Monday, February 15, 2010

What Is The Level of Our Commitment: Let's Explore Our Truth

I have been blogging for awhile now, and I have seen most of the arguments; the outpouring of pain, anger, grief and loss. But what is sorely lacking, on all of the blogs, from the most vitriolic to the more mild, is a real call to action. We are all very similar to a bunch of barking, teeth gnarling kaffir dogs; they look ever so fierce, until you mock charge them, then they scurry away, yelping with tail between the legs.

I have toiled with my purpose on this blog, and despite me having learnt an inordinate amount, it remains important to have a goal. Quite recently we lost a great supporter, and the initiator of this blog, Doberman. And, I can tell you that efforts remain afoot to see us discontinue our struggle. You all know who our detractors are; they continue to threaten and harass, in the most vile and childish manner, without caring that there is a greater good to accomplish.

So, it becomes an imperative to define why we do what we do, if we have to endure the petty bullshit, dished out by our own countrymen.

I, for one, am sickened to my core at the destruction of my country, and the lives that are lost and broken. We all decry the savagery of it all; some of us call for an independent volkstaat, others say we will rise up again, the skilled say emigrate, but the large majority of us have to suffer in silence. Impotent, insecure, frightened and hopeless.

I doubt there will be any civil war or any secession. White South Africans have never been able to muster the strength to stand together. God knows, the followers of the blog would readily have seen how we disagree. Disagreement is good, if it progresses towards a better understanding, but in our case I think it merely defines the battleground.

So what is my point?

My point is that I am tired of hearing all the false bravado, the cries for action, the criticisms and the wailing. I am also tired of seeing families destroyed, when the parent/s are butchered or bludgeoned to death. It is time to do something about it.

Here is my proposal. ILSA has a very large readership base, but we have a very strong core group of repeat visitors. I would like to see a trust fund opened up for the victims of crime. The details could be determined later, but the gist would be that the fund would be administered, pro-bono, by an attorney; and that all disbursements from the fund would be discussed on the blog, with the financials, equally, being published for all to see.

In this way the process remains transparent, the world gets to see what we are doing; we get some teeth, and we actually do something for our people that are suffering in South Africa. I envisage that we could offer temporary relief to those seeking to emigrate, to mothers and children who have lost a bread winner and to older folk that are destitute, all as a result of savage crime.

Without this sounding like a life insurance pitch, or by creating a dualistic view of things, I am interested to see how many of the piss-and-vinegar, "let's kill the kaffirs" types would be willing to put their hand in their pocket regularly. Let's debate this issue and see where it leads us, but the time has come for some action.

Go on, show me how committed we really are to helping.

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h said...

I would donate monthly, particularly to try and assist those wanting to leave South Africa.

If money I donate can go towards helping an individual or even a family escape and be productive in a society that values them, that would make me feel that I have helped out, even if it might seem silly to some.

My enemy is the ANC. If I can hurt them by getting 'money generating' people out of South Africa, thereby decreasing the amount of money they get (steal) from taxpayers, that will be great.

However, that being said, it must be totally transparent and independent.

Also, i have absolutely NO INTEREST to assist blacks in South Africa, or anywhere else (Haiti, for example) with my money. Any money I donate must go to helping WHITE people. My own kind.

Anonymous said...

@h. Thanks. My point exactly. We should be seen as openly helping our people, regardless of what criticisms we may attract.

Over 1 million people have emigrated. If 300,000 donated $15 (R100) per month, we would collect R30 million a month. Of course this will never happen.

But can you imagine the pressure one could bring to bear on the ANC? Can you imagine the TV adverts that could be run internationally, the attenion that could be focussed on the white plight? That is real power.

But let's see.

h said...

Indeed, I agree and think that it's a good idea.

I actually thought of doing something like this online so people could see what their money was used for.

Being a developer / internet entrepreneur with a few online businesses, I've been toying with the idea. Perhaps I can get involved. What email address can I use to get hold of you?

I have servers for hosting and lots of time to get involved and perhaps assist to get something running.

With an online system, it can extend to people all over the world. I know there are many people that sympathise with white South Africans. There may be a way to get their donations / assistance too.

FishEagle said...

