Thursday, February 25, 2010

Attack On Malema Is "A Declaration of War" - ANCYL

If criticism is all it takes, then ILSA has been at war for awhile now.

The ANC Youth League reopened the chapter on its president Julius Malema on Thursday, with its KwaZulu-Natal branches saying they would defend his right to do business with anyone.

"We believe that even if [comrade] Malema is in business, he has not contravened any law or code of ethics by his involvement in business activities. President Malema is neither a member of Parliament nor a Cabinet minister," they said. (It is not that he is in business, it is how he is business.)

On Wednesday, the league said it had closed the chapter on the controversy over Malema's assets and company directorships. (maybe you've closed it, we haven't)

It viewed the attack on Malema as a "declaration of war" saying "it leaves us with no choice but to hit back with our maximum force have at our disposal". (Ja, and if we had to "hit back with maximum force" you would kak)

It said there was no such thing as a "tenderpreneur", and defended the government's tender system as "transparent".

"As the ANCYL we will encourage our president to fully participate in business so that he is able to inspire our young South Africans who are passionate about business." (What an inspiration, Juju's approach will definitely create jobs in the future, reduce poverty and spread the wealth around .... NOT)

Source: IOL

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Anonymous said...

If Juju is such a capitalist, then why doesn't he resign from the ANCYL? Why does he keep harping on about nationalising the mines? He is one confused K4 - spewing on about socialism but living as a capitalist.

Anonymous said...

yardape wants another banana

Anonymous said...

porch monkey demand a banana

Unknown said...

You Boers created this monkey frankenstein and you are going to have to live with him.
Serves you right.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck!! there goes a tender I missed!!!