Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Communism: A Love Story

Last evening over a few Black Labels I was introduced to a friend of a friend who described herself- white girl, mind - as a Communist.

Now, I often express it thus; imagine I point across a busy street and tell you that someone is a Nazi, a devout national socialist who thinks World War II was a great way for Germans to get more living room and a shame about all the explosions but they were necessary, and invite the listener to imagine the revulsion they would feel about such a person. That, I say, is the same revulsion I feel when introduced to a Communist.

And, yet, I can't help but feel isolated in that opinion.

Even today, for some reason, those who hold Socialist or Communist views are still held in some kind of higher esteem than those who espouses the almost-identical worldviews of National Socialism or Fascism. This is bizarre, and is evidence of some kind of collective reality-denialism or at the very least, fuzzy history.

As has been oft repeated on this blog and others, there are few more vile, murderous, oppressive, rapacious, horrific and destructive ideologies in this world than Socialism (with the possible inclusion of Islam, but that's another story).

And yet, it's such a nice friendly word - after all, who is offended by someone who cares about "society" - people like to forget how high are the piles of stacked corpses it has produced.

People with Che Guevara t-shirts are not treated with the same disapproval as someone who might wear a Hitler t-shirt, and even the image of the despot Mao is considered trendier than that of, say, Francisco Franco - who refused to go to war at Hitler's side.

The reason for this collective blindness, I suspect, is that, as suggested above, doing things for "society", however misguided and ignoble, still holds some kind of moral currency, EVEN IF it ends in absolute disaster. Bankruptcy and mass starvation are ok, it seems, if it was done as part of some noble "experiment", a favourite word used by those describing Communism favourably. Julius Nyerere, despite having apologised late in life for having bankrupted Tanzania and keeping his people in grinding poverty 'for their own good', is still considered one of Africa's brightest stars.

The killers of the brute Chris Hani, who was as a Communist and not for being black, are still in jail; The murderers of Amy Biehl -who was beaten and stabbed to death for being white- are free, thanks to the TRC who decided it was a 'political' killing and therefore ok - even though Amy was on the 'side' of her killers.

I think the Gerard Vanderleun quote above is particularly revealing, and the answer to the question lies therein; ultimately, people believe that Socialism is somehow a noble ideal, and all those horrific deaths are just some kind of malfunction on the part of a few well-meaning but flawed human beings. This must be the truth of it, how else can these people lie to themselves so thoroughly, and delude themselves into believing that mass-murder, genocide and torture are just by-products of a system that's 'actually, quite good when you get down to it'.

Even IF, and it's a big IF, this were true, the reality of the matter is that the tenets of Socialism in themselves are enough to damn it. Hatred of those who create wealth, the forced collectivisation of society and the destruction of the individual, the removal of human hope in a better future, the reshaping of history to serve a Marxian doctrine, the replacement of incentive with coercion, and the insertion of State authority into every facet of human existence create a society of despair, poverty and inhumanity.

So, the real question is, what aspect of Socialism is it that carries such worthiness?

When I was about 7 years old, in the Age of Reagan and Gorbachev, who, alongside Mrs. Thatcher and South Africa, dominated the ITV news, I asked my mother what Communism was. She replied, distainfully (although I didn't know what that meant back then), that Communism was a system where everybody was equal and have the same stuff. What a brilliant idea! I thought. But I was 7.

Like my 7 year old self, the modern lovers of Communism have no sense of history, no idea of the human cost of such a system, and no ability to accept that you can't just 'tweak' it to get rid of all the genocide, starvation and torture.

So I had to view this person as a naive child, because the only other option was to view her as a vicious lover of murder and brutality, of poverty for its own sake, and of the destruction of civilisation. I hadn't had enough Black Labels to deal with that.

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fuechs said...

you need to read at least two books of Texe Marrs:
- Codex Magica
- Mysterious Monuments.
Both books contain enormous amounts of historycal documents and pictures (among them many related to SA) which will surely inspire you to think a few steps further.

Afrikaner said...

No you are not alone. I also come across people who says that Communism is a good theory andthat there is nothing wrong with the concept. Then when I point out the millions killed by Stalin, Mao tse Tung, Pol Pot, Castro, Mugabe,etc then they turn arround and tell me that I cannot blame the ideology because of a few despotic individuals. My answer is always that in the Bible "Luke 6:43, 44

[43] "No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. [44] Each tree is recognized by its own fruit.

Surely if Communism was such a wonderful idea we would see it working all over the world, instead it is the most destructive force that ever hit this planet. It has killed more people than any other political system or religious belief.

Laager said...

Interesting stuff.
Now compare that death toll to Capitalism and the horrors of the slave trade.

