Friday, February 26, 2010

The Origin of the White Race

After reading this my mouth is dry, my body is shaking...This article is worse than any Facebook "hate group" because it is being passed off as legitimate journalism on Richmark Sentinel. It is full of distortions, mythical revising of history, religious confusion and contextual errors. Never mind the terrible grammar, which I have noted accordingly. Read it at your peril.

About 6600 years ago, when 70 percent of the people were satisfied, and 30 percent were dissatisfied, among the dissatisfied was born a Mr. Yakub (Jacob).
He was born to create trouble, to break the peace, and to kill. His head was unusually large.

When he was four years old, he began school. At the age of 18, Yakub had finished all of his nation’s colleges and universities (sic). He was known as the “big head (sic)scientist”.

Among (sic) other things, he had learned how to breed races scientifically.

Yakub began preaching in the streets of Mecca, making such host (sic) of converts that the authorities, increasingly concerned, finally exiled him with 59 999 followers to the Island of Patmos, described in the Bible as where (sic) John received the message contained in Revelation in the New Testament.

Though he was a Black man, Yakub embittered towards God now, decided, to create upon the Earth a bleached out, white race of people.

From his studies, the scientist knew that Black men contained two germs, black and brown. He knew that the brown germ stayed dormant as, being the lighter of the two germs, it was weaker. Yakub, to upset the laws of nature, conceive (sic) the idea of employing what we today know as recessive genes structure, to separate from each other the two germs, black and brown, and then grafting the brown germ to progressively lighter, weaker stages.

The humans resulting, he knew, would be, as they became lighter and weaker, progressively also more susceptible to wickedness. And in this way, finally he would achieve the intended bleached out white race.

He knew it would take him several total colour change stages to get from black to white. Yakub began his work by setting up a eugenics law on the Island of Patmos.

Among Yakub’s 59 999 all-black followers, every third or so child that was born would show some trace of brown.

As these became adult, only brown and brown, or black and brown, were permitted to marry. Yakub’s law dictated that, if a Black child, the attending nurse, or midwife, should stick a needle into its brain and give the body to the cremators. The mothers were told it had been an “angel baby”, which had gone to heaven, to prepare a place for her.

But the brown child’s mother was told to take good care of it.

Others, assistants, were trained by Yakub to continue his objective.
When Yakub died on the island at the age of one hundred and fifty two, had left laws and rules, for them to follow.

Yakub, except in his mind, never lived to see the bleached out white race that he conceived.

A 200 year span was needed to eliminate on the Island of Patmos all of the Black people, until all brown people remained.

The next 200 years were needed to create from the brown race the red race, with no more brown left on the island.

In another 200 years, from the red race, the yellow race was created.

200 years later, a completely bleached out, white race was created.

On the Island of Patmos, was nothing but these blonde, pale skinned, blue eyed, nude and shameless, hairy, white race.

600 more years passed before this race of people returned to the main land, among natural Black people.

After all their mischievous deeds, they eventually driven (sic) out of the land, up to the caves of Caucas mountains, hence the word “Caucasians”, where they became Vikings and barbarians later on.


Mendell’s Theory states that: You can extract the recessive from the dominant but you cannot extract the dominant from the recessive, meaning you can get the weak from the strong but you cannot get the strong from the weak.

Therefore, since Black people are genetically dominant and Caucasians genetically recessive, it means the White race originated from the original, the Black race.

The Origin of the White Race as taught by the Nation Of Islam.

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Anonymous said...

I had to read this crap until the last line before I realised it was just another ILSA Islamic bashing load of propaganda.
Why don´t you jewboys give it a break?

Anonymous said...

Its the type of kak an infantile mind would accept as gospel. Niggers and other lower forms of life are easily swayed, and would believe this crap. If malema could read, this would be his next mantra

Anonymous said...

Interesting - I didn't know there were colleges and universities 6600 years ago and that people could live to 152. How do they explain the chinese and indian races etc if they bleached them to white?? These islamists are truly blessed with intelligence beyond anything known to mankind. Remind me again what they have achieved academically and scientifically except for reading the moon phases?

eduard said...

