Sunday, February 14, 2010

Malema Is An Embarassment To South Africa: IFP

The IFP would like to place on record its disgust with the public attack launched by ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema against former President FW de Klerk and the IFP yesterday.

Malema is reported to have said that: "(De Klerk) sponsored the IFP to kill... we must never compare him to Nelson Mandela. De Klerk will remain an apartheid leader."

"On a day that we celebrated the historic release of Nelson Mandela and reconfirmed our commitment to nation-building, Malema again ruined all our reconciliation efforts by launching this brazen, unfounded and racist attack against Mr de Klerk and the IFP. His comments, 20 years after the release of Madiba, were grossly out of line with Mandela's vision of a united, reconciled South Africa and a clear indication that the ANC is no longer guided by Madiba's visions and principles," said Velaphi Ndlovu, the IFP's Deputy National Chairperson.

Ndlovu added: "Malema is fuelling discontent among South Africans; he is a threat to our young democracy and an embarrassment to our country," said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu added that the IFP will no longer sit back and allow Malema and his youth league cronies to launch attacks on the IFP.

"The ANC's silence on this matter speaks volumes; but we will no longer tolerate Malema's unruly behaviour. We have said time and time again that he must be disciplined. We are calling on the ANC to rein him in, or we will encourage the FW de Klerk Foundation to join us in seeking legal advice on this matter," added Ndlovu.

Statement issued by Veli Ndlovu, IFP deputy national chairperson, February 14 2010

Source: Politicsweb

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Tim Johnston said...

commented on the wrong post, Anon.

here's what you were looking for:

Anonymous said...

Oops, can the post be deleted?

Anonymous said...

Atheists claim that they do not belief in God. That they have no faith in God.
Atheism in itself is a religion though, for Atheism DOES require faith to sustain itself.

Faith is a belief in something in the absence of scientific proof. Atheists cannot proof that God does not exist, thus they require certain level of faith in their belief. Believing or having faith in something is the creation of a religion.

In Beeld they had a story the other day about government deciding that a Atheist priest may continue to preach to his followers that God does not exist. This is his religious message.

In the end of the day the atheists are identical to the non atheist people, because they have exactly the same religious parameters that they have to operate under.

Thus it is imperative that the atheists understand that to accuse a religious person of being stupid for his specific belief, is actually pointing a finger at themselves as well. Even more so, because they are too stupid and lack the understanding to see the similarities between the atheist and non-atheist religions.

Both requires faith.

History teaches us that Christians have a lot of blood on their hands. This history though, has mostly been written by the enemy of Christianity. It requires a lot of "faith" to even imagine that the enemy of Christianity would have penned history down without slanting it against Christianity.

Fortunately in terms of this religion I am an true atheist, because I have absolutely NO faith that history wasn't slanted.

Take the MSM. Look at their specific slant. Do you seriously have faith in them? Hypothetically speaking, if they were allowed to continue along their current path, then a 100 years from now, the written history of today will be very different than the actual history that we lived through.

Bad whitey with his bad whitey religion, an all that.


Donatello said...

Sorry, these posts are OT but while we are on the subject. Many atheists hate it when you say that atheism is also a religion, but it's difficult for them to claim otherwise with groups like these:

Max said...

As a matter of interest does anybody know what tribe this fricking idiot Malema comes from and how old is he exactly?

Tim Johnston said...


he claims to be a Pedi and I think he is 28 or 29.
i.e. well over middle age for a black south african!!

Wonder if his Pedi-ness has something to do with his OTT fascism.. y'know, like Stalin being a Georgian and Hitler being Austrian.. trying too hard just to fit into the club?
I leave that one for his biographer..

Max said...

Spot on Viking+

Yes Viking I think your analogy is spot on, his Pedi-ness is the root to his inferior-ness thus the chip on the shoulder.

My next question, do you have his residential address? I have something with his name on. (Just joking)