Thursday, March 04, 2010

91% of CEOs are white

Alas, the blacks see it as something that's been 'created' to disadvantage their corporate prospects. If blacks had a piece of the pie whites would all be finished and klaar! The blacks are just too strong for us as competitors. Just have a look at the black staff in the government. Super! Kaya Dlanga will get away using his smooth talk in the following article and most whites will be stupidly cowering in shame after reading it. There is absolutely no value in merit anymore. And so the country steadily spirals into the chaos that the rest of Africa is already so familiar with. I doubt Kaya really even cares. He's probably never been outside of South Africa.

Shocking. Black people constitute 87% of the economically active population, yet just 9% of CEOs are people of colour. Sixteen years ago the country was liberated through a protracted negotiations process that began way before political prisoners were released in 1989. The people of South Africa gained political freedom, both black and white. Unfortunately economic liberty was not so readily available for millions, but for the political elite it was. They were in perfect positions to take advantage of the situation. No one should blame them for it. (According to Kaya that quality of being black supersedes any accountability.)

Nelson Mandela once said, “We do not want freedom without bread, nor do we want bread without freedom.” (It's having your cake and eating it.) Unfortunately millions have freedom without bread. A select few have freedom and bread in abundance. Having said that we cannot overlook the fact that with liberation we also gained the right to make our own bread, sell it and run the bakery. However the man running the bakery and making the bread is still white. (Oops, contradiction there...Kaya is not so bright. And since he's black too...) I can already imagine someone calling me anti-white, implying that I am saying white people have no business running businesses. That is not true, as the Freedom Charter says, “The people shall share in the wealth of the land.” It doesn’t say the blacks. (Kaya has a selective view point on the rules he likes to follow. He'll follow the Freedom Charter only. Not the business principles that were used to build this country.)

There is no denying that the economy is in white hands. Given the choice to give up political power instead of economic power, most would give up the former. The politics of today are controlled by money. He who has the money can buy politics.

One cannot fault the white CEO for not wanting to relinquish his position to a person of colour. He too worked for many years to ascend to that position. While this CEO was working hard to make his way to the top there were other equally ambitious white people who were working just as hard to be the chief in charge. What does that mean? It means that there was a larger pool of well-qualified white people to run large corporations. In the meantime black people were studying Bachelor of Arts, and were teachers and nurses and doctors. Black people were not exposed nor allowed to study certain professions. Yes, I’m blaming apartheid, sue me.

Suddenly liberation was won. Men and women who had worked hard all their lives to run companies started hearing murmurs about affirmative action, they were fearful of losing their jobs. Some hired black talent but never really transferred skills because of the natural human instinct of fear — if I teach him everything I know he is going to push me out and I will no longer be needed because I am a white male. (I've had this discussion so many times - that quality is something that blacks tend to have. They will NEVER share information but they love projecting that quality onto whites.) This means people of colour don’t ascend as quickly. They feel sidelined, disgruntled and, demotivated, quit and become Tenderpreneurs. (Maybe, but couple it with a lack of principles. Not all frustrated blacks become Tenderpreneurs. Kaya likes to see things in overly simple terms.) Tired of fighting what they think is a losing battle, they leave what they see as racist corporate South Africa behind. These are just some of the reasons we are in this position.

If we take a look at the Freedom Charter which is the basis of our much-praised Constitution. We read the following, “We, the People of South Africa, declare for all our country and the world to know: that our country will never be prosperous or free until all our people live in brotherhood, enjoying equal rights and opportunities.” The truth is we do all enjoy equal opportunities since liberation but some have to fight ten times harder than others to even have a sniff at the opportunities. (Bingo! Equality and equal opportunities is NOT the same thing!)

In 1998, then Deputy President Thabo Mbeki opened a debate in the National Assembly on “Reconciliation and Nation Building”. He delivered a speech that made many people angry. He said, “A major component part of the issue of reconciliation and nation building is defined by and derives from the material conditions in our society which have divided our country into two nations, the one black and the other white. We therefore make bold to say that South Africa is a country of two nations.

