Thursday, December 31, 2009

Zuma Declares 2010 "Year of National Unity"

This positive message from President Zuma must surely ring hollow to many of us, while the sentiments themselves have much to commend them.

Even the most negative of commentators must welcome such hopes, although we at ILSA would no doubt form part of what JZ calls the "culture of negativity". We will however continue to report the truth as we see it.

President Jacob Zuma says 2010 is the year for South Africans to renew their commitment to national unity.

"Together we must make 2010 the year in which we renew our commitment to national unity and nation building," Zuma said in a statement on Thursday.

January 1, 2010, he said would mark the beginning of the most important year in the country's history since 1994, with the Fifa Soccer World Cup the impetus behind nation building and economic recovery.

"The year 2010 must be the year in which for the first time, we all communicate positive messages about our country to the world the successes and possibilities. "We have to put the culture of negativity behind us."

Political parties, traditional leaders, business, labour, youth, sports bodies, women, media, religious leaders and other sectors should put their efforts in ensuring the success of the tournament.

"Together as all South Africans, we must make this one of the most successful projects we have ever undertaken as a nation."

The World Cup must revive the spirit of unity as the Rugby World Cup did in 1995.

It should serve as a reminder that there was a lot to celebrate about the country.

"It must be a year in which we put South Africa first, and take forward our collective mission to shape this country into one of the most successful constitutional democracies in the world," Zuma said.

The World Cup, he said, had helped the country cushion the negative effects of a recessionary economy as thousands of people had been employed and trained during the construction of stadiums and other related infrastructure.

"It [the tournament] must contribute to long-term economic growth and the creation of decent jobs."

Citizens had a duty to welcome visitors and soccer teams to the country during the tournament.

"We must all be active ambassadors of our country," he said.

The success of Bafana Bafana in the tournament depended on the support they get from all South Africans.

"Most importantly, we must make 2010 an exciting and most enjoyable year for all of us. Happy New Year and Happy 2010 Soccer World Cup to you all," Zuma said. - Sapa

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Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit. When does he jump up again singing for his machine gun? What do people think he wants to shoot? Animals


Unity? Bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Another year of national unity?

Anonymous said...

Haha. He wasted his breathe for nothing. No one believes him.

Anonymous said...

VI, it sounds like the Linux community chant - "The year of the Linux Desktop" - which never materialises.