Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Slaughter of White Farmers: A Tip of a Blood Stained Iceberg

This article is so bloody good that I had to republish it. Particularly telling, is the reader comment at the end.

Something which people may not realise with regard to the record I keep in relation to the killings of white farmers in South Africa, is that these killings account for only a fraction of the many thousands of white people who have been murdered in South Africa in a 16 year massacre which has been hidden from the western world by its media.

The farm murders stand out because they are a particular type of killing, typified by truly horrific degrees of torture and cruelty, they involve a vulnerable and isolated group of people who are deliberately targeted because of who they are. The farm murders are without question hate crimes, more often than not no property is taken because theft is not the motive, these murders are orgies of killing for the sake of killing, and the torture for its own sake. The farm murders are racial by nature and genocide by any definition.

They are, however, only a tip of a blood spattered iceberg. Each year hundreds of urban whites are also murdered and many more are the victims of, sometimes horrific, violence.

Given the level of violent crime in South Africa as a whole it less easy to categorise these crimes as genocide in the way that the farm killings so clearly are. These killings and injuries result during the course of carjackings, mugging, home invasions, and of course rape. Some may even involve the harvesting of body parts for use in traditional medicine, due to the widely held belief that medicine will be more potent if the body part is taken from a conscious victim at the point of a traumatic and painful death.

However, the outcome remains the same, an innocent white minority victim of black majority violence. There are very many such victims, and, although it is less easy to prove as it is with the farm murders, it is my belief that the majority of these crimes are at the very least motivated by racial hatred if not deliberate genocide.

This month alone six pensioners have been murdered in Pretoria, the latest being Theuns Venter - who celebrated his 85th birthday last week - and his wife Suzie, 83, both of whom were discovered by their grandson when he returned from his night shift job last Thursday morning. Investigations are being carried out to determine where Suzie Venter had been raped before she was killed.

Such horrors are now so commonplace in the nation which the Western media is celebrating this week, on the 20th anniversary of an aged terrorist's release from prison, that I am unable to even estimate the numbers involved, it is, at the very least, double that of the Farm killings, some claim that the real figure is considerably higher.

I often hear people say why do whites stay in a country where they are at such high risk of being the victims of violence. The answer of course is that a significant number of them have no option. Many are the direct descendants of the early Dutch settlers, who arrived there in the sixteen hundreds, and have no remaining connection with any other land. How many Americans would be able find sanctuary in the Europe their ancestors came from when the day comes that they face a similar threat in their homeland? A day which may not be as far away as some may believe.

Also, do not forget that South Africa's own version of affirmative action, known as black economic empowerment, has cast at least half a million whites into abject, tin shack level, poverty, such people do not have the financial means to escape their fate, let alone the fact that a brain washed, self loathing world, which has been taught to believe that all white South Africans, even the children born after the end of Apartheid deserve every ill which befalls them will not take them in.

In any event, for how long will Europe remain safe given the invasion it now meekly tolerates.

Remember that when, as I do almost weekly, I publish the name of the latest victim of the farm genocide, I am merely scratching the surface of South Africa's blood stained reality. The frightening truth is that the farm killings are only a part of what is actually going on.

More terrifying still is the fact that today's reality may no more than hint at the nightmare which is to come.

Reader Comment:

Sarah, in answer to the question, "why do they stay?" you say, "they have no place to go." On the one hand, I certainly understand and appreciate that statement. In order to leave, one has to have a place to go.

On the other hand, these are White people we are talking about, people with the ability to think, to reason, with mental resources far above those of the blacks that are engulfing them. It has always been brain power, and White culture that have enabled White people to come out on top in the past; it has not been a matter of superior numbers but superior people. When will they start acting White?

In what we read on your blog and elsewhere, these White people seem to be weighed down with a guilt driven, self-defeating tendency to be totally disarmed in the face of mortal enemies. This does not sound like thinking White people to me. Have they all been lobotomized? Something is wrong here. (Indeed, something is wrong)

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Anonymous said...

