Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Report That Crime Fears Are Pushing Fans Away From The SWC

It seems we won't know until the SWC is concluded, but this may end up being a gargantuan flop. What is becoming obvious, is that South Africa isn't going to get the GDP boost it expected, if it ever expected a boost. This may have been a gigantic exercise at showing the world "how capable" South Africa is, no matter what the cost.

CRIME fears are keeping football fans away from the World Cup.

So many seats remain unsold in South Africa that organisers have slashed prices to just £10.

They fear games will be played in empty stadiums. But Fifa has angrily dismissed claims that they could be forced to give tickets away for free.

Instead, they are making a fifth of all seats available for a tenner.

The organisation tried to put a brave face on the move. General Secretary Jerome Valcke said: “There will never be a free ticket for the World Cup.

“We are trying at a difficult time. The economic crisis has had an impact.”

But he insisted: “We are not desperate. We are in a very good mood.”

Valcke admitted organisers are still some way off being ready, saying: “Soccer City isn’t ready. We still have 700,000 tickets to sell.

“At this stage, we couldn’t play the opening game. That’s a fact.”

But he insisted: “Even if we have to stay awake all night, every day, we will be ready.”

Meanwhile, a probe has been launched into rip-off hotel prices.

The South African government’s investigation comes just weeks after they started looking at flight costs.

Politicians want to see if hotels are ramping up the prices to fleece fans.

Members of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa welcomed the move, saying they were sure their members would be cleared.

England bosses said the team definitely will be based at the Royal Bafokeng resort, despite concerns that it is still unfinished.

Source: Daily Star UK

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iktikn said...

I don't think anyone that is at least a bit informed on the possible dangers of going to SA would go.

P.S. The only reasons I see anyone would go to SA is for family, business or work.

Anonymous said...

Shaping up to be a huge flop. Yay. Sorry to the tax payers though. You guys are going to pay till Jesus comes.