Friday, February 26, 2010

Way forward on affirmative action ruling still unclear: SAPS

That's one thing I've experienced first hand from our government. They will NEVER admit they were wrong. We congratulate you Captain Barnard on a big achievement!

The SA Police Service has not decided on the way forward after the Labour Court on Friday ordered it to promote Captain Renate Barnard to superintendent in a landmark affirmative action case.

"We are looking into the matter, we will be studying the judgment along with our legal team," said National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele's spokeswoman, Nonkululeko Mbatha.

"After carefully studying the document, I'm sure that will be the route we will be pursuing, but for now we cannot say for certain," she said in reply to whether the SAPS was considering appealing the decision.

This was after Judge Paul Pretorius ordered the police service to promote Barnard to superintendent from July 2006 and pay her legal costs.

Trade union Solidarity acted on Barnard's behalf. (These guys need a medal.)

The judgment said the failure to promote Barnard was a decision based on her race and constituted discrimination. (Right, anybody still want to tell me that whites feel like they're part of this country?)

The court found that "it is not apparent that consideration was given to the Applicant's [Barnard's] right to equality and dignity".

The police services' failure to promote Barnard was unfair and therefore "not in compliance with the Employment Equity Act".

Solidarity deputy general secretary hailed the ruling, saying it would have a "far reaching effect". (Hmmm...there are no more whites left in the government. It's too late to have any far reaching effects.)

The Social Movement Against Racist Tendencies said it's "taken note of the "upper hand enjoyed by anti-transformation forces who use the courts to advance their hatred of transformation laws". (Oh, bring out the big so that we all crap ourselves!)

"We will register our displeasure if the court grant Solidarity union the right to reverse the need to ensure representivity within the police force," said the organisation's leader, Panyaza Lesufi in a statement. (Seriously, how many whites are left in the police force??)

"We call on fellow South Africans to reject the criminalisation of representivity in our workplaces."

Freedom Front Plus spokesman on labour, Anton Alberts, said the party was "elated" by the ruling.

"This is the clearest sign that affirmative action's days are counted and that this policy should finally be brought to an end," he said. - Sapa

4 Opinion(s):

Exzanian said...

It's an uphill battle. How any white would feel motivated to do their job after this terrible discrimination is beyond me. The fact that Renate won this case is only the start of her ordeal, she will have to keep her back to the wall from now on...

Anonymous said...

Hey, at this rate one of these days there'll be AA for the whites!

Dmitri said...

Freedom front says AA days are numbered. What are they smoking ?
AA is here to stay for as long as these boons are in power.

@Exanian - totally agree with you. She is in more danger now than before

Anonymous said...

Social Movement Against Racist Tendencies - SMART!

Anything but that, I think. Just reading this stupid sounding name leaves me with a Foul And Rancid Taste in my mouth.

Communists love their long important sounding titles. Makes them feel oh so important because they suffer from such huge inferiority complexes.