“One of these nations is white, relatively prosperous, regardless of gender or geographic dispersal. It has ready access to a developed economic, physical, educational, communication and other infrastructure…

“The second and larger nation of South Africa is black and poor, with the worst affected being women in the rural areas, the black rural population in general and the disabled. This nation lives under conditions of a grossly underdeveloped economic, physical, educational, communication and other infrastructure. It has virtually no possibility to exercise what in reality amounts to a theoretical right to equal opportunity, with that right being equal within this black nation only to the extent that it is equally incapable of realisation.” (Did Mbeki mention the amount of money that's been poured into these communities yet with no visible results? Of course not. )

It has been twelve years since Thabo Mbeki said those words. Twelve years later 91% of CEOs of some of the largest and most influential companies in the country are white. Many saw the speech as being divisive, as opposed to constructive. It made many uncomfortable.

I read an article that slapped me in the face yesterday. (Ah, the self righteous indignation. A black African's most powerful weapon.) A survey conducted by Business Unity South Africa found that among the upper management echelons of all 295 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), 91% had white CEOs. Nobody can truly say this is right — after all it has been more than fifteen years since we were liberated. Some say that precisely the reason that 91% of these companies have white CEOs is because we have ONLY had sixteen years of liberation. There aren’t qualified people of colour because of the time frame.

Therefore there hasn’t been enough time to develop nor groom black talent in that space of time. A reasonable comment. (So what is it now? It's right or it isn't right?) Saying that the ANC had no experience running a country and needed a lot of time before it would be allowed to run a country made common sense. We didn’t listen to what would have been “common sense”. Sometimes common sense slows things down. Had we taken what Dr Martin Luther King Junior called, “the tranquilizing drug of gradualism” the black person would still have no vote today.

Nobody is saying that incompetent people of colour should be made CEOs because that would prove those who want to say blacks cannot run large corporations right, and would defeat the purpose (actually that's exactly what you're saying, quoting Martin Luther King). We have competent black CEOs to speak of right now; the Sizwe Nxasanas and the Phuthuma Nhlekos of this world running multi billion rand corporations. More needs to be added to their number. (Well imagine the disaster if we had more CEO's like you Kaya. People who are unable to make any clear point after being given a lot of time to do it.)

This issue of white corporate South Africa needs to be discussed; it can’t continue to be swept under the rug. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Our strongest weapon is dialogue.” Let’s talk, and once we’re done talking let’s act. (Duh! You forgot the most important thing. Let's LEARN.)

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Laager said...

Kaya you beauty!
Take a look at the Indian community in SA. Once upon a time they were indentured manual labourers in the sugar cane fields. Once they acquired their freedom they became independent business people and grew vegetables. Today they are fully mature community of businessmen, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and a professional class. They have also built their own educational institutions and are either practicing Muslims, Hindus or Christians.

And guess what? They were also discriminated against by the apartheid laws. They also occupied the same space and time as YT and you and your black brothers and yet they have still prospered. To the point where per capita they are probably the most wealthy ethnic community in the country.

So if you really want to know the secret of success have a chat to them. Post 1994 they have not relied on AA and BEE to progress. they got there without it and they will continue to do so without it.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. It's not like we don't TRY to transfer skills. I've knocked my head time and again cause the blacks are too stupid to learn these skills. This guy conveniently overlooks this. And, if they want the money why not open their own bakeries? Cause they're too stupid to develop a sustainable business plan and the banks won't lend them money. The majority of blacks don't know how to run businesses - look at Africa. They rely on the whites to keep them employed. If I was Kaya, I'd shut my mouth and kiss the whites feet daily - otherwise he'd be without a job very soon.

Anonymous said...

Blacks don't understand that CEO's don't just appear in a puff of smoke.
Blacks seem to think that companies fall out of the air.

What they don't think about is that these companies were all once small companies, that were STARTED by white men. These white men grew their companies by showing more initiative and working harder than the competition.

Nothing in this whole wide world prevents blacks from starting their own companies and we do see a lot of black startup companies. The ones that make it though, are always the ones with the state contracts or the ones that receive tenders based on race.

In the free market the black companies all eventually fail, as if they are unable to compete on a level playing field. The blacks blame the whites for this and in a way it is the white's fault, because they are smarter than the blacks and thus make better managers.

Most companies (even white ones) that are started fail. (8 out of 10) The ones that survive do so because their owners excelled and thrived under competition. These companies were better than the competitors and the reason for this is the intellectual strategic capability that some companies have , making them smarter and faster than their competitors. Ons can say that successful companies became so because of IQ. Huge corporations became so through brain power.

