Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Social dynamics between the "left" and "right"

Causes and Consequences - Social dynamics after Enlightenment
Reason vs. faith

"So if faith and reason conflict, one must give way to the other. One must grow at the expense of the other. They are in mortal combat for your soul." Anonymous
Spirituality and reasoning are equally important in social development, whether it's on a personal, society or, for that matter any, level. Spirituality includes all things emotional. On a personal level it could be faith in God, love, or even hatred. Society has organized religion and politics to help us understand our spirituality and improve our emotional intelligence, which in turn leads to further spiritual development. However, organized religion or politics itself is not spirituality. It is a form of reasoning, which comes at the expense of spirituality in the immediate present. It should only be considered as an investment in the future.

The notes in the post "Causes and Consequences - Social dynamics after Enlightenment " were observations of spiritual and reasoning abuse, resulting in the "right" or "left" political philosophies, respectively. (I'm changing it around now as my conclusions on that were incorrect at first, see in the post). I can draw up a table and it would have descriptions of the following information fields, which cover pretty much all the political dynamics that take place on any level - individual, immediate society, greater society, etc. The information fields are :

Cognitive dissonance
Failure in spirituality
Abuse of reasoning
Mitigation of reasoning

Trauma incident
Failure in reasoning
Abuse of spirituality
Mitigation of spirituality

We can identify the events that caused changes in our social environment that required our adaptation e.g. Enlightenment. We may be able to use the information as a predictive model as it allows us to find the gaps in our reasoning and it allows us to foresee the mitigation that may follow because society has a way of correcting itself with time. To be systematic, the exercise needs to consistently relate to one entity only. Changes between levels or identities are not allowed. If Enlightenment only caused a change in the First World society then it is only the information about the First World society that should be included. Invariably the responses to change include both "left" and "right" tendencies, so all the fields need to be completed for any event that caused change in our social environment.

We must improve our understanding of the present social environment to invest in future spirituality. This method is one of the ways that could be useful.

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