Thursday, February 25, 2010

'Kill the f***ing whites now!!!'

Oh this is nice! It clearly illustrates the difference between a South African blog like ours, which is considered extreme right and the extreme left. As much as we like to insult the blacks and call them kaffirs when we get pissed off with them, you would be hard pressed to find anything on this blog that is as vile as the things mentioned in the following article that could lead to murder:

By Carien du Plessis and Murray Williams

The PAC has come under fire after messages urging the killing of whites were posted on its Facebook site.

The party says it will not remove the offending posts.

The messages, which said an army of about 3 000 people was standing by, ready to kill white people within 24 hours if requested to do so, were still on the site after a Facebook user alerted the administrator to the messages.

Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos yesterday said the messages were a "clear-cut" example of hate speech and that the Facebook posters, as well as the administrator of the site, could be taken to the equality court if they refused to remove the messages.

Independent media analyst and Facebook user Martin Slabbert said he had asked the posters and site administrator Anwar Adams, who is the PAC's provincial interim chairman, to remove the messages.

"I did a similar thing during the election campaign when a group was started named 'Let's assassinate (DA leader) Helen Zille', and the group was removed," Slabbert said.

Adams posted a message on the site yesterday thanking posters, but urged them not to stoop to the level of whites in their debate "for we are a better people".

"We are the soldiers that must prevent the previous (sic) advantaged individuals (whites - I hate calling them that for they are not white) from ever raping our dignity and land," he said in his post.

Adams told the Cape Argus today: "I don't know the people (who posted the comments) personally. But I'm not going to ban them.

"We believe that there's only one race, and that's the human race. We don't go according to colour. It's got nothing to do with your pigmentation. If you're born in Africa, then you're African."

But Adams said that even though the PAC disagreed with the comments along racial lines, he believed it was important to allow people to express their feelings.

"If we want to heal as a country, we need to understand what each other feel, and that requires that we hear each other's feelings" he said.

It was in this spirit that he refused to "ban" the comments.

The messages posted above a You Tube video clip showing Nelson Mandela with a group of people allegedly singing songs about "killing white people".

A Facebook poster called Ahmed El Saud said in his post:
"Kill the f***ing whites now!!! If you afraid of them, let's do it for you. In return, you can pay us after the job has been done... text us... we are not afraid for the whites like your own people... it's a disgrace ... he asked you and you don't want to... we will do it, Mandela!"
In another posting he said: "Mandela asked so nice, start at home with food poison, gas leaks, cut the phone lines, kill the babies in the pool, be creative or if you have no nerve, call me and my team ... we have 3 000 on standby and can be ready with in 24 hours... think about it now or good luck."

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Anonymous said...

These pieces of crap cannot stop be such hypocrites! In one sentence he goes on about how he hates calling whites white and how whites have stolen everything. But soon goes onto to say they don't focus on race! They are the biggest racists!

Anonymous said...

If it was a white posting similar messages about kaffirs, Facebook would remove the post.

Whites should locate the offenders and "necklace" them!

Zarky said...

Why must I keep quiet and not report them?

I have reported them to and to Facebook, lets wait and see what transpires.

Now who is the racist my broer?

I will post an update when and if something happens.

Glenn Elsden said...

I've checked out some of the comments on Facebook myself. It's a direct call for violence, but despite numerous complaints lodged to Facebook since 23 February, by myself and several others (including Adriana Stuijt @ Censor BugBear), these extremists are still making threats. But then again -- I suppose it’s also easier to monitor these whacko’s while they’re on the public domain. Obviously, what we see on Facebook is not there real identities, hence the reason why they appear so bold and brave.

Laager said...

"We believe that there's only one race, and that's the human race. We don't go according to colour. It's got nothing to do with your pigmentation. If you're born in Africa, then you're African."

By this definition all whites born in Africa qualify as Human Race Africans

What is his complaint?

Has no-one told this bright spark that all discriminatory legislation was abolished in 1990?

Apartheid died formally 20 years ago

Anonymous said...

Yet Facebook will remove an "offensive" boycott the SWC campaign.

Max said...

Don't worry Amed only has 22 friends the poor prick is trying to start a revolution with his family.

Exzanian said...

Blacks can't be racist...Seriously, this is just another carbon copy. Blacks cannot emulate superiority, even in their vaunted hatred. To be a "racist" means ipso facto that you are superior...

