about nationalization.

As Zuma is a socialist, having to go against his desire to nationalize galls him. Therefore the British elites thought it best to bring him before the throne to remind him that the blackmail sword of the arms scandal is still hanging over his head.
Call this an self preservative incentive for lack of a better word.

Essentially they want Zuma to muzzle any talks about nationalization, because if he doesn't, new arms scandal evidence will surface which will implicate Zuma further.

Whether Zuma will betray his true desires, which happens to be nationalization and thus betray his people, or whether he will sacrifice himself on the altar for the socialist cause, remains to be seen.

I do know that Zuma will tell the British exactly what they want to hear in that "yes madam" yes man way of his. He will make all the correct noises to the English Elites and once he is back in South Africa will continue his silent approval of the drive towards nationalization of the mines, banks and other large companies such as Sasol, Mittal, Saldanna and others.

Zuma will not be swayed from the path that he is on and his(ANC) approval of Malema attests to this.

Initially the British elites demanded that he gives up his socialist agenda as an act of self preservation and to prevent them from implicating him further in the arms scandal. Since then Zuma has passed the nationalization torch to Malema.

This time I belief that they might not only reaffirm their previous demands but that they might have a new demand and that this demand would be for Zuma to publically distance himself from the ANCYL leader.

Of course, being a Zulu Zuma will agree to their terms for as long as he is under their eyes. Whether he will obey them, remains to be seen.

What will he do? is the interesting question, because I do not belief that he will betray Malema, his own personal desires and his people.

Perhaps he might come to the illogical conclusion that a spontaneous peoples revolution might be best to keep the heat off from himself. This way he can wash his hands and still achieve socialism. The only thing I think that is bothering him, is how to achieve this and retain power.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

You only get to rule if you play by the rules. The apartheid government did not play by the rules and were toppled and now it seems as if the ANC won't play by the rules either.

They probably won't have to be toppled, as their policies will ensure that SA self destructs. Essentially they will topple themselves.


Piet the Pirate said...

A4, you don´t even begin to understand the true nature of the beast that resides in the halls of power. They put puppets like Zooma in power on the clear understanding that they are partners, with him being a very, very junior partner. Even this dumb zulu kaffir boy knows what will happen if he renages on the original deal.
While Mugabe might, on the surface, appear to be at loggerheads with his colonial masters, that is a smoke screen for the masses. In truth, he is playing his part well and everyone in the deal is getting stinking rich. If you believe for one fleeting second this is about, "the people", or, "the cause", then you seriously need to catch a wake up.

Anonymous said...

To all the anonymous comments, very thought provoking. You all have a valid point.

Anonymous said...

A4: I think you are right, although I wouldn't call Zuma a socialist, that would be implying that the man has a mind, which he hasn't. Zuma doesn't give a stuff about arms scandals. He has already put a puppet in charge of the NPA. The white madam in Britain can go straight to hell. They want to milk the mines for what they are worth in the short term. The black man does not have a long term view, he wants to eat lots and mek bebbies now.

Well then let them stuff up the mines. Let Malema become the next president of South Africa. Let them be seen for what they really are. Maybe the west will leave whites in South Africa alone once the mines are rendered useless.

eduard said...

Liesbet die tweede, the bitch must more than watch her miserable back. By the way, the British Elite does not own the mines, it is owned by the Rothschilds and Oppenheimers, but Liesbet die tweede is in bed with them.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we all realise that the future success of our country and economy is heavily dependant on our ability to attract foreign direct investment and our ability to deliver uniquely south african products and services to the global markets.

Our president is the ultimate marketing tool that we have at our disposal. Our ability to market our products and services is also largely reliant on our country brand.

Regardless of our political views I hope that we can all work together to build our country brand. Our president is a large part of that.

Lets work together to build a better future for ourselves and our children.

Go bokke

Anonymous said...

@Anon 02:10 - you are seriously delusional and deserve what's coming your way. That you still believe in "working together" tells me you live in la-la land with the fairies and trolls.

afrobella said...