I tend to be very cautious about 'helping' people, even though I am in the process of making my own plans to leave SA. Helping people that you don't personally know could end up being a power trip or ego boost for the helper. Goodness knows, I'm sure a lot of Saffas or ex-Saffas need an ego boost after the hellish experience with the transition from old to new SA. I'm just not sure whether this is the way to go about it. Aren't you undermining the value of the efforts that you've already made with more commitments?

FreeThinker said...

I think this could be of tremendous value if administered properly.

I'm prepared to contribute monthly, but I agree with h - don't ask me to assist with any other than my own kind - don't give a crap if people think I'm racist.

Anonymous said...

@FE. It doesn't matter if it is construed as an ego trip. Money is what provides real solutions, and real relief. Blogging only goes so far. It's easier to get people to donate R100 per month, than to ask them to take up arms. But without massive "buy-in" the idea will be stillborn.

The benefits of a Fund, that openly supports the whites, will naturally attract negative attention; but it could be a tremendous force for change, and it would attract more donors. Theoretically at least.

Can you imagine funding an air ticket for a victim of crime to escape to Canada, to seek asylum; and providing the support to get them established? That is more powerful than blogging about crime. Or paying the school fees of children whose father has been murdered. There is a myriad ways we can make a small difference.

Even if our efforts appeared self-serving, we would still be providing relief, as determined by us, and God knows, the victims need our support.


Might I suggest that our effort should consider concentrating on getting young families and our young ones - the next generation - out. There are so many needy whites that I think it is imperative to focus mainly one one segment. Count me in as a monthly contributer.

Anonymous said...

@Whiteadder. Thanks mate. The purpose is to test the level of commitment. Then if there is sufficient buy-in, to establish the core purpose of such a fund. In principle, though, I absolutely agree with your suggestion.

There is no fund of this sort, available to white victims of crime, that need relief in whatever form, be it escaping the country or material relief.

We should unashamedly support our own kind. There are enough Trusts, and spokesmen for the other races. The bulk of our taxes are paid by the whites, yet we have been completely marginalised. We have the power already, money. We just need to stand together and do something, instead of slowly watch our people die.

FishEagle said...

VI, this is a socialist idea and I can't support it. I don't think you are doing it for an ego trip but I think it will inevitably end in one. Classic socialism. It just doesn't work in reality.

Anonymous said...

@FE. That is unfortunate, because we are social creatures and it demands that we do something.

If we all adopted your notion, then we may as well turn our backs, give up blogging and let our people die.

Exzanian said...

I currently spend £2 a week on the Euro lottery...If I win this week, it will be £113,000,000 which will be easy for me to donate a percentage of....But of course, the odds of winning are close to zero, so I'm not banking on it. I would be willing to rather spend £8a month (R100) on a viable charity that will benefit worthy SANS, than waste it on the lotto...Transparency will be crucial and of course, exactly HOW the pool of money will be spent.

FishEagle said...

VI said, "That is unfortunate, because we are social creatures and it demands that we do something."

We are doing something. You are denying the value of this blog.

Your comment, "If we all adopted your notion, then we may as well turn our backs, give up blogging and let our people die."

It would be a lot harder to adopt my notion AND CONTINUE to blog because of the feeling of helplessness that goes with staring the problem in the face. But that is the right thing to do. This blog is showing people HOW to fish.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea ,finding someone to manage this would be tough , tougher than collecting money ,yes there is is a ingredient of socialism in this but I believe it's ying and yang, it should not be a permanent financial support just a leg up (equestrian lingo) just to get started I was lucky to have my brother in the states to do that for me when moved here. Leaving your home is no easy matter and my reason was a future for my children , I hope I made the right decision , you know the grass on the other side is always greener usualy because there's more shit there . Anyway I would donate something .

h said...

How about something where you can 'deposit' your money into the trust fund, and you can login anytime to see your own running balance. When a 'plea' for funds is requested, anyone with funds in their 'account' can then select to contribute to this 'plea for funds'. This way you can decide what to contribute to and you can decide how much to contribute too.

I think anything like this will be dependent on the way money is handled and who administers it. It would also be dependent on how 'fund requests' are initiated and by whom they are requested.

Just my brain working a bit, but you get the idea.

