Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cele is now General

Yeah right, and the criminals are quaking in their boots....From laughter that is. Another sign of the crumbling society that once was South Africa: conferring meaningless titles, especially military ones. For all it's worth, he might as well have called himself Field Marshall. Zimboonia is almost in full swing...

Johannesburg - National police chief Bheki Cele has insisted he be addressed as "general" from now on, after the approval of military rankings for the police, Beeld reported on Wednesday.

"I am now called 'general'," he told Parliament's portfolio committee on police on Tuesday.

However, committee members continued calling him "commissioner", reported the Afrikaans daily.

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa's spokesperson Zweli Mnisi told Sapa the military rankings for the police had been approved by Cabinet.

"Currently, we just want to finalise some of the [details] around it, but we will make a public announcement soon," Mnisi said.

In February, Beeld quoted Mthethwa as saying the necessary changes and promotions still needed to happen at operational level.

Mthethwa said in February the implementation of the new ranks would be announced within a "few weeks".

But he also insisted Cele could already be addressed as "general".

The idea was first mooted in September last year when President Jacob Zuma addressed police station commanders from across the country in Pretoria.

Mthethwa said the idea was to bring the discipline of the military (LOL har-de-harrrr splatterspritzl...wheeeeeeze!!!!!) back into the police.

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General Electric ??

Lime Lite said...

Doesn't this sound like the start of military rule?

Anonymous said...

This guy is a bloody idiot. What military discipline is there or has he forgotten when the military went on strike and marched in the streets.

Anonymous said...

One of the few changes I respected when the ANC came to power was the "demilitarizing" of the old SAP - specifically the adoption of UK style police ranks.

I'm well aware the new SAPS are a rather crappy copy of the old SAP efficiency (generally) but, at least, are not as racist.

Now I see they have decided to return to the old more militaristic rank structure - on the face of it not important but symbolically so. All police forces the world over are paramilitary organizations, but some are more ominous than others.

Apartheid SA was quite notorious for the police throwing their weight around and, therefore, the adoption of more civil-friendly ranks I considered to be a step forward.

I wonder if this is really about the drive for discipline or whether this is just the ANC beginning to introduce (reintroduce?) the police state to SA.

Also, the idea that this is the best way to tackle discipline within the police is plain rubbish. Affirmative action, bum leadership, poor training and vetting, and corruption are the more obvious reasons.

In Animal Farm (George Orwell) the original farm was called Jones' farm (I think), then was called Animal Farm after the animals took over and finally reverted back to the original after the pigs snouts were firmly in the trough. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Lastly, do these changes apply to all police ranks or only the ones at the top (just in case I'm jumping the gun here)?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:48 -
" SAPS are a rather crappy copy of the old SAP efficiency (generally) but, at least, are not as racist."

Maybe you missed the memo. SAPS under Apartheid had to be tough you idiot. How else do you control a bunch of black savages out to kill and rape anything that moves? If that labelled them racist then so be it. At least we had peace and could let our kids play in the streets. Now we all cower behind electric fencing and pray it's not our turn tonight.

Anonymous said...

So the Coke and Pepsi bottle tops decorations are soon to follow? (Remember Amin from Uganda?)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 08:05 -

There were lots of very racist cops in the old SAP - it was far from always necessary. I'm nearly 50 years old and have been around the block a bit re: SA in the 70's and 80's (including national service and several camps + border duty).

Most of the racist comments on this blog are just drivel; as far as I'm concerned racism is racism whether directed against black or white - or any shade in between.

I am no liberal but believe that all people, irrespective of race, should be treated with basic human dignity. As a christian I desire that for myself, and would extend that to my neighbour.

I am well aware that policing in SA, both today and in the past, is not for the faint-hearted and, also, there would have been times in the past when rough policing would have been required. I'm also aware that constant exposure to front-line police work in the old SA would have made for no sentimentality with regards to race. However, there were many unecessary and blatant incidences of small-minded and bullying racism by the old SAP. That is what I refer to.

I reject the idea that you can't have efficient police without racism. After all, the shoe's on the other foot now, isn't it?