I don’t think that this journalist is wrong. He might have gotten a few details slightly incorrect like the definition of lobola, but I tend to agree with what he is saying. I think that there is such a difference of opinion regarding the separation of Jacob Zuma’s personal life and his public/work life because most south africans believe that J.Z’s private life is none of their business, but I completely disagree with this, the issue at hand is not the whether or not to treat his public & private life separately, but it is more about his character. We all know the saying that your character will determine your decisions, the point is if Jacob Zuma cannot even exercise faithfulness and truth with those closest to him(i.e: his many wives and family) how much more do your think he will be truthful, fair and just to the country he serves, that is why his personal life is our business, it is his character that should be judged, thus making no distinction between his private & private life. We should hold our leaders to a higher standard of morality because “to he who is trusted with much, more is required” or for those who are spiderman fans “with great power comes great responsibility” and because the repercussions are greater and will be felt by all south africans. This journalist is not writting this article to target Jacob Zuma, this is the norm for the british because the british public is extremely critical of it’s own politicians/leaders, british people demand service delivery, higher morals, and fulfilled promises made by their politicians, that’s how things get done and if politicians such as gordan brown or david cameron f@?*k up, they will be crucified by the media and they will loose votes and will be booted out. We as south africans should stop looking at some solutions as “the african way” or “the european/western way”, we should just stop hidding behind culture (very selective culture) and and we should look at solutions on whether we will progress or regress as a nation.

You think this article is harsh, Gordan Brown was crucified by the british pubic and press because of a picture which showed him smoking cannabis when he was at university, He has to issue a public statement apologising to the british for letting them down for something he had done over twenty-five years ago. Public opinion matters in the UK, it can determine whether you go up or down in politics & most importantly it leads to service delivery. If Jacob Zuma was british, he would not even be in politics, because then he would have to stop thinking about enriching himself and he would have to start thinking about actually being a public servant!

Jacob Zuma is not rapidly becoming a bad joke, he is already one! And we are the laughing stoke to the international community.

By the way, I am not white, I am a black, female south african and I don’t think Jacob Zuma good enough. not even close!

Archie said...

Wonderful piece of Journalism that goes a long way to showing Zuma up for the caveman he is. Pity South Africans cannot learn from this and edge further forward on the evolution continuum.You need the West far more than they need you so try and learn to behave in a more civilised manner.

Anonymous said...

The Rothchilds are British, are they not?
The Rothchilds are elites, are they not?

I stand by my statement that the mines are owned by the British Elites. Well OK American Elites as well...Rockefellers, JP Morgan etc.


Anonymous said...

@Piet the Pirate

You'd be amazed at the level of understanding that I have of who is who in the power zoo.

Fact is that they made a deal with the ANC, Mandela....MBeki and now Zuma.

Like you said only a stupid idiot would go up against these guys.

Now tell me seriously, do you think Zuma is smart????


He needs constant reminding that there will be ramifications if he deviates from the POA that has been determined by the elites.

Obviously he does not have the mental capacity to understand whom he is dealing with here, which is why we have the scenario unfolding in SA the way we do.


Anonymous said...

The true king of England/EU does not meet heads of state. It is beneath him. He is good at delegating.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...@ 02:10

Do you also believe in fairies?

Goodfella said...

Zuma wants UK money


Hands in the begging bowl AGAIN! STILL! WHATEVER!

British racists 'disgust' ANCYL


and there you go THE FAMOUS RACE CARD - why are we not surprised

Zuma hits back at UK media reports


Zuma has only himself to blame for his scandals.

Free advice to Zuma: Learn to rise above criticism

He is supposed to be sufficiently qualified for the job, but shows that he is in fact a buffoon.

I also view Zuma in a positive light. HIV positive, that is, considering his frequencies of unsafe s.e.x.

Stay positive, my prez.

Anonymous said...

@Piet the Pirate

You summed that up very well! At least not everyone is blind.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 07:29

Have to totally agree with you about anonymous @ 02:10. Talk about being naive.

Some people really need to have a cup of wake the fawk up.

I can't belief that people can be so stupid that they cannot take the present and project a graph to the future.

Go Bokke indeed(sic) hahahahahaha