We are living in the age of the dark races. They hate the white race for ingenuity, intelligence, creativity, compassion and it's sheer beauty. They hate us becuase they want to look like us, but can never; they want to think like us, but can never. The negro race is the only biped that has no crown in his hair - hence the uncrowned beast of the field. Just because they can now drive a wabenzi or a beemer makes them "civilized". Only when they can invent, design,develop and explore, build civilizations, can they become civilized. Until then, they are nothing but savages devoid of a soul.
Even the khazar jew hates the whites. There is no race as creative as the white race, and we are hated for that.

Anonymous said...

The Koran is a complete mix-up of Christianity, Judaism and Arab paganism (black meteor stone inside the Kaaba that Mohammed worshiped), that's why it doesn't make any sense. Also it has been completely rewritten after the first texts were completely destroyed by some or other Sultan who was not happy with it. Most of the Koran is simply oral tradition as Mohammed was an unlettered person anyway (meaning he could not read or write), and written down by later scribes. (true also of the New Testament, but I think a comparison between the lives of Jesus and Mohammed is unworthy of the Son of God).

Most of these muslim types secretly wish they were white people. They see how bright and progressive the white race is and how backward and unenlightened the dark races are and so in a fit of jealousy lash out at the ONLY race that could save them from their ignorance.

Anonymous said...

You pathetic bleached whites! Don't you know the great truth of this history - suppressed by the evilly bleached from becoming widespread knowledge?

Even now, I sense you cringing in fear and shame, lest this ancient but manifest knowledge receive it's true place in the halls of academia.

What a terrible monster was unleashed when the great Yakub began his regrettable experiments - brown, red and yellow people were not perfect but, thankfully, they were not hideously bleached like the eye-offending criminals of this truth-denying blog.

Are you angry? Are you ashamed? You have no right for the former but must abide with the latter.

Scientific truth will prevail when the bleached are finally deposed.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Bloody hilarious!

Anonymous said...

The white race is hated for one reason only and that is the fact that they are the chosen race of Yahweh, namely the Biblical Israelites.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:30: Yes, but bear in mind there's always been a bit of a tussle since Jakub and Esau. Esau was the firt born and heir; Jakub cheated him out of his inheritance with a pot of lentils.

Never trust a Jakubite.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 16:01

Yakub was obviously a white man himself because no non-white has the intelligence to create anything of value.
He probably got sick and tired of looking at the same colour skin, same colour eyes, same colour hair and decided to creat a race worthy of being call men. So he naturally created white people and look at what a good job he did. Thanks Yakub!

While the Muslims merely stole all their technology from the other races that their "religion of peace" conquered, white people actually figured out the mathematics and science from scratch, that was need to build a real civilisation. Then they came and kicked Muslim arse.
Yakub, you beauty!!!! ;-)

eduard said...

What is an interesting fact is that Mohammed was married to a Roman Catholic woman. She was also his elder.

Sean said...

@Anon 16:01. Your ramblings are indicative to the absolute nonsense that constantly gets spewed about the white race. As for truth-denying you are perhaps the greatest perpetrator, which is shown by your constant reference to fictional drivel! Once again the history books are trying to be rewritten to suit other believes and make the white race seen as evil. But what I love about facts is that they don't care about race or religion. As they say, the facts will simply speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

What does that Indian holy man in the pic have to do with this story?

Exzanian said...

The point of the post Anon 27 February 2010 07:28 is not Islam bashing on behalf of the Jews, it is to prove how desperately hypocritical the MSM is in the measures they are willing to go to in trying insert the meme of black superiority into the media. Imagine the reaction to a similar article praising the achievements of whites? Imagine making positive noises about Hitler's Eugenics programme! I am not Jewish, and neither are any of the other contributors, to my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Islam (the so-called "religion of peace"), but let's be fair: this tripe is NOT from mainstream Islamic teaching - it is nowhere in the Koran or other accepted Islamic writings.

This ridiculous gobbledegook is the teaching of the black-american sect called "Nation of Islam", whose history dates back no further than the 20th century.

Malcolm X and Mohammed Ali used to belong to this organisation but left and joined mainstream Islam, at least partly because of the racist nature of this sect.

FishEagle said...

@ Exzanian, most conspiracy theorists only see things with limited dimension. Everything is about Jewish world domination. Didn't you know? :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ... 27/02 16:01 ... that was just a wind-up! (It was me, in other words).