If we can all contribute some ideas of how something like this may actually work (accountants and lawyers welcome) then perhaps it could become something real that could really help those in need.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:09. Indeed it would be tough, but better than sitting on our hands as Rome burns. And yes, help should only be a leg up.

@h. Some good ideas there. We could easily set up a system as suggested.

It goes without saying that it needs to be administered well, and transparent, but let's not lose sight of the objective. I would, however, suggest that a foreign based lawyer oversee affairs. But other than that, everything is open for debate. The first priority is buy-in.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi VI,

I really think this is a good idea, not sure exactly how it will work, but of course your decision to first get feedback about how many would be committed is an excellent idea, and also to discuss how it could be implemented.

I would suggest foreign based SA Attorneys make a pro bono commitment. For example Russel Kaplan could be approached in Canada, and Bertus de Villier (former Judge in SA) in Australia, and so on. Thier actions in terms of handling the funds sent to thier country, should be pro bono. If they assist anyone legally as in applying for white refuegee status in their country, then they should demonstrate their commitment to the ideal goal, and reduce their fees; they should not simply think that accessing the fund is a new source of income for htem to milk.

You could use it in such a way to help poor people get out, but where there is a 'Huntley' kind of case, which could set new precedent; to do so. Sort of like the ACLU, but not with their goals obviously.

I am flat broke, and live hand to mouth, so cannot give you any financial promises right now.

The other way this would help is that in establishing the system.. and working out the problems that will come up.. once you get it running... when and I imagine it is only a matter of 'when' and not 'if' the Uhuru shit hits the fan... then you are already setup with all systems go....

If at that time.. you have proven your integrity and transparency, which I don't doubt.. then you would be the Safety and security officer with access to lifeboats for ZA Titanic whites.. and then be ready to go 'all systems go'!

You got my salute on this one!

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

By the way... anyone seen the shot across Solidarity's bows?

Anonymous said...

I like this idea..count me in too!

Tim Johnston said...


Just read it -

Does Pinky even know what "minority" means??!

And she needs to brush up on her history a bit too.....

Anonymous said...

@VI - I will also contribute. When you are ready to go let us know and we can contact you via your email. I wonder if it can remain an anonymous donation as per the blog?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.33. It is relatively easy to make donations anonymously, a situation which we would insist on.

fuechs said...

Before people out there start paying anything into any trust fund they should consider that according to SA laws the trust fund owner can legally keep about 70% of the donated money to him/herself. For "trust administration".

Unfortunately I know what about I am talking being someone who met too many con artists among the "good samariters" and "rescuers" in the past 6 years when I tried to support with money such Boer-Afrikaners (oh YES!). I lost thousands of Euros on them.

People who donate to trust funds and to private bank accounts of owner whatever Boer/Afrikaner thing should think twice about because they would not be able to control what happens to their money.

I did not mean it personally, VI, it is my experience.
I thought I should post at this stage a "Buyers Beware".

Dachshund said...

I'm in favour of this idea and am prepared to contribute on a monthly basis.

A trust account would need to be set up.

VI, if you can get the ball rolling perhaps bigger fish as mentioned by Andrea, would be willing to get involved.

Pleading poverty is not a valid excuse; everyone can afford to squeeze out R100 a month.

FreeThinker said...

Personally I have never heard of a socialist system where "redistribution of wealth" is realised by voluntary contribution.

We white South Africans have an awful track record of not giving a rat's bum about our own kind as long as we are fine (if there is any doubt, look at those whites in SA praising the "accomplishments" of the communists whilst their fellow citizens starve or are bludgeoned to death).

If anything, this idea will be a step closer to breaking the back of a socialist system currently resting on the shoulders of the minority which happens to be our people.

So what if this is an ego trip for some? At least it would be something worth having an ego trip about.

FishEagle said...

@Islandshark, you are absolutely right about socialism. Thanks for that correction.

FishEagle said...

P.S. I mean it. This time I'm not being sarcastic.

FreeThinker said...

@FE - just an observation.

I would also think that a fund like this will be of assistance to a particular individual or family on a one-off basis, not something which provides continuous support.

I think we might be surprised by the feedback - while some people may not be in a position to contribute financially, we all have networks within which we operate and where assistance may be provided in many forms.

Like with anything else in life though, it will need financial backing to get off the ground.

FishEagle said...