Glenn Elsden said...

The Facebook group called “Pan Africanist Congress of Azania” have launched a hate-mongering campaign towards several South African Facebook pages, and particularly the group called “Save Our farmers”. These people, who have Arabic-sounding names such as Ahmed El Saud, Abdul-Aziz Hossayn, and Juhani Hossayn, are actively encouraging blacks to start a Race War against the whites in South Africa.

Another Facebook page called “Blackwash” has also been very prominent with their racist remarks towards white South Africans. Some Blackwash members have threatened whites with ‘AKs’ -- for instance Yosi Nbane wrote: “We all need to join these racist site(s) and tell them they can’t save themselves from an AK.” (referring to the Save Our Farmers site).

Some of these groups don’t allow members who appear to have white-sounding names.

This is really heavy radical stuff! Remember that pic with all the white crosses? Abdul-Aziz Hossayn says: “we need more of this crosses ... It much better then equality for all ... Kill the fucking whites now !!!”

… and there’s more!

Facebook has become a bloody war zone, and the Islamic Extremists are getting away with murder! My advise is to ignore them - totally. As soon as they see that their threats are not attracting attention, they’ll stop their nonsense!

Anonymous said...

And just why are you so upset over one person's comments on Facebook? Maybe you should examine what it was and is that causes such hatred of whites in the first place.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Yeah... wierd huh...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 08:45. Naturally; it must be whiteys fault. I mean, it is just preposterous to think that the noble savage might be just fucking savage. There must be a reason, and we must have provoked the peace loving nobleman .... smack ....hello. Don't come with that bullshit tactic, I'm not buying.

Anonymous said...

VI - has nothing to do with any noble savage, this is the result of hate that hate produced. Whites can keep on denying this historical truth or perhaps can actually start to deal with it and then maybe people of goodwill of all races and nations can find solutions.

fuechs said...

Well, why is hate speech allowed against Whites on Facebook?
Who benefits?
Maybe you should take a close look at the owners of the website, also of Google.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:16. What a load of imbecilic claptrap. You are confused. Provide the evidence rather than assume correlation equates to causation.

@fuechs. My, you must be a genius. I never thought of that, it must be the Jews again right?

Anonymous said...

Evidence? It was called apartheid - the murder of Steve Biko, Neil Aggett, Ruth First by letter bomb and many more. The evidence was and is all around you - the question is do people like you and CensorBugbear want to see and face it, or do you want to continue living in the false, supremacist cocoon you have constructed?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 17:15. Is that you BC? Don't come here with your mediocre education and try to appear enlightened. Your "evidence" is a mere correlation, but is evidence of lazy thinking. You quote three prominent names. Using your logic, and the fact that somewhere in the region of 30,000 whites have been murdered since 1994, we should be the aggressors. Before you respond with "Apartheid atrocities", I suggest you familiarise yourself with the TRC statistics. There is no justification for the levels of barbarity meted out by blacks against whites the world over, and frankly, given that I suspect that you are BC, this will be the last comment on the subject.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 17:15. Furthermore, in line with the article, if blacks are allowed to openly call for the killing of whites, then we should be afforded the same right. But we won't be, because an awakening white population is too scary to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why we should get paranoid about what some idiot posts on Facebook when most blacks don't have access to the internet.

For all you know, it could be a white person posting this crap to stir up race hatred. It could be anybody at all.

Max said...

Yes I would like to ask Ano what is the cause of the hatred he talks about. Maybe it was the handing over of a first world country (to you savages) on a platter. Or maybe it is the 16 years of freedom that you have enjoyed that has made you hate so much, or the free water, housing and electricity that you get that pisses you off. Maybe it's the job opportunities that whites are not allowed to apply for that seizes your brain and twists it and makes you hate.
Or could it been that 16 years ago you where all really very happy and now you are pissed off at us, because we let out of your cage and it's hard to admit it was a bad idea?

Anonymous said...

Black anonymous

I am not south african, nor in south africa. however, when I see what goes on in your country, I find it hard to believe you will ever heal. It's like there is always some can of old wounds to be opened everyday.

I have but 2 questions for you:
1). Do you believe your country can/will survive as a unitary state? If so, do you believe all the stuff happening is just the birth pangs of a new truly racially pluralistic society?

