Monday, February 22, 2010

ILSA and Our Facebook Growth

Just an update; I am not sure what any of you know about Social Media, but it is a new way of spreading the word, and trying to attract a broader audience. ILSA has been using Twitter for many months, where it has 376 followers, some of which are obviously spammers.

More recently (31 January) we migrated to Facebook. Our beginnings seemed to be stillborn. We were stuck on around 13 fans, and not budging. Last week I sent a request out to our fans, to help spread the word, and I followed this up with a Tweet. Guess what?

Our growth in the last 10 days has been in excess of 450%. I know, it comes off a low base, but WOW, and THANK YOU

4 Opinion(s):

Brian Erk said...

Er, a link would help ;)

Anonymous said...

@Brian. Simple really. There is an icon, including a link, in the left column of the blog. You just have to click it.

Brain Erk said...

Thanks VI, this may come as a bolt from the blue to you, but if I had seen it in the left column right at the top of the page, I wouldn't have bothered commenting. Equally simple.

I would have expected a link somewhere within the post itself, best practice and all that, get my drift?


Anonymous said...

@Brian. Point taken.