You have my support. I'd be prepared to donate on a monthly basis too.

FreeThinker said...

@ FE - This is great!

@ VI, I do believe you are quite the visionary...

Dachshund said...

"We are all very similar to a bunch of barking, teeth gnarling kaffir dogs; they look ever so fierce, until you mock charge them, then they scurry away, yelping with tail between the legs."

Well now, that's a bit of an unfortunate metaphor. Doberman suddenly buggered off; I've buggered off twice already as contributor Dachshund. I think we both did that out of a sense of futility.

Whether ILSA can raise a sustained income stream depends on how interesting the blog is as well as how resilient the chief contributors are to hostile attacks. ILSA cannot afford the luxury of being "nice" like a Methodist bookshop - where you also have to pay, incidentally.

Martin Williams of The Citizen was described as a "shape shifting illuminati reptile" by Uhuru Guru a couple of years ago. That was when SAS was openly anti-semitic and claimed that the English msm were all Jewish owned. Williams didn't decide to jack it in because of it. (Maybe he found out that Citizen reporter Gaynor Noyce was in league with SAS, I don't know. Incidentally, I CAN name names of journalists if they wish to disgrace themselves.)

So if you want to make money out of running a blog like this, be hard hitting, very real and very, very tough. We are really not interested in woolly discussions about religion versus reason and holocaust denialism versus global warming.

Those discredited fuckwits at SAS wanted people to start paying subscriptions about a year or so ago, remember?

Why do you suppose they're really fighting with you? Develop a niche well AWAY from SAS. Don't even start with divisive arguments initiated by idiots like Lets "klets" of the Boeremag. Then people might take you seriously.

You can only be kind to others when you take care of your own interests first.

Dachshund said...

Something else you should know:

Mail & Guardian Online

Mother testifies in Boeremag bail hearing
PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA Jan 22 2008 17:35
The mother of three of the Boeremag treason-trial accused, whose husband is also on trial, on Tuesday told the Pretoria High Court she knew nothing about evidence that one of her sons had built a bomb to kill former president Nelson Mandela.

Minnie Pretorius testified in the bail application of her son, Kobus, who is on trial with his father, Dr Lets Pretorius, brothers Johan and Wilhelm, and 17 co-accused on 42 charges, ranging from high treason to terrorism, attempted murder and murder.

Minnie not only offered her flat as security for her son's bail, but also repeatedly assured the court that she would see to it that her son attended the rest of his trial.

The trial resumes on Monday.

Kobus said he deserved bail because he had had an epiphany in jail, was "a new man" and now wanted to "serve the community of South Africa".

His mother described him and his brothers as gifted and talented men who had much to offer society, instead of being a burden to taxpayers in jail.

Asked by prosecutor Dries van Rensburg what would have moved her "talented son" to build a bomb to kill Mandela, to manufacture and explode a bomb in Soweto that killed a woman and to wage a campaign of terror with a series of other explosions, Pretorius said such things "were not in their frame of reference."

She insisted that her husband and sons were innocent and that she had not been aware of her son's whereabouts while he and his brothers were on the run from police for months before their arrest in 2002.

She emphasised that she and her family were not fanatics or racists, but had always lived for church, nation, work and their culture.

They strongly believed in ethnicity and an own identity and would welcome it if there was a "black Verwoerd" in South Africa, or if Thabo Mbeki were to offer the "Boer nation" their own little piece of land.

She insisted that the mostly white, Afrikaans-speaking prosecutors might be Afrikaners, but were not "Boere" and did not belong to the same nation as she and her family, "even though one might not see it from the outside".

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


I live off less than R500 a month. I pay my rent and food by barter: 3 x R200 vermicompost bags in exchange for food and rent of a small room a month. My ADSL is also paid in vermicompost barter.

Furthermore.. even if I did have some spare, the little bit I do have spare, I am saving to purchase my own means out of this hellhole, rather than relying on anyone else. .. I resent, what I interpret as your emotional blackmail effort.

I think anyone who contributes should do so, because they want to, not because they have been bamboozled with some emotional blackmail.

If it is not voluntary, but emotional blackmail, you will find it ruined within two weeks, when you will have howls of disagreement and resentmetn, because frankly people do not want to give their money, but have been emotionally blackmailed to do so. May I suggest you stay well away from emotional blackmail, if you want this effort to succeed.