2). If there is no hope in a future together, why not simply accept it and go the way of Yugoslavia (became Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia).
Even the Brits, Scotland now has its own parliament.
Canada we dont know the next vote of the Quebecoids
Spain - Catalonia, Andlusia and Galicia have great autonomy.

Why does Africa want to force people who don't want to live together to do so.

I mean can anyone dispute the fact that Rwanda part 2 is in our lifetime.
DRC East will erupt again.
Kenya (Gikuyu vs Luo)
Nigeria - Biafra part 2

And then South Africa. Sorry to say this, but as an outside observer, I really don't see much hope for your nation.

FishEagle said...

Black anon. No offense but imagine if you were to have a social experiment where you put 1000 retarded kids in a playground with 100 very bright kids. Trust me - there's no mixing.

Exzanian said...

I can smell the reek of Greg Anon here...BC, please, pleeease, beggin ya, fuck away now....

Anonymous said...



If it is separation, How feasible is it?

FishEagle said...

@Anon 6.52. There are two solutions. Either a meritocracy is implemented or all the races in South Africa are convinced that separation is needed. There are seemingly insurmountable hurdles to these solutions.

On the one hand, the international drive for equality is still in full swing so a meritocracy is nowhere near a reality yet. While we are waiting for things to change, whites continue to be quietly murdered. On the other hand, separation would lead to the situation in Israel. Pretty soon the whites would attract envy from the surrounding nations due to a superior ability for development. There will always be a threat of war.

Either way, the blood shed will continue. It's just more convenient at this stage for the world to let it be the whites that make the sacrifice.

FishEagle said...

To add on to my last comment, convincing all the races to adopt separation will also be impossible without blood shed. Blacks KNOW they benefit from whites' contributions in SA.

Yet they are unable to distinguish between their individual needs and societal needs. They only remember as long as they don't have to compete with whites on an individual level in the free market system. Given the fact that they are at a huge disadvantage with a much lower average intelligence, they have my sympathy! (I once heard them speak of white stereotypes and one stereotype was that whites were seen as very clever. When we stereotype blacks as stupid, which is exactly the same thing in essence, we are racist.) They have a common understanding that government is for blacks and private sector is for whites.

They wield such HUGE power over us with white guilt so why let a work horse go freely?

Exzanian said...

FE, both your comments are spot on. The view is that although the blacks wield political power, the whites have greedily retained economic power. There is some truth in this, but people misconstrue the reason, which is NOT because whites are clinging to it! Whites would genuinely love to be handing over the reigns to competent blacks, and the private sector itself is obssessed with their own BEE targets. Having a look at how the parastatals and the Guvmunts's own performance has been, it is clear that blacks are nowhere near competent enough to run the economy, not as executives in the private sector, and certainly not through nationalisation....Not by a long shot...The drive for egalitarianism is continuing. Grim faced and determined as many well intentioned people are though, it is on it's last legs, ZA is now the most unequal society on earth, again, nothing the whites have done or continue to do, this is a result of 16 years of terrible leadership by the ANC and their continued plundering of the wealth by the few black elite. These blacks continue to pitch a line that apartheid is to blame, that whites are hoarding the wealth, in the hope of deflecting scrutiny from their own innate failings. Hence we have seen the rise of black facism from black nationalism. You know where to look for the history lesson that will be coming from that!

Sargent Major said...
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Anonymous said...

Why are we the hated race aound the world? 90% of all inventions were from werstern countries. We invent, design, develop, maintain, protect and love. Why are we so different from any other race in the world? Did you know we are the only race that seeks God by nature. If you go to a white nation anywhere in the world you will find the same basics, a clean bed to sleep in, good food, etc. There is a good reason for this, the same reason why we are hated, but we do not know who we are. We are to believe that we praise the same Lord as any other race, maby just in a different way. (Take all the names away, call all the different gods "God" and soon they are the same God an everyone becomes your nearest - not true!!) All we hear in church is God is a God af love, he loves everyone and you should too. Love the murderer who planes to kill you. People wake up!! They are the heathen nations, we are the Adam that received God's breath in our lungs. We were created to invent, design, develop, maintain, protect and love. And if this is why they hate us, let them, we will be protected by OUR Father, just believe it and no weapon will hurt you!!