Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What A Boon Show: Presidency Refuses To Accept Crime Letters

The President, his cronies and his useless Party, show complete contempt for the victims of crime in South Africa. You black bastard, pull your head out of the trough long enough to pretend you give a shit.

The presidency on Tuesday refused to accept 23 000 letters about crime from concerned South Africans.

"Solidarity trade union deputy general secretary Dirk Hermann led a three-member delegation to Parliament to personally deliver the letters to President Jacob Zuma.

Pushing wheelbarrows containing the letters, the trio arrived at Parliament's visitor's centre -- the appointed place of delivery -- shortly after noon.

Hermann told the media the presidency had confirmed it would accept the letters at the visitors centre.

However, after some time and many cellphone calls to the presidency, Hermann announced the group had been instructed to take the letters to Zuma's office, Tuynhuys, inside the parliamentary premises.

They pushed the wheelbarrows through the parliamentary gates and across the cobbles up to Tuynhuys, through the Tuynhuys gates, right up to the door, to the delight of the photographers, cameramen and journalists covering the event.

After another lengthy wait and further cellphone calls, Hermann and his delegation were instructed by the police to take everything back to the visitor's centre, because the bundles of letters had not been scanned by security. (The usual fuck around)

Back at the visitor's centre, and after more cellphone calls, Hermann announced that the presidency was now refusing to accept the letters.

Under the circumstances, he said, they had no option but to dump the letters on the steps to the centre in the hope the presidency would collect them there.

Failing that, he and his delegation would return after Zuma's reply to the debate on his State of the Nation address on Tuesday afternoon to collect the letters.

Dear Mr Zuma ...

Thousands of members of the public signed on to the website, where an open letter to the president was published.

It states: "Dear Mr Zuma... we looked forward to your State of the Nation address with great anticipation. We were especially anxious to hear what you have to say about crime ...

"Only 2% of your speech, or 115 of your 4 411 words, were devoted to crime. In other words, in a speech that lasted almost an hour, one minute was spent on crime.

"You spent more time, or 132 words, welcoming guests of honour than talking about what you plan to do about crime."

'Nothing friendly between us and criminals'

South African Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa sought recently to allay fears about crime in the country during the Soccer World Cup, with the kick-off less than five months away.

"There is nothing friendly between us and the criminals," (Of course not, arsewipe, you are the criminals) he told a news conference in Johannesburg on January 26. "We are not friends, we are out to get them. We will make them run all the time. That's why we are always tightening the screws." (Sounds impressive, your wife will be impressed)

We are preparing the country for any eventuality, whether it is petty crime, whether it is big criminal activities," he said. "We will be looking everywhere -- under the stones, everywhere in the air, on the sea." (As they say, a 67 IQ sounds child like)

With 41 000 additional police recruited for the tournament, South Africa has one of the world's largest police forces relative to its population, police National Commissioner Bheki Cele said.

"In the UK, 140 000 policemen for about 60-million people, in France 147 000 for 60-million and here, 186 000 for 47-million," Cele said. (Yes, but the collective IQ is a problem)

Mthethwa said strong police visibility during the World Cup would deter criminals from targetting the more than 450 000 visitors expected during the month-long tournament. (Fortunately you don't manage my stock portfolio)

"Through our own experience, where there is police visibility, there is a high level of crime prevention. We don't have to engage in operations to combat crime, we just prevent it," he said. (Fixed up)

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

We'd be lucky if 10% of the 186000 police force had two brain cells to rub together.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone really expect a criminal to accept complaints about crime?

Solidarity were very naive to come up with this exercise. The best thing Solidarity can do is get as many whites out of the country as possible. There is much bigger shit coming.

Exzanian said...

"We will be looking everywhere -- under the stones, everywhere in the air, on the sea."

Somewhere between Churchill and "no stone unturned" It's hilarious!