As for Feuchs remarks about a trust fund, etc.. I agree.

for your own sake.. if you do decide to go ahead with this.. make very sure you have stated everything up front.. so that people know where they stand; particularly if any moneys are going to be used for administrative costs etc...

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


I forgot. In fact, even if I had R500 to spare, I would not pay it. Not cuase I don't think the cause is not a good idea, for others.

But for two reasons:

One: At this current moment, I consider the contributions I have made, to be sufficient.

Since I returned to SA in 2002, I have spent thousands and thousands on legal efforts, to raise awareness on these issues; not least of all a year in prison.

I did so cause I wanted to, cause thats who I am, and choose to be; in relation to these events and circumstances.

Two: Long time ago.. when I worked with prisoners in America; I made a decision. I will give you my time, I will write a letter, I will sign a petition.

But if you want my money, then I deal with you personally. I very seldom give money to organisations.

Only twice have I given money since then; both to individuals. I paid for two prisoners to do a Paralegal Course. Before I paid I asked them why they wanted to do it and made a written agreement with them. I would only pay for their course, if they got 80% or higher for every single test. Soon as they got less than that.. I would stop paying and they could go and get fucked. One called me a bitch; I said you got that right! Do you want to pass your paralegal course, or do you want some goddamn charity?

Both of them completed their paralegal courses, and every single test above 80%.

I don't give my money to anyone, unless I am very very very very fucking clear what the agreement is about where my money is going, and what I can expect in return.

FishEagle said...

@ Dachshund, the only reason that you had a sense of futility was because you didn't grasp the significance of the woolly discussions about religion versus reason and holocaust denialism versus global warming. Why not just reason yourself into a comfort zone and hide out until the storm has passed?

Anonymous said...

@Dachs. You blow hot and cold. Thanks for your "advice" but frankly, what concerns me is your co-dependent relationship with sites like SAS, and why you feel compelled to continually use them as a yardstick, or keep us up to date with what is going on over there.

If you think they have the "formula", by all means move off our site and go back to them.

As for your Boeremag rantings, and the suggestion that we were naive not to think we would be infiltrated, please keep you assumptions to yourself.

Anonymous said...

@fuechs. Thanks for that, and yes, I am aware what can be done. However, I don't see your effort as warning potential contributors, but rather I see your comment as an effort to undermine an idea.

The idea is solid; the implementation requires more finesse. But that is the reason for the debate, to see where we stand.

Dachshund said...

@VI: I don't think SAS has the formula for anything at all, in fact I have kept on warning you against them. You must surely be aware that they have toned down their approach to such an extent that they are as similar to you as Huisgenoot is to You magazine. If you don't notice things like that, then frankly I don't believe you, nobody can be that stupid.

Goodbye, good night and good luck.

Tim Johnston said...


That's highly unfair. I don't even read SAS anymore, and I'm fairly sure VI doesn't either, so it's hardly any sort of yardstick for our approach.

I don't think they care about us either.

FreeThinker said...

@ Dachs: Why is it that you have to bring up this old SAS / ILSA issue every now and again?

How difficult is it for people to understand that these are two different entities, with different characteristics and maybe even somewhat different goals?

The way I see it, a common enemy is getting a blood nose on a regular basis. Which is more than the majority of MSM outlets in SA can claim.

Anonymous said...

Wow- such negativity to such a great idea. VI - stick with your plan and organise it. You will have our backing. I think it would be best if contributors could also have a say as to who gets supported as well. We may know of suitable people to help out.
@Dachshund - goodbye - you won't be missed.

Dachshund said...

Islandshark: You called yourself "Boer" on that comment to Pinky Khoabane. You maintain that you are not an Afrikaner. That at least is true: you are a member of the Boeremag.

FreeThinker said...

@ Dachs: whatever floats your boat - actually your remark isn't worth responding to.

@ Jim Beam: fair enough and I tend to agree with your views on Ron's posts. I don't see how the white & other minorities will survive otherwise.

Dachshund said...

Islandshark: But you did respond to it, and you didn't deny it.

No way do I hang out with members of the Boeremag, let alone donate to them.

Anonymous said...

