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Obama, a college Marxist?

From the Australian Conservative

Until now, precious little information has come to light about President Obama’s youthful political views. That may change as disclosures by former political science professor Dr. John C. Drew eventually surface in the mainstream press.

During an evening he spent with Obama in late 1980, Drew, a former Marxist-turned-conservative-Republican, recalled during an interview on Breitbart TV’s “The B-cast” that the young Obama was not only a passionate Marxist, but a Marxist-Leninist, devoted to the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist system in America.

The meeting occurred in late December, 1980 when Drew, a 1979 Occidental College graduate in his second year of Cornell University grad school, visited his girlfriend, still an Occidental student, who shared a political theory class with Obama.

Drew recalled that Obama, then a college sophomore, showed up in a BMW with his closest friend Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, and “we all went out to dinner, partied and drank, smoked cigarettes—and we did what young Marxists do—we basically argued politics.”

Before the get-together, his then-girlfriend described Obama as “one of us.” What she meant by that was that “he was on our team . . . a blood brother . . .a fellow revolutionary,” said Drew.

As a serious Marxist revolutionary himself in those days, Drew said that as soon as he met young Barack, he realised that this radical college sophomore wasn’t just “dabbling in Marxism . . . he was a Marxist-Leninist dedicated to the overthrow of the capitalist system.”
Drew says on his website ( that his “most vivid memory of Obama was the way he strongly argued a rather simple-minded version of Marxist theory,” while he (Drew) had moved on to a more pessimistic graduate school view that true revolution would never happen in this country.

Drew’s meeting with the young Obama occurred shortly after he experienced his first taste of campus notoriety when publicly speaking out on the anti-apartheid issue and co-founding the anti-apartheid group that is mentioned in Dreams of My Father.

During their meeting, Drew recalls that Obama believed that “America was definitely the enemy, and American elites were the enemy, and whatever America was doing was definitely wrong and bad. He thought that perhaps the Soviet Union was misunderstood, and it was doing a better job for its people than most people realised,” Drew noted in a Newsmax interview.

Although Drew did his senior honors thesis at Occidental on Marxist Economics, his doctoral research at Cornell in 1984 triggered a move to the political right when he realised the fallacy of the Marxist class struggle argument.

However, when Drew crossed the ideological divide from Marxist to conservative Republican, it may have made his academic career a bit more challenging.

As an assistant political science professor at Williams College from 1986 – 1989, Drew was one of three registered Republicans on the faculty. (Note the ubiquitous phenomenon of leftist academia.) Armed with his newly adopted belief system, Drew says he complained to the powers-that-be about the school’s affirmative action policies that favored less qualified African-American faculty candidates over white candidates, saying that these policies “took away the honor of being a Williams College professor.”

Now a grant-writing consultant in Laguna Niguel, California, Drew says that his meeting with Obama some 30 years ago provided useful evidence of why he was able to win the trust and support of people like Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Alice Palmer. He believes that Obama “never surrendered that tough, Marxist socialist ideology I saw in him as a sophomore at Occidental College.”

When Drew is asked why he took so long to go public with this story, he is quick to explain that although he tried to get the story out during the presidential campaign in 2008, no one in the media would touch it.
In fact, Drew says he was frustrated when he couldn’t get this information out during campaign season, since candidate Obama “was making it sound like people thought he was a socialist because he didn’t share his toys in kindergarten, but I thought he was a socialist because I’d seen him argue from a hard Marxist point of view.”

Obama’s career path was entirely predictable, according to Drew, who says the first logical career move for a revolutionary right out of college is to become a labor organiser or a community organiser. The second step is to become a college professor.

During his stint as a University of Chicago adjunct professor, Obama “was basically promoting the socialist revolution, saying that our Constitution promotes negative liberties but not the positive liberties of a society that advocates wealth distribution.”

Drew’s encounter with the future president nearly 30 years ago sheds some light on the young Obama’s political ideology, one of the many aspects of his life that has not undergone any serious scrutiny by the mainstream press. Drew regards his “15 minutes of fame” that began with a Newsmax interview in February, 2010 as an “opportunity to share what I know about the ‘red diaper’ ideology of the young Barack Obama.”

Saying that he would still be teaching in Massachusetts were it not for the liberal Democrats that control Williams College, Drew says he was pleased that Scott Brown was recently elected as the state’s newest senator, adding that his election “marks the end of the Obama revolution.”

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that somebody eventually decided to venture in this direction.

