Thursday, January 28, 2010

"You MUST Respect My Culture, Despite It Being Backward"

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I will add my commentary at the end, in italics.

[Source - BBC News] South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has defended polygamy during a question and answer session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Mr Zuma, who married his third wife earlier this month, said it was part of his Zulu culture and did not detract from his belief in women's equality.

Asked if he loved all his wives equally, he replied: "Absolutely".

Correspondents say Mr Zuma's belief in the traditional practice of polygamy has divided South Africans.

Some support him but many younger people believe it should have no place in a modern society.

Newsweek International's editor Fareed Zakaria was chairing the session on South Africa with Mr Zuma at Davos.

"There are many people who say that symbolically this is a great step backward for the leader of South Africa to be embracing a practice that they say is inherently unfair to women," he said.

But Mr Zuma dismissed the criticism.

"That's my culture. It does not take anything from me, from my political beliefs, including the belief in the equality of women," AFP news agency quoted the president as saying.

"Some think that their culture is superior to others, that's a problem we have in the world."

His answer on equality drew laughter from the audience, AP news agency reported.

"There are many people in this audience who find it a challenge to be married to one person," Mr Zakaria quipped.

This journalist could have done a lot better. This isn't just about the equality of women. Zuma happens to be the leader of a country racked by HIV and AIDS. What kind of signal is being broadcast, when you not only insist on being polygamous, but you enjoy extra-marital affairs at the same time, without protection nogal? As for equality, don't joke, your track record speaks for itself.

But Zuma's utterance, that the sense of cultural superiority by some, is the problem. Really? So, in a nutshell, I MUST accept the practices of any culture, no matter how retarded or barbaric. That's a laugh; I suppose we can then see a return of cannibalism, burning of witches, sharia law and polygamy.

You see, what he means is that the white world deems itself to be superior, and is therefore racist, given that the sense of superiority is a fundamental part of racism. But is it a sense of superiority, or is it simply a matter of knowing better? Being in a more informed position, does not make you superior, but certainly more enlightened. Of course, the retarded cultures of the world wouldn't want to frame it like that, because it would highlight the REAL problem in the world; STUPIDITY.

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Anonymous said...

The culture of Zuma is the culture of savages.

Tim Johnston said...

aww, he believes in the equality of women!
Sweet. mostly their equal opportunity to be married to him. lucky dames.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, that's what they call it. Culture! Almost as bad as the word racism.

Anonymous said...

typical condescending article. being a black south african (actually i'm white-skinned but abhor my country's hideous past - and therefore consider myself an "honorary african") i am shocked at the level of intolerance within your article. our ELECTED president might not be a man of great education (thank you apartheid) but he IS a true man of the people! granted, he might not be fully aware of the risks of HIV/AIDS but then who is?

i'm sorry, websites such as yours do not advance the truth of the new south africa, but rather detract from it's unquestionable successes.

Anonymous said...

Why must taxpayers pay for every wife? We should pay for just one, like for all the previous presidents, and they can distribute the wealth amongst themselves.

Anonymous said...

Look, as difficult as it may be to belief, Zuma has obviously learned from his mistakes. Instead of raping women he now marries them first.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:49. Are you making a point, or blindly defending Zuma? Are you saying that all cultures and traditions should be treated equally, including cannabalism, polygamy, burning of witches, stoning etc? Do you not believe these practices are retarded? You are aware that the opposite of retarded is progressive or liberated? I am sorry you abhor the past policy of segregation; I wonder if you feel the same abhorrence for Communism, which killed many millions of people, an ideology which your president espouses. Please expand on those "unquestionable" successes.

Tim Johnston said...

@Anonymous 2:49pm

Don't suggest for one second that the president's lack of education is down to apartheid - there are plenty of educated black South Africans the country could have chosen from, but NO, it had to be Zuma.

He was chosen OVER and ABOVE educated, eloquent and able people to become president, and now insists that his culture be respected entirely uncritically, as though nothing has happened in the world since 1879 - including, by the way, a CONSTITUTION that guarantees lost of non-traditional things like equality for women.

Culture evolves - do you still burn witches? - and leaders like Zuma like to turn back the clock for their own ends. What happens if he decides that allowing voting in troublesome "elections" is untraditional?

Tim Johnston said...

didn't see your response before writing mine, VI ..

Anonymous said...

Zuma is a backward tribalist. That he still believes in having multiple wives is so out of touch with modern man. That he even defends it shows you how backward he is. Instead of setting an example to his sheeple, he teaches them to go forth and multiply with multiple women. Then you ask why Africa will never succeed. Here's one of the reasons why. Bring me my machine gun....please!

Anonymous said...

ok folks, i was just having a laugh (anon 2:49) too much strong liquid and all - and somewhat bored so decicided to take the mickey a little. can i just say, i enjoy this blog and it's many contributors as i am an ex-pat saffer and don't trust the PC SA MSM news.

nevertheless, it would be nice if this blog did not descend into a kind of SA Sux racist rant - some signs of that have appeared - as i think that would detract from the overall good job being done.

i am a right winger, but i know from personal experience that people of all races are capable of goodness and progresiveness. as for SA, yes i wish it were basically white-run but, seeing as that is now just a dream, we must do our best to make the "new" SA work - what's the alternative?

h said...

"honorary african"

What a moron... Hopefully one of your fellow african brothers shoots you in a hijacking or tortures you in a home invasion.

When that happens (not if, when) then you can tell your black brother that you are an "honorary african" and tell him how you love his black heritage and hate whites for what they have done top the poor blacks.

Somehow i doubt it will save you, because you have the one thing that blacks cannot see past and the one thing that they hate more than anything... A white skin.

@Anon 2:49, you are indeed a moron.

bbb said...

Our previous prime minister was a self-confessed atheist, however she would sing "God defend NZ" without blinking an eye...

Same shite, different country...