Panama has a interesting vehicle that is called a "Speciel Interest Foundation". It pays no taxes and has no legal requirements other than an annual fee of $300.00 to the Panamanian government.

It is a VERY useful device for squirrelling money earned outside of SA into as it is completely Anonymous, so there is NO link to you.

Just put the bank account some-where else like Switzerland.

FishEagle said...

@ Islandshark, Dach is coming across as just another paranoid right winger that's lost it, like UG. You were right not to respond. No amount of talking will do the trick.

FreeThinker said...

@ Dachs - yet again you can't refrain from personal attacks.

My political compass was: economic +2.38, social +1.90. Very anti-liberal I am.

As for your comments about me being a member of the Boeremag and then saying I didn't deny, so that means I am.

Dachs - I don't argue with fools - it tends to confuse bystanders as to who the real fool is.

And your attacks on FE - well, your arse got deleted.

Dachshund said...

Islandshark I am not going to return the dubious compliment and reveal my political compass scores because it's none of your damn business.

Dachshund said...

In any case, a libertarian is not at all the same as a liberal, a distinction that would fail a bigot.

gcohen said...

Guys guys guys what the hell is this conversation about, helping our white kin or having a barney over who visits whose blog, and who belongs to whose organisation. Bloody hell the dogs have not scattered with their tail between their legs they've started a dog fight.

FreeThinker said...

@ gcohen: Valid observation - it is unfortunate that certain people seem to be born shit stirrers - hopefully that was the last.

gcohen said...

Now to get back to the topic, I was reading a comment from Adriana Stuijt and I quote

"Afrikaner charities who do help their own people also HAVE TO BY LAW give from their small food-stockpiles to impoverished blacks who ALREADY ALSO QUALIFY for government handouts... while Afrikaners don't." End quote

So to set something up as proposed, one must first examine and studied very carefully all legal aspects. I think reliable LOCAL lawyers who know South African law should be consulted, in conjunction with trustworthy accountants. If such a fund could NOT be used legally for assisting whites only, and must be used for blacks as well, then nobody will contribute.

Another point, I personally don't think funds should be used to help whites get out of the country, that's like sending soldiers on leave in the heat of battle. Every single resource we have should be ploughed into uniting and strengthening the remaining white population.

Instead of being a charity organisation where the donors money would be lost to the needs of others, not that I have anything against charities, but instead of donating why not invest?
Start a private company where people can buy shares in the company and which funds will be used for the upliftment of white South Africans. Financing small business is an example, where the current BEE law classes ANY business, regardless of ethnicity of ownership, that turns over less than 5 million a year a 100% BEE compliant. Hell man one could even take a leaf out of the ANC's book and say that only DA card carriers qualify for small business loans.
What I'm saying here is lets think proactive and positive, charity is a bottomless pit (Ask the world bank)lets give our people some fishing rods instead of just fish.

FreeThinker said...

@ gcohen - Very valuable contribution.

I'm not surprised that legislation will outlaw white-only beneficiaries. But I've also learnt in life that you have to be clever about these things - like you suggested with small companies and "loans" as opposed to donations.

I would imagine that funds need to be kept offshore - I certainly wouldn't invest anything that is held in SA bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

@GC. Thanks for the feedback. Everything is open for debate, however if you watch the polling, you will see an even split, and very few voters. A helluva lot less (percentage wise) than voted to hand over power to the ANC, and our market is targeted. Disappointing.

Max said...

@ VI there is more than one way to skin a cat my friend, man did not get to the moon by giving up at the first failure, continue to use your God given talent. There is a way believe me, but you and I and all like minded must find it. It will not come easy but stuff it I'm not going to give up.

Max said...

Yes Islandshark I agree the engineering behind it would have to be very well thought out, but lets face it, the best minds in the world are amongst our people, they must just be reactivated. Ingenuity is what is going to save us, lets think smart lets think positive and lets think with determination. We are in a situation of few options, and being caught between a rock and a hard place is fuck all, we are caught between 40 million savages and the deep blue sea, if we succeed it will be a miracle, but the odds have been against us before and we have won, the time and the place has changed but the challenge is unavoidable. "Staan saam en staan vas manne ons gaan wen"

Anonymous said...

@Max. Thanks for your positive feedback.