Friday, February 26, 2010

Black corruption on display today

More perspective from America....

Africa is said to be poor and corrupt because of neo-colonialism. Or maybe it’s because blacks run it.

American blacks politicians are always in trouble for corruption. It never ends. This isn’t me picking on blacks for things everyone does. This is a black issue.

Whites do it, sometimes. But it’s rare. Corrupt black politicians are always in the news, however.

Today we got news on a duo of black politicians. New York Governor David Patterson was caught trying to protect his black aide who punched and kicked his girlfriend. All are equal, but some more equal than others?

Patterson’s neighbor in Harlem, Congressman Charles Rangel is in yet another ethical quandry. This time it involves vacation kickbacks from lobbyists. I lost track of all the illegal things he’s done so far. The guy doesn’t even pay taxes on his properties and nobody bothers him. Where are the feds? Shouldn’t he be arrested? He didn’t hide a couple grand. The guy repeatedly hides gifts and taxes in large amounts that normally trigger prosecution.

This reminds me of another New York politician, David Dinkins, who got elected and began preaching higher taxes. Turns out he did not pay taxes for several years before. The guy was a Manhattan Borough President and did not bother to pay taxes!

Well, at least he didn’t hide his bribe in the refrigerator!

With black politicians, it is one scandal after another. Somebigger, some smaller, but there is always something. Pretty much every month we hear something.

Maybe colonialism is also responsible for corruption in Harlem and the South Side. Or maybe…

By Guy White

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Exzanian said...

Corruption is now a meaningless word. Re-defined in African terms it means a congenial but asymmetric exchange...