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Anger over more farm murders

Beeld, 2 March 2010

Polokwane - Farmers are once again insisting on the reinstatement of the commando system after two more farmers were murdered in Limpopo.

The throat of a Belgian farmer, Etienne Cannaerts, 61, was presumably cut with his own pocket knife on his farm near Lephalale (Ellisras) on Friday afternoon.

In the other incident, Paul Dunn, 49, a farm manager at Constantia Products, a citrus farm in the Letsitele district outside Tzaneen, was shot dead in his home in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Five people were murdered on farms in Limpopo in February.


Theo de Jager, deputy president of Agri SA, said on Monday that farmers in Limpopo are extremely upset.

"People are angry. Many farmers have called me to say they want the commando system to be reinstated countrywide."

TAU SA said in a statement that their farm watch system, which uses green flashing lights during patrols, should be recognised by the police. The police consider the green patrol lights to be illegal and have clashed with TAU SA several times about the matter.

According to Japie Ellis, a farmer from the Lephalale district, Cannaerts was presumably attacked as he was opening his farm gate on Friday after having dropped of his workers. The attackers then drove with Cannaerts in his vehicle to a water pan on the farm.

Ronel Otto, provincial police spokesperson, said the victim’s hands and feet were tied and his throat was cut. "His body was found later that night on an isolated road," said Ellis.

According to Otto, nothing was stolen during the attack.

Gruesome murder

Marco Ruiter, a good friend of Cannaerts, said on Monday that the murder was gruesome. Cannaerts and his wife, Ingrid, had lived on the farm for the past six years.

They don't have South African citizenship.

"Neither his wife nor we want to say anything about the matter. After the post-mortem his body will be taken to Belgium where he'll be buried."

No suspects have been arrested yet.

In another incident, Dunn presumably woke up after three attackers had broken into his house.

Both sides opened fire.

Dries Enslin, chair of Agri-Letaba, said Dunn shot one of the attackers. Dunn was shot in the chest, neck, right arm and back.

According to Otto, the attackers stole various items from the house.

The wounded attacker's blood was found outside the house. This suspect was apprehended on Saturday afternoon by farmers in the area, who used a private helicopter during the search. The suspect is in a hospital under police guard.

Police 'have no control'

Enslin said 12 crime incidents, which include house burglary and vehicle theft, have been reported on farms in the Letsitele district over the past ten days.

"Clearly the police have no control over the situation," said Doors le Roux, chair of the security committee of TAU SA North.
They have requested an urgent meeting with Dikeledi Magadzi, MEC for safety in Limpopo, and Calvin Sengani, police commissioner, to discuss the farm attacks.

Enslin said farmers in the Letsitele area participate in sector policing and have a good relationship with the police, "but much more can be done".

Agri SA will hold a crime conference in Centurion on Monday, where the security situation on farms will be discussed with Nathi Mthethwa, minister of police.

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Anonymous said...

The only language this government will understand is if the farmers withhold their tax. They have to declare that the government is failing in it's constitutional duty to protect them and then they have to declare a dispute with government and pay their tax into a rate payers association.

Then they must use this money to provide services that the government is unable or unwilling to provide.

Only then will this materialistic, greedy government listen.

As it stands now they want the farmer to cooperate when the savages come to murder him. To resist, according to government is racist.

The only language this evil government will understand is economic.

The farmers have this power. They should use it.

Dmitri said...

What angers me is that SAPS allow this to happen because of a lack of manpower and equipment. How much more blood must be shed.

Let us put even more exposure on this sickening situation. Does anyone know any media folks in Belgium to highlight our plight?

Chris K said...

Can't find Pholokwane on a map. What is the real place's name ?

Anonymous said...

This is clear cut genocide. Solidariteit should take the issue of the right of self defence of farmers to the Constitutional Court.

Please, almal, support Solidariteit. Your life depends on them.

"Geld wat dom is, maak reg wat krom is."

Kom ons staan saam met Solidariteit. Kom ons maak die pad reg.

Exzanian said...

Looking at headlines like this and then seeing the results (so far) of the latest poll on this blog, I must say, there are a lot of delusional whites still populating the cursed soil of Azania even today...Boy, we really brought it all on ourselves didn't we? What a fucked up bunch we are....

h said...

My interest in SA is waning now and i'm finding that i couldn't care less anymore about what goes on and what happens to it's people. Sorry, but i can't keep reading the same things over and over. Nothing will change, people will continue to die and SA will go the route of Zim.

I have to keep myself sane and positive and that means not reading blogs anymore and working on my own future, without the thought of SA in the back of my mind.

The land of my birth is lost and i won't be sacrificing my life to try and save it, sorry.

Good luck everyone, this will be my last post on ILSA.

Anonymous said...

@h. I am there too. I have also had enough, and it is time to move on.

Anonymous said...

I am not there.

SA was sold down the Swanee by its "leaders", not its people, and its "leaders" in turn were sold a bill of goods by the "International Community", including the mendacious representatives of very powerful countries.

The realization is gradually dawning that we are going to have to look after ourselves if we want to preserve our country; the world just saw SA and 'the struggle' as a photo-op. In fact people like Al Gore, Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton do not give a rat's ass about us, and in truth also couldn't care about the blacks on whose behalf they parade around in the media, and who are going to go down quicker than we will as parts of SA become 'decivilized'.

Look at Israel. They don't sit around bleating for mercy, they look after themselves. We need to as well.


Anonymous said...

Cheers guys.

Just remember that you've moved on if by any miracle our situation in South Africa changes.

jou ma se moer said...

I haven't moved on either.

The ANC won't even let the farmers use the commando system to defend themselves. I suppose that's a matter that can be taken to the Constitutional Court, but a tax embargo would kick in the nuts faster, so you're absolutely right, Anon 02:06.

Piet the Pirate said...

Anonymous said... @ 13:06

Look at Israel. They don't sit around bleating for mercy, they look after themselves. We need to as well.


Stop talking kak. They have the mightiest nation in the world holding their hand, telling anyone who wants to beat them up that they will be nuked if they lay a finger on the chosen people.
Fuck, we could have told everyone to go to hell as well if we had friends like that.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knew the commando system was going to be shut down as certain far right elements wanted to use it to over throw the government.

Anonymous said...

Piet, you hit the nail on the head; WHY don't we have the same sort of friends that Israel has in the USA. Why is there no 'white South African' lobby?

Because we can't get our bloody act together in our own defense. Because our own leaders are reluctant to admit we even exist as a people. Because even a mention of white security has been delegitimized as 'racist'.

But this is just empty BS. Why are we scared? Or are we just manipulated and stupid?


Anonymous said...

its time for all whites to wake up. The crime against us is not crime but war. We are the minority, yet we provide almost 90% of all the courntry economy. Its time to fight back, but with money. Stop paying taxes, VAT, Rates, exorbitint electricy and telephone accounts and all other taxes. We can force the goverments ie. ANC to the negotiating table in order to ensure better minority protection and rights for our people. If we dont do something urgently we are all doomed.

Open your eyes South Africa - Azania is coming