Tuesday, February 16, 2010

See What the Welfare State Gets You?

So...... while Western birth rates plummet due to the high costs of childrearing, the State manages to find some of your money to pay women like this to breed- and name her children things like "Jihad". Words fail me...

Single mother-of-six finds £2m mansion on the net... and then gets YOU to pay £7,000 a month rent

A single mother-of-six is getting more than £80,000 a year from the taxpayer to live in a £2million mansion in an exclusive London suburb.

Essma Marjam, 34, is given almost £7,000 a month in housing benefits to pay the rent on the five-bedroom villa just yards from Sir Paul McCartney's house and Lord's cricket ground.

She also receives an estimated £15,000 a year in other payouts, such as child benefit, to help look after her children, aged from five months to 14.

Essma Marjam with one of her six children pictured outside the house in Maida Vale, central London, which costs taxpayers almost £7,000 a month

Essma Marjam with one of her six children pictured outside the house in Maida Vale, central London, which costs taxpayers almost £7,000 a month

The four-storey house in Maida Vale has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a double living room, large fitted kitchen-diner with French doors on to the landscaped garden and a state-of-the art buzzer entry system.

Astonishingly, it is understood Miss Marjam found the house on the internet through a private letting agency, rather than waiting for Westminster council to give her a vacant property on their books.

She then applied to the council for the £1,600-a-week benefit - the maximum amount the council allows.

Miss Marjam said: 'I moved here at the beginning of the month as I'm entitled to a five-bedroom house.

'I was in a three-bedroom council house but I needed a bigger place once my new baby came along. So the council agreed to pay the £1,600 a week to a private landlord as they didn't have any houses big enough.

'I'm separated from my husband. He's a solicitor in Derby, but I don't know if he's working at the moment. He doesn't pay anything towards the kids. Things are quite difficult between us.

'The house is lovely and very big, but I don't have enough furniture to fill it.'

Mrs Marjam's new home is yards from Sir Paul McCartney's house

Mrs Marjam's new home is yards from Sir Paul McCartney's house

She does, however, have two large flat-screen televisions and several leather sofas, plus a large amount of children's toys scattered over the wooden floorboards.

During the week, vans from Argos and other home stores dropped off large purchases.

Miss Marjam does not work, as she spends all day looking after her children - Zekia, 14, Abdulhakim, 13, Jihad, 11, Hamza, ten, Ayman, two, and five-month-old Nasir.

The four eldest have the surname Benjamin, while the two youngest have the surname Khan.

Labour's controversial Local Housing Allowance enables council tenants to receive such high benefits to pay private landlords.

The maximum that can be claimed is set by central government and the allowances can be huge, leaving the taxpayer to foot the bill.

The Daily Mail has highlighted other outrageous examples, such as the single mother of eight receiving £90,000 a year to live in a £2.6million Notting Hill mansion.

Taxpayers are also picking up the £6,400-a-month bill to house Nasra Warsame, her seven children and her elderly mother in central London, with Westminster council also providing Mrs Warsame's husband and their eighth child with a two-bedroom flat nearby.

In total, 16 families are living in million-pound-plus London properties funded by the Local Housing Allowance.

Phillipa Roe, a Westminster councillor, said: 'We would like to see the entire system changed as the current rules are wrong and do not offer taxpayers value for money.

'We want to have more control to limit the amount of money which is paid out. Local councils are far better placed to determine benefit levels than ministers in Whitehall who won't know the facts on the ground.

'The Government has repeatedly pledged to reform housing benefit but failed to do so. The whole system needs a radical review and ministers should stop dragging their heels and get on and do it.'

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: 'It is not right that in London high rents have been able to distort the system, resulting in a small number of people getting excessively high payments.

'We took immediate action and capped the Local Housing Allowance in April. The plans we published in December go even further and will exclude high rents from LHA rate calculations.

'Only a very small minority of people receive such high rates of housing benefit. The average payment is £81 a week.'

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Anonymous said...

The UK, quite literally, has gone mad; they need to be re-introduced to reality. They will, and soon.


Anonymous said...

black anonymous

Its called dimnitude, a disease that is rampart in europe. It afflicts the left, especially liberal white women. In my travels, i discovered the dumbest people in europe were not the ignorant right wingers, but these leftists women. They would bend backwards in any direction to appease islam, and yet most of them have no clue what it is. These are the same women who now support sharia courts in uk, and yet few have any clue as to what sharia is.

what irkd me most was that most of these middle eastern women (above welfare case excluded ofcourse) are happy to get there in that at least their husbands fiery tempers are restricted by english law. Then come the liberal bitches singing "community cohesion" and thus plunge those arab women bak to their abusive cultural norms.

About this story, DO NOT, NEVER WILL FEEL SORRY for UK if it goes the way of the third world. It is doing so oluntarily.

Exzanian said...

I was going to vote UKIP, now it will be BNP - This is outrageous!

Anonymous said...

Fu***, Liberals paying let them, my house from the picture is ten times times better and I'm Paying for it,,,, maybe thats my problem like everybody else we can still afford homes better than that. I think that it's a problem with our White SA people as long as they don't touch our pockets we are happy,, but we should wake up and take the Ka$$ers by the balls and let them know we are still driving this economy wiht our wealth and know how... so if the liberals want to pay let them...

FreeThinker said...

@ Exz - already voted BNP last time around, although UKIP would be second choice.