Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Malema in Zuma plot rage

A whole big pile of shit is about to blow and Malema is the one igniting it! Pleeeeeeaaaase...let this be good.

By Siyabonga Mkhwanazi and Gaye Davis

ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has claimed that he has an "intelligence document" listing the names of prominent political leaders who backed President Jacob Zuma's rise to power, but who are now being targeted to be toppled.

Interviewed on SAfm's After Eight Debate radio programme yesterday, Malema further claimed that preliminary investigations by the police had determined that the document was genuine. A probe was now under way, he said.

Without naming any of the individuals said to be behind the alleged plot, Malema said intelligence officers had tipped off the youth league about the list and then passed it on to them. He had told Zuma about the existence of the list. (The timing is a really big coincidence, hey!)

Under attack for his lavish lifestyle and links to companies that reportedly raked in millions through government contracts, Malema said he was the target of a smear campaign for not backing any of the ANC's leftist allies for leadership positions at the party's 2012 elective conference.

He said he would not mind Sars conducting a lifestyle audit on him, but would have a problem if one was carried out as a result of political interference - "to further factional interests of certain people in the ANC" or the agendas of opposition parties like COPE, the DA and Independent Democrats.

I am saying so because we've got a document of a list of people - and I will make it public, we just took it to the police to verify it - who must be targeted. These people are still called Zuma people," Malema said. (Blatant blackmailing...)

He said he had told Zuma that KwaZulu-Natal Premier Zweli Mkhize was one of the leaders being targeted.

Mkhize on Monday denied any conflict of interest over government contracts worth millions of rands awarded to his wife, Dr May Mashego, and his daughter Nokulinda. (Huh?? This is so bizarre it leaves me completely speechless....)

Malema did not identify the intelligence officers who he claimed had handed over the document to him.

"They (intelligence officers) found this to be very unacceptable and they thought they needed to alert us. We had to take it to the police to verify it, and so far we are satisfied with the investigation.

"The preliminary report shows that this is an authentic document that deserves to be taken seriously. I told the president (on Monday) 'I will give you that report before I take it anywhere else'," Malema said.

"There are still concerted efforts to try and discredit the leadership of the ANC and particularly those that are seen to be in the frontline in defence of President Zuma. (By??? I don't know....YOU)

"We are dealing with a concoction, a mix masala of a political environment which is polluted and people who have resorted to dirty tricks, and these dirty tricks failed before Polokwane and they will fail even now," said Malema.

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Anonymous said...

So then, it is ok for 'intelligence officers' to just hand documents out to whomever they wish? Is it not up to the NIA's top boss? If so, he's part of whatever is going on here!

Also, seems like Malema is trying to shift attention away from himself, maybe gain a bit of time to clean up before the real investigations start.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd live to see the day.
A war between the African socialists(ANC) and the Marxist super capitalists that enabled them to take power from the apartheid government.

Knock me with a feather.

Quite ironic if you consider that in South Africa we had a type of a socialist/communist victory in 1994, that was enabled by the super capitalists.

In Russia you had a socialist revolution that eventually led to the scenario of all the power in the hands of few, which we know as communism today.

Super capitalism is when capitalism is corrupted leading to a few individuals/companies with all the power and the people with no power.

As soon as this economic power is used to influence political direction, super capitalism becomes Marxism, because the multinational companies would then use politics to pass laws to favour the companies instead of the individual.

1) Bush with his oil company benefiting from the US involvement in Afghanistan. (all for a stupid pipeline)

2) Medical vaccinations (H1N1) where you could have been arrested if you refused the vaccine is another.

Scary scenario for the future to think that companies could be political policy makers.

In SA you had a Capitalist goernment that was overthrown by communists. What made this whole scenario ironic is that the backers of the communists were the super capitalists. Essentially you had a Capitalist regime that was overthrown by another Capitalist(SC) regime in a pursuit of profit

Capitalism is the foundation of the white Western world.

But Capitalism can be corrupted and through this corruption it transforms itself into Marxism.

Corrupt capitalism = Marxism.


Anonymous said...

Take into consideration that liberalism today does not represent the same things that it did in the 19th century.

It has been hi-jacked.

This is why liberals are depressingly stupid.


Zarky said...

So the government is spying and tapping oUr phone lines, how else would he get such information?

I will bet my bottom dollar that what ever is being discussed here and said is being looked at.

They know who "anonymous" is, who I am etc.

Asked yourself this question: Why would they not make use of the tools to their disposal to stay in control and never to relinquish power to anyone?

Makes you think and remember this is Africa (TIA)

Exzanian said...

A4 - The ANC is neither communist, nor marxist. The ANC is a far right wing, black nationalist, facist government. The communist policies were abandoned soon after coming into power in true "animal farm" style. These policies are nothing more than a carrot to dangle before the masses to give them hope and keep them voting for the ANC. ANC = Facism!

Anonymous said...


You are correct about the ANC being neither communist nor Marxist.

They were trained by true Marxists though, but being boons were easily swayed by the material side of capitalism. Thus you have Capitalist elites who used to be commies, but most grass roots supporters of the ANC support nationalization.

Then you have other capitalist ANC boons(Malema) preaching socialism to the masses.

Fact is that the world is under threat from the Marxists, i.e. super capitalists. The previous SA government had to go, because of the fact that they were capitalist and the SC wanted the resources.

After 1994 the ANC transformed from being a Marxist organization into a capitalist one and this has brought it into direct confrontation against the super capitalists(sc) that created it in the first place.

How Ironic
The Super capitalist, Marxists created a black Marxist movement called the ANC to overthrow the capitalist SA government.

Super capitalists creating a Marxist organisation to overthrow a capitalist government, only to find the black Marxist ANC, once it got into power, transform itself into exactly the sort of thing that they tried to destroy, leading back to square one in that they are still competing for the same resources, but with a different group.


Anonymous said...

In the second post I refer to the ANC as Marxists with extreme sarcasm, meaning that although they originally were created as a Marxist organisation, the moment the boons tasted money, all principles went flying out the door.

So when I said:

"A war between the African socialists(ANC) and the Marxist super capitalists"

I specifically used the term "African socialists" referring to the ANC, as I was referring to what they were when they were created, not referring to what they had become since.

So I agree with you that they are not Marxists, as they had transformed into Capitalists.

Unfortunately for them this transformation is leading them down a path of confrontation against the very entity that created them in the first place.

This I find very ironic.