Monday, January 25, 2010

Waves of disruption at DUT as students march

More of the same from our future responsible citizens.

emphasis mine..

Angry students caused staggered chaos at the Durban University of Technology on Monday when they marched between the institution's three campuses to demand better accommodation, transport and computer facilities.

The protesting students, numbering about 300, marched from campus to campus disrupting student registration.

Non-striking students were chased off the Steve Biko, Ritson and ML Sultan campuses if they did not join the marchers, and businesses at the Steve Biko campus were forced to close each time the crowd passed by.

One student who was stopped from registering and hit on the foot with a knobkerrie said he understood and supported the students, but with reservation. "It is not necessary to beat up students," he said.

The students' main gripe is that they do not want accommodation arranged by the DUT's management in buildings at the Market, in Warwick Triangle, and above a bar on the Berea. They want the DUT to put them up at the Four Seasons Hotel on the beach front until better accommodation is acquired.

The students' representative council is demanding that the DUT's head of student housing be dismissed.

The council is also demanding washing machines and computer rooms at residences, and better buses to transport students because the ones being used are alleged to be not roadworthy.

4 Opinion(s):

Exzanian said...

Is this the result of hundreds of years of oppression, or is it just TKB?

JuliusM said...

Hau! Send them to the mines!

Pensioner said...

These assholes will destroy anything they lay there hands on. They still think it belongs to Whitey so just trash it. Well guess what, Whitey is getting sick and fucking tired of all their crap.

Anonymous said...

These arseholes deserve nothing. They should be removed and prevented from any furtherstudy, as they do not deserve that priviledge.