Saturday, January 09, 2010

Thief Gets Nasty Shock

.... a cable thief sustained third degree burns to three limbs, his chest and face in Victory Park in Johannesburg on Friday, ER24 said.

The man was allegedly trying to steal an electrical cable when he was shocked by a current of approximately 3000 volts, said spokesman Lloyd Krause.

He was rushed to the Helen Joseph hospital in a critical condition.

The man could lose his limbs because of the severity of his injuries, said Krause. - Sapa

It's hard to have sympathy...

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Anonymous said...

I don't.

Exzanian said...

If you follow the progressive libby argument to it's logical extreme, this poor man was a victim of circumstances, a victim of apartheid. He was attempting to redress the imbalances of the past in a foolhardy, but altogether understandable way. Poor man, if he survives he will need compensation, and support for life, particularly if he loses limbs. Poor man.

Anonymous said...

They should have left him to die.

Anonymous said...

...shocked by a current of approximately 3000 volts...

that's volts not current, uneducated journalist..nevertheless, the current was probably very low, or else this boon would have snuffed it..

Dmitri said...

Let me try to get this right. The kaffir tries to steal electricity.
He gets fried.
He goes to hospital.
He obviously cannot pay for the treatment.

So part of our taxes go to his treatment ???? ---- for stealing !!!

Tim Johnston said...

Yep - you and I are footing the bill.
Will the guy be prosecuted?

Will he F*ck.

Anonymous said...

"Will the guy be prosecuted?"

Probably not, but at least he got electro-cuted! ;-)