Now the stupid blacks think that the companies should just be taken over by them and they are delusional enough to think that these companies will remain great, even though the intellectual element which made them great, the white CEO and other white managers had been removed.


Talk about being in denial.

Their is a reason why all the state (read black) run companies are failures and this is because of the fact that they do not have the intellectual capabilities that require them to be great. The only reason they manage to stay in business is because of the tax payers (whites) money.

Private black companies without fail end up broke. All successful black CEO's like Sekwale, Motsepe became so through state interference and preferential treatment. (AA and BEE) Give a company or even a farm(also a company) to a black and the end result is bankruptcy and poverty.

The blacks are beginning to realise this, but instead of taking the high road this makes them hate the whites even more.


Viking said...

what an idiot.

this is really very simple, and ILSA has posted a similar article before from some other race-baiter.

fact is, how long does it take to become a CEO? a hell of a long time. these guys have been in the corporate world for 20-30 years often, well before the golden year of 1994. what does this author expect?
Fact is, he actually does expect black CEO's with no experience to pilot SA's largest companies.

Let him just fuck off and write this again in 30 years when 0% of SA's CEOs will be white.

Not that there will be any companies left to have CEOs.....

Anonymous said...

In the end the failure of the black man to develop is his own and it boils down to IQ.

All the rest are just excuses. In a competitive capitalist system it is difficult to be successful, because the competition is fierce. This is why 8 out of 10 companies fail.

As blacks have a lower IQ they cannot compete against whites unless they have laws that give them an advantage like BEE.

In the past a company that could do the work, like tarring a road the cheapest in the fastest time got the work. Today a company will get the work regardless of whether he can do the work or not, if it is a black company. Refer to Juju's bridges that are collapsing.

These black companies get paid huge increased amounts and they do work that has to be done over and over. They don't realise that the money that pays for this work to be carried out, comes from the tax payer.

So essentially this minister thinks that blacks are not represented enough as CEO's.

Well why don't they start their own companies.

That the thing. Most of them did start their own companies and most of them failed. Now they realise that the only way open for them is to steal the successful white owned companies.

I've got news for them. They can take the companies, but bankruptcy will follow on their heals.

I have often wondered why God hates the blacks so much, because in this whole world their is no bigger curse than stupidity. It condemns you to poverty. Even if you steal, you will remain poor.

In today's intellectual world blacks find themselves unable to learn how to fish, thus they are condemned to a live of crime and eventually this leads to hades.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes and then after the blacks are told that these CEO's work for companies that were started by white men, the blacks always use the old trusted: "You stole or land and minerals" card.

1) 99.75% of whites do not own any land.
2) 99.99% of South African whites do not own any farms.

How these whites survive is to make use of their educations. They are the lawyers, the doctors, the architects etc. some of them start their own companies. A lot of these companies go bankrupt, but a lot of them end up becoming huge companies requiring the services of a relevantly qualified, MBA degree CEO.

Now blacks being the lazy thieves that they are think that it is easier to take these white companies, because it is to difficult to start their own, using their own educations, seeing that most of them are ill educated or complete morons.


Anonymous said...


I said"
1) 99.75% of whites do not own any land.
2) 99.99% of South African whites do not own any farms."

It should be:
1) 99.75% of whites do not own any land.
2) 99.99% of South African whites do not own any MINES."

Piet the Pirate said...

“A major component part of the issue of reconciliation and nation building is defined by and derives from the material conditions in our society which have divided our country into two nations, the one black and the other white. We therefore make bold to say that South Africa is a country of two nations."

At last, official recognition from the former black president that we are not one nation. Hallelujah.
Hallo, now that we have that out of the way, how about the next logical step, a country for the disenfranchised white race?
No, I didn´t think so.
Just remember kaffirs, when the white man made this claim, you called us racists, even though we were prepared to offer you independence in your own homelands.
How about returning the favour, you racist fucks?

Anonymous said...

That they will never do, because even though they won't admit it publicly they know that they need the white man and his money.

If the white man is given his own homeland then they lose his tax.
They know that it is only whites that are busy bailing out the sinking ship that is SA.