Friday, February 19, 2010

Fury over SWC Liquor licence

Yup, the boon-fest is almost upon us. While the rest of the world is looking forward to the keenest sporting event of 2010, the ANC is rubbing it's hands in anticipation of the money to be made, and not a single opportunity will be missed, trust me. If the ANC is a party, then it's members are the gatecrashers. For sure, these blacks know how to have fun when someone else is paying! They got themselves a free ticket and boy, are they gonna milk it till the dugs run dry!

Johannesburg – The organisers or owners of any "public viewing event" of Soccer World Cup games will have to pay R50 000 for a special liquor licence, the Pretoria News reported on Thursday.

This is according to draft legislation gazetted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on January 18, which was open for comment until Wednesday.

It contains a "2010 Soccer World Cup Liquor Policy" which states that any "public viewing event" which is specifically advertised as such, and where matches are broadcast to the "general public or otherwise", will need the liquor licence.

This law will be applied everywhere except in "private dwellings".

This includes "cinemas, bars, restaurants, stadiums, open spaces, offices, construction sites, oil rigs, water-borne vessels, buses, trains, armed services establishments, educational establishments and hospitals".

Contradicts Constitution

But liquor law expert Marius Blom said the proposed bill contradicted provisions in the Constitution.

He also said the department had gone beyond the boundaries of its powers.

"Government, through the DTI, simply does not have the competency to regulate the retail sale and the consumption of liquor during the World Cup," said Blom.

He said only provinces had the authority to legislate the consumption of liquor.

"Nowhere in any of the instruments of legislation applicable in each of the provinces, is there any provision for special licences with a licence fee of R50 000.

"There is also no provision for a type of licence which will only be valid for the World Cup period," said Blom, in a letter to the Gauteng Liquor Board this week.

He said existing licensees had a legal right to trade in liquor on their premises.

Federated Hospitality Association of SA Cape deputy chairperson Rey Franco, however, said the licences will only apply if the businesses specifically advertise the games. He advised businesses not to advertise broadcast matches or charge people to watch games, and just advertise "soccer", the Pretoria news reported.


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Anonymous said...

They're back tracking now and say that this licence only applies to new applications...probably received a lot of resistance..