The reader's comment is right on. We have been conned into delegating our security and future to people who do not like us, do not wish us well, who pretend to be non-racist, and who do not have the ability to maintain the sophisticated infrastructure that we built.

However, it is a fact that white self-hatred, manifesting as cowardice, retreat, reproductive incompetence and paralysing guilt, is a worldwide phenomenon.

South Africa was a victim of this worldwide trend, as was Rhodesia. It is hard to see how we could have held out; and most whites correctly wanted some sort of evolution away from paleo-apartheid anyway. But evolution to a fairer society was never the real agenda; it was, and is, white defeat and enslavement.

And now we see that Europe itself, and the USA, are well on the way to perdition, as a result of the same self-destructive forces.

What is lacking is an analysis of WHY this is happening, WHO is pulling the strings and HOW TO FIX IT. I would start with opening the lid on the cesspool that is British politics and FOLLOW THE MONEY.


Anonymous said...

Good post. When is someone with guts going to report what is really going on in SA instead of the bleached version that we tend to hear?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.10. I'm not sure there is anybody with guts left. The various blogs certainly have done a good job at getting the message out. But a lot more can be done.

Will anything else be done? My thoughts are, probably not.

Will the MSM catch a wake up? Definitely not. There is too much hand wringing and the protection of self-interest for us to form a united front.

We are a society with a dysfunctional set of values. We don't care about our fellow countrymen, as long as it doesn't impact on our ability to make money.

We only talk about "saamstaan" and "togetherness" when our individual livlihoods are threatened. But life in SA is still too good, and we daren't look into the neighbours yard, lest we see reality.

So we lie, and pretend that the situation is exaggerated; and we gamble with statistics, thinking we will somehow be overlooked. And when the fickle finger of fate fucks us, we cry woe is me.

Anonymous said...

Living in SA is like being in an abusive relationship. Its only once you leave that you realise just how dysfunctional the relationship has been :-(

Exzanian said...

Whites in ZA have not suffered enough. They thought with De Klerk's deal (the checks and balances blah fucking blah) they secured their niche. I know, I was one of them. Now all sorts of creepy crawlies are coming out of the rocks and I think when the whites do start suffering enough, it will be too late. It's too late already...

Anonymous said...

@ExZ. Indeed. It is too late already. We will watch as a once great nation sinks into the abyss. I don't want to preempt anything, but watch the vote.

Max said...

This asrehole commentator "Dr.D" on Sarah Maid of Albion's blog is saying that whites in South Africa are a bunch of idiots, I hate pricks like this who make comments from their places of safety and know nothing about what is going on here.

Anonymous said...

@Max. That was my initial reaction. But on reflection he does make a valid point. We are the one's in possession of the brains, yet we cannot muster the ability to form a cohesive plan. It is this division that will destroy the whites in South Africa. His being on the outside affords him the luxury of thinking clearly. He is correct I think.

Max said...

@V1 He may have a point but we are not looking for points were looking for answers. Every piece of good criticism deserves an equally good solution and he mentions non. For 4 million white Africans to succeed against 40 million Blacks and the rest of the world it takes more than just brains.

Anonymous said...

Right. The international mainstream media is the real enemy of white identity, and most importantly, security.

To appreciate how important the MSM is, look at the difference that Fox News has made in turning the US population against Obama.\

If you don't have at least one big outlet pulling for you, you have a very difficult task.



Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of your racism. You know what I am talking about. Photos of gorillas with trite comments. You the sort of okes that used to brag about driving around with bakkies on Friday notes, sorting out k4's. You c**nts. Names like daschund or some other german c**t dog. F**k you. Moaning about The Afrikaner genocide, not the white genocide. F*ck you.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 09:10. Get off the Meths, or calm down long enough to write coherently, or are you black?

Us sort of okes? Do some due diligence. The article was written by an English woman, many of us are of English descent, so there is no Afrikaner bias.

As for racism; the last time I checked there were so many definitions that we could all very well be racists. What is your definition?

You are right, we shouldn't use Gorillas. It is wrong. It is an insult to associate Gorillas with Mugabe. Gorillas are innocent. In the future I will just use a brown, stinking turd.