Thursday, February 11, 2010

Teacher found dead in manhole

Another pointless attack ... the concept of charity in SA just brings violence back upon the benefactor.

Johannesburg - The body of a Johannesburg schoolteacher was on Wednesday found in a manhole and his tenant has been arrested for his murder, police said.

Police found John Scrooby's body after being called to his house in Orchards, Norwood on Wednesday morning, Captain Phillip Maganedisa said.

They found a tooth and Scrooby's glasses next to the door of his house and blood on the floor.

A trail of blood led police to a manhole where Scrooby's body was found. He had multiple stab wounds.

"There was no sign of forced entry at the house, meaning that the victim had opened the door voluntarily for someone he knew."

Further investigation led to the arrest of a Zimbabwean national who Scrooby had let stay at his house.


The man allegedly told police armed men had forced him to kill Scrooby with a blunt object around 02:00 on Wednesday.

However police believed robbery was the motive for the killing, as Scrooby's money was missing.

The man was arrested on a charge of murder and would appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court soon.

Maganedisa described Scrooby as a charitable man who always helped those in need.

"There are so many people that he has helped in the area, some he gave bread to every day, and some he gave them free accommodation. So many people are crying, not because of what he used to do for them, but because of the kind of man he was," said Maganedisa.

Scrooby was a mechanical technology teacher at John Orr Technical High School in Auckland Park.


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Anonymous said...

When are they going to learn that to be charitable usually gets them killed?? Don't people get it yet?