The financial crises didn't just happen. It was created by the enemy within, by Marxists. Obama played a huge part in it. Obama used to be a lawyer for Acorn and he took some large banks to court to force them to loan to the poor. He won....
See this video... watch?v=ivmL-lXNy64

Watch from 4:00 onwards. See the young Obama, proudly acknowledging his contribution to the Marxist agenda of the destruction of Western capitalism and thus the West.

Obama is the president today, but he is merely a spoke in the wheel, merely one of many. The fact that a Marxist has attained the highest office in the USA attests to the power that the Marxists yields in Washington today. It proves that the US leadership has been completely taken over by the Marxists.

These guys are doing their very best to overthrow Capitalism and they are very, very close to success.

True capitalism is where every man is rewarded for what he puts in, but in the West today through the practice of Usury, you can never get out what you put in.

Capitalism as we have it today, is called "super capitalism" and SC has a lot in common with Socialism.

Super capitalism forms when true capitalism is corrupted, because some people will always be better at making money than others. As the West today practices Usury,(debt driven economies) there will never be enough cash in circulation, because if you were to loan money for a house, that money is created by the stroke of a few keys, but the interest that you have to pay back on that loan is never created. Thus in a Usury (debt) run economy there is never enough money in circulation.

This leads to the creation of a rich, poor divide. With time this divide becomes more prominent, as it is easy to make money from a position of power. Eventually a few rich conglomerates own the world including the politicians.

This is "super capitalism" (this is where we are today) and SC is the brother of socialism, in that they have a lot in common. Both have a ruling class elite and a multicultural, egalitarian homogeneous proletariat.

This elites are destroying the monetary system of the West, because it will lead to the destruction of the middle class and the middle class is the enemy of the Marxist, in that it is impossible to mobilize the middle class. You cannot have a bloody revolution when your citizens belong to the middle class. They are too content.

At the same time the middle class has been under attack. The pillars of what makes a society has long been subverted.

The pillars of society:
1) Politics
2) Economics
3) Religion
4) Education
5) Media/free information

Steps required to create a Marxist proletariat.
1) Dumb down the masses.
2) Feed them egalitarian propaganda
3) Teach them Marxism hidden as liberalism. Everything coated in a coat of brotherly love.
etc. etc.

I'm sure you get the point.
If you don't then you never will.

The point is that the West is under attack, but that most Westerners are to stupid to even realise this.

Those that do wake up, are quickly silenced by loaded "buzz words" such as fascist, racist, etc.


Anonymous said...

Some guy earlier talked about the Russians as the enemy. I nearly laughed.

The enemy is Marxism and today some people from every single nation on this planet belong to Marxism.

It might be more prevalent under some population groups, but the fact remains in that it has grown into a multi-cultural phenomena.
It is like a disease, for it has no national boundries.

Marxism is multiculturalism.


Zarky said...

I realize that we are totally stuffed here in South Africa, because we live in Africa!

But you poor Americans are really stuffed big time, how are you guys going to handle it?

You guys are not supposed to be on your way to doom and gloom, you have the best education, military, scientist etc.

How did you guys get into such a mess? How could you fall for someone like him, you guys are supposed to be educated!

The world is truly f__ked up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hussein Obama is a communist kaffir.

Anonymous said...

I have been following USA politics intensely for the last year because of watching Glenn Beck's programme on Fox. It's been a real eye opener. Most of what he has predicted has happened. Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I pray that the conservatives win the day, otherwise we are stuffed. Already Scott Brown (R), who won the Massachusetts senate seat from the Kennedy's has supported Obama to push through another huge "jobs" bill pay packet - against the will of his constituents. These marxists/progressives are everywhere. Glenn Beck was right when Brown was elected - he said that he's not sure about him yet and he'd have to see if the people can trust him to do the right thing. Well, they got their eye opener all right. Obama and Co want to completely bankcrupt the USA to make the people dependant on the government. The USA is going to lose their freedom completely and when that happens they may as well dismantle the Statue of Liberty. The Founders are surely turning in their graves.

Anonymous said...

I once heard a good summary of the difference between a conservative and a progressive/marxist. A conservative wants to control what's happening in the present to make a better future. They do this by stopping government spending; having a small government and living with conservative values (eg. Raegan). A progressive lives for a future utopia and changes the present to fulful that dream. They can only do this by controlling the people because, according to them, they're too stupid to see their vision and the utopia that awaits them. To control the people they need to make them dependant on them. That is why the USA government is pushing all this spending through at a rate of knots. They want the American people broken and to turn to them for guidance and salvation. And we know the guidance and salvation they'll deliver...