Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Look at AA

My new local shop is run by Somalians. Now, I've just noticed, that all the employees are - wait for it - Somalian too!

I notices exactly the same thing when my builder stopped off at the (halal) butcher's - all the employees were Muslims. All the workers in my local Chinese are, well, Chinese. There's a pattern developing here.

In actuality, I have no problem with this. Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Association, these pave the way for an employer's right to employ whomever he damn well wants, relative or not. And I support white employers' right to do the same thing. I got a tirade of abuse recently, for arguing against someone who said that a large supermarket chain was "racist" because most of its managers are white. I said, so what?

What I would like to see is a nation-wide study of employers and their employees. I would like to know how many non-white employees have the same openness to employing those unlike themselves in their businesses. I DO NOT want to hear statistics about what colour people occupy what levels of the economy, or how many whites are "over-represented" at management level, as a certain Cape newspaper tried to indoctrinate us.

I want to know, what colour employers are most likely to employ those of another colour. I bet you dollars to donuts that whitey comes out on top. It may be due to demographic realities, but I bet you white businesses employ more nonwhites than Indians employ non-Indians, and blacks employ non-blacks, etc. And I'm not talking about when they get themselves white lawyers to weasel them out of financial trouble; but proper full-time employees. That they aren't related to.

Despite all the cries that we are racists, and all the left-wing bullshit about "minorities", "privilige" and "discrimination", the societies we have created are the most open in the world.

But I'm still going to employ the white guy to do my electrics next time...

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I've never thought of it that way.

I'll be willing to bet that you are correct. Every race surrounds themselves with their own kind. Only when whitey does it is it considered racism.


Piet the Pirate said...

Great post and oh so true.
Although, I must ask, why don´t whites employ whites in their homes and gardens? There are a lot of needy whites out there, but I think we have become accustomed to having a nigger do our domestic chores. It´s become a sort of, well, tradition. It´s almost as if we feel more comfortable ordering a black mutha around.
Get with the new programme people. Employ whites in your home.

Viking said...

"It´s almost as if we feel more comfortable ordering a black mutha around"

nicely put, Piet, and I think it's 100% true.
I'll pay more to hire a white person, but the truly destitute ones live nowhere near me.
I suspect blacks are more used to hardship and their lifestyles price their labour lower than any white person could contemplate working for, sadly.

when it comes to tradesmen, I will always hire a white man, even if he costs more. Not because I'm "racist" but because a) I support my own, and b) I want the damn job done right!!