Sunday, March 14, 2010

Africans Misunderstand "Competition": Buses Attacked

"Competition" African style. Rather than cut prices, take out the opposition!

I remember watching two girls being chased off Camps Bay beach by ice-cream vendors for handing out flyers for an ice cream shop and wondering what happened to capitalism .. but now I know. They're lucky they didn't get shot.

The same thing happened during the so-called "xenophobic" violence from 2008: disgruntled locals taking out business people and rivals from other African countries - ones that actually did some work - and then crying because all the local businesses were now closed down.

The reality of the BRT is cheaper fares and safer transport for the majority of black commuters. But for some others, if they can't make a buck out of them, get out the AK47 and "compete".

Johannesburg - Shots were fired at Johannesburg's new public buses introduced for the World Cup on Friday but passengers escaped unharmed, police said on Saturday.

"Four occupants in a sedan shot at a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) bus last night (Friday) but no one was injured," police spokesperson captain Katlego Mogale said.

Friday's shooting was the third such incident involving the BRT.

Days after its launch last August a policeman and a passenger were shot on a bus travelling to Soweto township on the outskirts of Johannesburg.

A third passenger was injured in March.

The new public transport system connecting Soweto and Johannesburg has angered the mafia-like minibus taxi industry that dominates the city's commuter routes.

The taxis fear they will be put out of business by the sleek modern buses. Protests by taxi operators often turn violent, while rival fleets have waged deadly turf wars over their routes.

President Jacob Zuma had to delay the BRT's launch to try to win over the taxi industry, preventing the use of the buses at the 2010 World Cup curtainraiser Confederations Cup tournament last June.

Since then, the government has pressed ahead, seeing the buses as the first step in overhauling the nation's public transport.


3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

This is going to be interesting. The Mafia black goons are going to kill people to stop this initiative. As long as it's not white people.

Anonymous said...

I say the rest of the world might see the true nature of blacks this world cup season

Leifur said...

Is this a new takeover of government of a free market or more of an institutionalizing of a chaos?

I ask because of all the nationalizing I am hearing about, and from afar the old bus system sounds like a free market wet dream of libertarians. But I have also read about its problems, is that because it is to non-organized, or is it because the police simply isn´t upholding the laws on the streets where the buses are driving recklessly?

Is it a pure government run program or some kind of symbiosis between government run overseeing system and private operators? Best wishes,