Friday, February 19, 2010

Malema’s millions

via thevillageidiot :

You do the maths …

  • Two houses: R4,6m

  • Cars: R1,2m plus

  • Breitling watch: R250 000

  • Monthly salary: R20 000

    Julius Malema, the ANC Youth League president, owns two multimillion-rand homes – both of which he bought for cash.

    This disclosure, which adds to questions surrounding how the youth league president affords his lavish lifestyle, comes just a day after Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced that targeted lifestyle audits would be conducted this year.

    The Star has discovered that Malema bought his three-bedroom home in Sandown for R3,6-million in December last year.

    And, according to the Deeds Office, he owns two houses. The other is a mansion he bought in Polokwane in 2007 for R1m

  • The house in Sandown is in Silvela Road and the Deeds Office indicates that he bought it for R36m. But according to the previous owner, the house was sold for R3,6m.

    The Sandown house has been described as luxurious, with three bedrooms, an office, a TV room, a lounge, a pool and a large garden.

    It is the same house in which Malema held a controversial house-warming party in September last year.

    A police reservist said at the time that he was assaulted by the youth league leader. Neighbours complained about the noise and mess that Malema’s party had caused. It was a sophisticated bash. YFM DJ Oskido provided the music, and guests were treated to R700-a-bottle Johnnie Walker Gold Label whisky and Moët et Chandon French Champagne.

    When asked how he could afford to buy a R3.6m house cash, Malema reacted angrily.

    “You and your husband and your family – that’s who you need to write about. You go away, just go away,” he said before slamming down the phone.

    ANC Youth League spokesperson Floyd Shivambu said The Star was being nonsensical. “I think you need to rethink what you are doing. What business is this of yours? How dare you call me and ask for comment on this?”

    It’s not the first time questions surrounding the scale of Malema’s lifestyle have emerged.

    Sources in the youth league have said he earns R20 000 a month.

    At the same time that the transfer of the Sandown house went through, Malema attended a press conference in a Gucci suit, and sported a Breitling watch worth about R250 000.

    The 28-year-old politician owns a black Mercedes-Benz AMG, which retails at R734 000, and reportedly drives an Aston Martin and a red Range Rover Sport, too. Last night he went to a lecture at Wits University in a brand-new white Range Rover – with no number plates – which sells for R1,2m.

    Malema is the director of four companies: 101 Junjus Trading CC, Blue Nightingale Trading 61, Ever Roaring Investment and SGL Engineering Projects.

    DA youth league leader Khume Ramulifho said he had heard that Malema earned a lot more than the R20 000 he claims.

    “It is said that he earns as much as a minister, and that is why he will not go to Parliament or take up any other office,” said Ramulifho, who owns one car – an Audi A4 – and a house in Riverlea.

    By Angelique Serrao : IOL

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    Zarky said...

    Where do you think he is getting his millions?

    Why do you think he is pushing for nationalizations of the mines etc.

    He is the public relations officer and marketing tool of the ones that will benefit from it and he is being paid to talk a lot of shit and to bullshit his own people!

    And guess what?

    The masses is believing him, they are to stupid to look back in history to see how the rest of Africa benefited from all the bullshit they are and where fed during their freedom of colonial struggles!

    So blah blah blah and fucking blah blah blah, okay you have swallowed all the bullshit now fuck you, no food and water for you and if you complain we kill you Mugabe style.

    That's why Africa is fucked!!!!

    PS: Sorry for the language, had to get it of my chest!

    Anonymous said...

    Malema is a crooked kaffir!

    Anonymous said...

    can this useless prick actually count to a hundred?...

    what a waste of oxygen!