I knew it was wrong to do (false-flagging), but my good friend Mr Chivas Regal forced my hand!

Professor Bleachy.

Exzanian said...

Anon - 28 February 2010 04:28
Thanks for that comment. Of course this article is tripe and I hope I made my view on that clear...

Exzanian said...

Oops, since I seem to have inadvertently offended someone by posting a pic of an Indian Shaman, I have replaced the pic with a true replica of Yakub.

Anonymous said...

The whites came from outer space and they have been trying to get the blacks civilized for the last 6600 years

eduard said...

The conspiracy is not about world domination by jews, but by Zionist domination. Read the book by John Robison "Proofs of a Conspiracy" written in 1798, or dr John Coleman's "Committee of 300". About time some sheeple get their heads out of the jews' arses. The theory principle is long passed, it is at stage of reality. This is going the same way as in the referendum voting; you can suddenly find nobody who voted yes.

Anonymous said...

I am a direct descendent of the great Yakub, and I find many of the comments here both ignorant and offensive.

Quite apart from his invention of the despicable white race, there are many other deeds and wonders that Yakub was responsible for, that have been handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation within his family.

Therefore, I consider myself to be an expert when it comes to highlighting all the great things that he achieved - unlike the many ignorant posters here.

It was Yakub who designed the pyramids and the sphinx. Did you know that? It was he that also built the fabled city of Atlantis. I bet you didn't know that either.
Almost certainly Yakub was responsible for the construction of the Great Wall of China - only embittered racists would deny it.
There are indeed so many other great architectural and engineering projects that Yakub achieved that it would require many thousands of words to list them all; suffice to say the structures of the modern world, which we all take for granted, would not have existed but for Yakub.

His many inventions are indeed numerous - I shall list but a few:
the irrigation screw (stolen by Archimedes), the telescope (stolen by Copernicus), the microscope (stolen by someone or other), steam power, the internal combustion engine and powered flight (all stolen).

There are many inventions that Yakub created that, sadly, do not exist today such as the flying saucer, teleportation and self-levitating tea-pot.

My great ancestor was also responsible for the complete works of Shakespeare (yup, stolen) and almost all other great works of literature and art that we know of today - plus a good few we don't know about.

Yakub was also an incredible athlete. He was the first man to run the 4 minute mile. Later he ran the 3 minute mile. Even at age 150 he would still regularly run a few marathons now and again - when he wasn't cycling and weightlifting. He was also undisputed heavyweight and flyweight boxing champ for most of his adult life.

In fact, Yakub was such a fantastic physical specimen that even at age 150 people would often think he was no older than 120, even more incredible when you consider that he smoked 90 a day!

As for outward appearance he was an extremely handsome man (large head notwithstanding). He had the face of Mugabe, the cock of Zuma, the arms of Obama (though slightly darker), the legs of the Queen (much, much darker) and the hair of Madonna (just without the dye).

Is there more to be said about Yakub? A great deal more ... but I just can't be bothered.

Angulus Calx said...

He, he.......
One of the funniest in a long time.......
And then the comments!!
I cannot figure out if the comments are made in sincerity, or in jest.....

Anonymous said...

i dont no if that to be true, but they are a tad bit descrutive the white race, wouldn't you agree with that

Viking said...

Well, anon, I'm pretty descrutive.

Devine said...

people wouldnt know the truth or follow facts even if it bit them in the ass. this is how they have brain washed everyone during slavery which still exist today. along with dna war that still exist today. we have more power then you can ever imagine but lies and slavery has dumb down many. including the genetically modified food, poison water, air that you breathe, immunization and the whole gov going against devine law. anywhere from the weather the national harp association to continuing to breed off the black race. through research it shows that the white race lack melanin and is allergic to cholride. When Yaqub created the race tampering with dna as they still do til this day. melanin was absent from the experiment. melanin is a natural gene that was given to people of color. which allows many great things as well as to tan in the sun. it is so much more to this. people need to lift the blind folds off their faces and realize how we have been lied to for decades. knowledge is power and wisdom. religion is slavery... may our prime created of the universe help all to see and realize things one day and be open to receive facts to finding out real truths to free minds out of this slavery that still exist today. Power to the active moores may the movement of freedom and knowledge continue to wipe out evil and set souls free!