What Is The Purpose of I Luv South Africa?

ILuvSA was conceived as an online space where South Africans both home and abroad could come together to discuss the issues of the day in a political correctness-free environment.

We expose South Africa's ruling tripartite AXIS OF EVIL; the black-nationalist, racist African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party and the Marxist trade union group, Cosatu.

By raising awareness of South Africa's dirty secrets, telling the truth about rampant crime, corruption and black racism, we may bring about change that could help preserve the splendour of this remarkable country and culture.


And what of the "Rainbow Nation"?

Following the hype and optimism surrounding the New South Africa of 1994, we have seen nothing resembling the promised Rainbow, only the following:

- A free-for-all grab of the country's resources on a massive scale by a small and corrupt elite whose only ambition is to enrich themselves;

- Rampant, violent crime, including thousands of brutal, racist murders;

- The collapse of the country's first-world infrastructure, hospitals and basic services;

- Unsustainable rural migration to urban centres resulting in overpopulated, stinking, crime-ridden slums;

- Systematic dispossession of the country's white minority, leading to massive emigration of thousands of business people and professionals, a brain drain that is slowly strangling the country's economy;

- Deliberate "population flooding" of the historical Cape Province for the sole purpose of outbreeding and controlling its longstanding minority populations; and

- A Zimbabwe-style land-grab policy that threatens to eliminate the country's essential food supply.