Wednesday, February 17, 2010

‘De Klerk was a killer too’ - Zuma Blasts Ex Apartheid Leader

Zuma is a fucking liar. What is it with these Marxist's? Do they go to liar school? Now he alleges that De Klerk was a "killer", just like PW Botha. Cry me a river, you piece of shit. Remember Camp Quadro? You were the head of security within the ANC. You, along with Chris Hani, Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Joe Modise and others, sanctioned, oversaw and later swept aside, the atrocities of torture, summary execution, murder and imprisonment of hundreds of your own people, under the guise that they were enemy provocateurs. To this day you have failed to acknowledge the victims.

President Jacob Zuma says the last apartheid president FW de Klerk was as much of a conservative Afrikaner leader as his predecessor PW Botha.

The late Botha was seen as a belligerent conservative who adopted a policy of “total onslaught” against the liberation movement.

De Klerk, on the other hand, has been lauded as a “verligte” who released former president Nelson Mandela from prison.

Last week Zuma drew some criticism after he lauded both former National Party leaders for the roles they played in bringing about a peaceful political transition in South Africa.

In his reply yesterday, Zuma said De Klerk was as much a “killer” as Botha was – both being former heads of the apartheid killing machine. (The "killing machine" ... right. Compared to the killings by both the IFP and the ANC, the "Apartheid Killing Machine" were amateurs)

Zuma said at the time that Botha sent two apartheid government officials to meet him and Thabo Mbeki, “De Klerk was leading a verkrampte group within the NP”.

“Now somebody is going to tell me that De Klerk is not a killer and that he is holy?” (Compared to you he is)

Zuma also fobbed off criticism from opposition parties that he had failed to stop ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema from calling for the nationalisation of mines.

“Nationalisation is not government policy. (But) this is a democratic society and we cannot stop political formations from opening debate on this or any other topic,” Zuma told MPs yesterday in Parliament.

“If Malema raises nationalisation, they must raise a counter argument instead of saying to government ‘stop him, make him keep quiet’,” Zuma said.

He also held out an olive branch to the PAC, whose leader Letlapa Mphahlele had slammed him for his “deafening silence” on the role of PAC leaders in the struggle.

“When we say Mandela was released through the resolute struggles of our people, we include members and supporters of the PAC and Azapo,” Zuma told Mphahlele.

But when he tried to defend his claim that government had created 480000 jobs in the last nine months, he was drowned out by dozens of jeering MPs.

“The jobs don’t replace those that must be created in the formal economy. There was a tendency in the debate to talk about these as permanent jobs. No, we were not, we were dealing with the issue to cushion poor people from the recession,” Zuma claimed. (What a complete doos. So there never was an intention of creating 500,000 jobs. Window dressing will suffice.)

Source: The Sowetan

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Tim Johnston said...

Great post, VI.

And, yes, I do believe ANC cadres were sent to "liar school"!

FreeThinker said...

I heard somebody say the other day that they must leave Showerhead alone if he wants to shag everything which moves (probably excluding wet paint and quicksand) - at least he can't f-ck up something else while he's at it.

Anonymous said...

These wannabe Marxists will increasingly continue to demonize De Klerk and other whites. The reason for this is that they have an agenda to alter the history from one where the whites democratically voted and freely decided to unban the ANC and the SACP and free Mandela, to one where the ANC liberated themselves through an armed struggle.

The reason they have to demonize the whites is that it is very difficult to go to the last stage of a Marxist revolution if the so called oppressors freed you voluntarily. The oppressors can't be the good guys, which is why you absolutely have to paint them as evil, even if they aren't.

The stupid liberals better wake up to the fact that the ANC has not deviated from their freedom charter in the least little bit.

The FAWKING stupid liberals better WAKE UP to the fact that when the ANC makes the political correct noises, it is only because they are still in preparation for the final stages of their Marxist revolution.

We will have another Zimbabwe.
This is Africa


Anonymous said...

He's trying to alter history. All dictators do this. It keeps the hostility and hatred cooking. He's trying to belittle the white population where it hurts us the most. Turd face needs to go find another wife/girlfriend/friends daughter to shag and leave politics to the big people.

Anonymous said...

@A4. I agree with you, to a point. I don't believe these idiots are capable of Marxism. The only thing that defines a sub-Saharan is war. Killing the opposing tribesmen, raping their wives, slaughtering their cattle and sitting around drinking sorghum beer, relaying their stories. Which become increasingly embellished over time. The only reason these idiots continue to fight the white man, isn't because of any injustice, but because it is the only common enemy they have. As soon as we fuck off, they turn on each other. Any self-respecting Impi has to have a battle story to tell; and for these goons, it is the rewriting of an embellished African version of history.

FishEagle said...

VI, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Reminds of the story. There is this old black guy, sitting outside his shack decrying how he and his family were suffering under Mugabe. Despite him having voted Zanu PF everytime, since 1980. There was no food, no jobs, no water. The taps had long since stopped working.

Eish but life was so bad.

Anyway, one day he hears a rumbling. He looks around, wondering what the fuck. Suddenly water appears from the tap. He shouts excitedly to wife number 5.

Quick, bring me my AK47, the whites are coming.

FishEagle said...

I needed a good laugh! Thanks for that.

Exzanian said...

Ha-ha VI - Neat description!

Anonymous said...

MK soldiers at Camp Quattro were specifically programmed to rape women to keep their aggression up. Young black women were lured there under the pretense of serving the ANC, only to be gang banged on a regular basis. Chief in command of regular gang rape was Jacob Zuma. It was a total fuck fest and still is for the ANC.

Why not nationalise Jacob Zuma's cock? That filthy old cock has seen so much rape it should be displayed on the New SA flag to symbolise how disgustingly everyone is being screwed over.

Kaffir cock. Bringing you so much more than HIV.

Anonymous said...

There is like 5 months between De Klerk becoming state president 17 Aug 1989 and Mandela being released. 12 Feb 1990. To think that De Klerk would take over the running of a country, negotiate the release of Mandela and then have the spare time to engage in black on black or even white on black violence just shows the depths of insanity Malema finds himself in.

Anonymous said...

The ANC Youth League wants to nationalise South Africa mines, but South Africa already has one nationalised mine and few will be surprised by the fact that it is losing money hand over fist. The history of diamond miner Alexkor’s gradual deterioration provides an eloquent negation of the Julius Malema’s vision of the Brave New World.

Anonymous said...


That mine was a test run conducted by the ANC/SACP alliance to see whether nationalization is feasible.

This is why Cronin in reply to Malema said that nationalization won't work. He said this because they know that the trial has failed.

Of course young denialist idiots like Malema have to bumb their own heads.