The following statistics are taken from Appendix 3 of The Slave Trade by Hugh Thomas ISBN 0 330 35437 x

Estimated Statistics

Portugal 4,650,000
Spain 1,600,000
France 1,250,000
Holland 500,000
Britain 2,600,000
USA 300,000
Denmark 50,000
Other 50,000
TOTAL 11,000,000

Given that today black on black slavery still exists, and that there is a non stop river of economic migrant/refugees from west, central and east Africa trying to gain access to Europe and South Africa as political asylum seekers, one could assume that the descendants of these slaves are actually better off in the west. Top of the pile are the entertainers and sports stars that have made it in the white man's world.

11m survivors v 100m corpses seems like a pretty good deal to me.

And still they complain about being oppressed

FishEagle said...

Trying to reason with idealists is almost impossible.

Anonymous said...

What a crying shame Mein Kampf is banned, because if it was freely available and people like Viking took the time to read it, they would have a better understanding of National socialism.
But then again, it´s very understandable why the powers that are decided to put the book out of reach, so that they could dose the brain washed masses with their version of a system which produced more in 6 years than any other ideology since the dawn of man.

Of course it had to be destroyed.

National socialism didn´t fail. It was brought down by the opposition who now control mankind. It was the greatest threat to their dream of world domination, and it had to be destroyed forever.
It was the very antithesis of the system you abhor so much, communism. In fact it was born to combat this very threat to mankind. It was the ideology of the Aryan man, the white European species, and we fell for the lies of the enemy and defeated our own kind. Our reward? Today we face extinction. Today we are a endangered species. Really, we deserve no better.
Read Mein Kampf, if you can find a copy. It´s all there.
Just a word of warning though. Most English versions have been skillfully translated to make the author appear confused and contradictory. If you can read past these obvious tactics, you will be richly rewarded with the truth. How do I know this? Simple. I have a 1941 edition in German and have studied it very closely, and it is simply brilliant. It was written by a true genius who detested communism and all it stands for.

Exzanian said...

Nice article Viking. I think communism is in a deep sense a denial of nature. Not all men are equal. In evolutionery terms, even altruism always has a selfish payoff. It really is a dog eat dog world and the only purpose, in a world of limited resources, is to come out on top. Life is a ceaseless striving between humans, one always seeking to dominate the other; seeking to subdue the other. I see no way out of that imperative, it's in the genes. In game theory (the hawk vs dove scenario) there is a state of equilibrium, a stable strategy, that occurs naturally. Don't be fooled by it, the winner is always lurking. I read a comment the other day by Bernie Madoff on a Mike Trapido post; words to this effect "I am too embarrassed to even be a passenger in a fancy car, because I cannot look the beggars on the side of the street in the eye, I respect them too much"
What kind of an ideology is that? Give him half a chance (as Blade Nzimande and Julius Malema so clearly demonstrate) and he will be more than happy to drive a BMW 750i and crush the beggar underfoot...Yes, he will not be able to look the beggar in the eye, not because of respect but out of shame.

Anonymous said...

You most gullible population is the young white female. They are easy swayed to believe in this type of ideology. That's why there is also so much inter-racial relationships with young white women and blacks as they think that they are addressing racism. I'm a female and even I see this...

Anonymous said...

A professor and his class had an argument about communism. The students tried to convince the professor of the benefits of communism.

He decides to proof to them why communism will always fail. He made them write a test and the average grade achieved was then awarded to the whole class, which turned out to be a C.

For next test the students that had studied hard for the first test and that would have received A's, decided why must they work hard, seeing that they will only be rewarded the class average.

Even the average students themselves decided that they don't have to study, because the work of someone else will pull them through.

The result was that everyone failed the second test. This is why communism will always fail.

If you don't reward excellence, you won't find it.


Viking said...

@Anon 14:07
very interesting you mention this as the lady in question has a non-white boyfriend!
My only problem with that is that she, and young white women like her, feel so guilty in their own skin that this type of relationship is purgatorial, and as such is essentially racist. They are saying, 'I know you are beneath me, but I need this to feel better about myself'. There's certainly nothing anti-racist about it!

I also think that it's about the element of 'danger' and forbidden fruit as well, particularly for all the Germans and Scandinavian girls who come to SA. Unfortunately the rest of us then have to pick up the pieces after it go turns to sh*t, and frankly, it's not worth the effort..

- Feuchs, thanks for the pointers, will check them out.

Anonymous said...

Should anyone be interested in an English version of Mein Kampf try this:


FishEagle said...

@ A4. Brilliant!

Islandshark said...

This is excellent stuff Viking.

And no, you are not alone.

Ron. said...

The slogan on the shirt should have a few extra words: Communism has only killed 100 million people - let's give it another chance... to kill the rest.

Capitalism was mentioned here as also being a problem but this is concerning high finance / big money power Capitalism.

The authentic free market is supposed to be a counter balance against the oppressive tendencies of totalitarian ideologies & of raw financial power.

Viking said...


"The authentic free market is supposed to be a counter balance against the oppressive tendencies of totalitarian ideologies & of raw financial power"

Spot on.

I couldn't have put it better if I'd tried.

The Corporation ought to be the most democratic expression of capitalism, and the job of government is to keep its citizens safe and the market as free from interference as possible to facilitate that goal.