Monday, February 15, 2010

Black Gun Owners Make Their Sentiments Heard

The following article is a media release from the Black Gun Owners Association of South Africa. It pretty much sums up how most of us feel, and gets three cheers from me.

Mthetwa's 'Foot-in-Mouth' Disease

Black Gun Owners of South Africa are in complete agreement that the National Police Commissioner should have no faith in the honesty and integrity of his own police force. This is -we feel- also the general publics sentiment.

The Ruling party's management are not competent to control firearms, the 'losses' of firearms by the police and other government organisations, nearly 150 AK 47 machine-guns last year, thousands of other weapons, the 40 to 60 tons of illegal guns of the Party, -since 1994- still remain unregistered and unaccounted for.

Now we see the Minister seeks to disarm and 'control' the only viable protection many have for their own safety and property, the security industry. The police themselves are the best example of how the Minister and Ruling Party have failed to protect the general public.

The police are a total disgrace to the citizens of South Africa and the minister merely seeks to distract the publics attention from his incomptent management of the crime problem by chasing guns he CAN find rather than criminals he CANNOT.

Commissioner Nthetwa, we say to you that by far THE most responsible owners of firearms in South Africa are the people with the best track record, that is, civilian Gun Owners. Finish and klar! Leave us alone to do your job, allow us -the public- to continue protecting and defending ourselves and loved ones, we know we do it better.

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BGOASA said...

Why thank you for the compliments, kind (sirs?). We know we have to be careful of litigation in anything we say of course but still had to 'stick it' to those fools swanning around in armoured mercs, with bodyguards. After all, violent crime doesn't really affect them, now does it?

Kind regards,

The Support Team @ Black Gun Owners SA