Friday, January 22, 2010

"Stalin" Malema Wants to Turn Students into Miners

I don't know why we bother half the time. In some ways, Foolius is the blogger's dream. He is the gift that just keeps on giving.

No news to report? Google Julius Malema and invariably discover that over the last few days he has delivered another verbal sackload of shit unto a cheering mob somewhere in the country, full of quotable quotes that make the more sane of us wonder whether he actually exists, or whether he was dreamt up by some psychotic and personality-disordered cartoonist in an attic somewhere.

Julius Malema is like God; in the Voltairian sense that if he did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

He is also every South African's worst nightmare. He is very, very real. And he is probably coming to a University campus near you soon.

Some of these below are real gems, and I couldn't resist adding a few comments, but be warned: you will be enraged.

Malema: don't shy away from race issues

Do not be afraid to confront issues of race, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema told Free State students on Friday.

"It is a most sensitive issue. While you speak against it you are declared a racist. If you are not strong, you will retreat," he said in Bloemfontein.

Malema was speaking at the University of the Free State during the launch by the SA Students' Congress of the "Right to Learn" campaign.
[how about the "Learn to Write" campaign?]

He said "those who have oppressed us" should be pressed to show remorse and accept that African leadership was ruling the country.

'There is nothing transformed in the economy of South Africa'
"They have rejected" olive branches extended by former president Nelson Mandela and President Jacob Zuma.

"They do not participate in anything of national importance, they do not observe national days, they do not support national initiatives," he said.

"... they do not care about the development of this country, they are forever obsessed with whether they are going to be attacked or robbed."

Malema said white people had been taught from an early age that a black person could never be trusted, that "a black person has a potential of being a criminal, a black person has a potential of being a murderer".

Malema said the ANC had fought for a non-racial society and was building a non-racial society.
[yes - with no other races in it whatsoever]

'We need extra income. Where is this? It is beneath the soil of South Africa'
However, he said this would not be reached if national questions, such as race, gender or class, were not addressed.
[distinct lack of understanding of basic economic principles there]

Malema said South Africa's freedom was useless while the country's economic power was still in the hands of white males.

"There is nothing transformed in the economy of South Africa and for as long as we don't take a radical position to the transformation of the economy it will forever be dominated by white males."

Malema said there were usually no problems with debates such as gender issues and about whether the working class should be the ruling class.

However, when the alliance wanted to fight the monopoly of white capital in society, it was branded racist.

Malema told the students that the government would never be able to supply free education only through collecting taxes.

"We need extra income. Where is this? It is beneath the soil of South Africa - that is where we can get the money," he said.

Malema said the government would like to guarantee the ownership of the country's minerals for the people of the country.

The government would be prepared to go into partnership with the private sector in the mining sector, but the government must hold the majority share.

The ANC youth leader said the working class should be able to indicate what they wanted the government to do with the money made from mines.

"That way we know there is public participation in the process," Malema said.

"We do not pay tax, because we are government but Anglo Platinum must still pay tax after declaring dividends with us," he said to huge cheers from the group.
[but no cheers from Anglo Platinum]

On the event itself, Malema echoed local student leaders' unhappiness that the meeting was being held at the university's Rag Farm, removed from the central part of the campus, blaming the university's white Afrikaner management.

"There is an evil spirit at the UFS. The evil spirit must be confronted, that evil spirit is deep-rooted at the university and that is racism," he said.

- Sapa

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Anonymous said...

....a good snot klap would sort this degenerate that sends it running with arms waving in the air and tears flowing..

...fookin useless turd!

Anonymous said...

"Malema said white people had been taught from an early age that a black person could never be trusted...."

Correct Julius! Black people have taught whites very well about how they (blacks) operate in a civilized society.

""Stalin" Malema Wants to Turn Students into Miners"

Well, good idea, actually! Most students at university shouldn't be there in the first place, so the mines are a good place for them to go.

Who said that Julius was stupid?


So Julias has solutions to everything! He should try running a little spaza shop , a heel bar or some other little venture. Thereafter we could see how fit he is to run a slightly bigger business. This moron totally ignores all the government debacles
such as Eskom , SAA , SABC ...
In fact whatever this parasitical lot touches turns into crap.

Anonymous said...

How i wish i had alot of money.
I will pay somebody very well to shoot that piece of shit. Every time he open his mouth i hate him more and more and more.

Dachshund said...

Talking about psychotic and personality disordered, if I see some strange white naked lunatic in my driveway waving around a black dildo, I'm taking a few photos - from a safe distance - for the Sunday Times before calling ER.

Anonymous said...

"There is an evil spirit at the UFS." He must be talking about Jonathan Jansen, vice-chancellor and principal, who is not dark enough for his liking.

Anonymous said...

And what about the Indian mynahs? No jobs for them?

Exzanian said...

Julius, and the underclass he represents, never had anything to start off with. They never will have anything. They will always be on the outside looking in. Fundamentally, his brain does not work. He seems to think mineral wealth grows from the land like mielie pap...

Anonymous said...

I simply love Julius Malema. Every time he opens his mouth he confirms what we all know, that the black race is a sub species. He is living proof.
Carry on my boy, you are doing a great job. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Let us not take his words lightly. Whilst he may be a brainless simian biped, it would be wise to take into consideration the fact that he is the leader of thousands of young testosterone filled brainless simian bipeds. Whilst any intelligent person is inclined to laugh at the message of mr. Stupid, you have to remember that his message is well received by the stupid masses. The hairs in my neck rises when I think of the impact his illogical messages has on his illogical followers. They no doubt left the venue filled with more righteous anger towards the so called racist whites, determined to make a differance, even if it involves murder. He may be a moron in the eyes of intelligent people, but he is a powerful moron, if only for the fact that he is the moron king. Simply put, he has many followers and his stupidity makes sense to them. In their eyes he is not stupid, because stupid does not recognise itself. Every time young Malema opens his mouth he brings SA closer to a possible Uhuru type scenario. Whilst I do not belief in the Uhuru fairy tale, I do belief that an outbreak of increased black on white violence, similar to the Xenophobic attacks is possible with the right kind of motivation. Malema seems to be providing exactly this type of motivation. This of course would not totally be a bad thing - apart from the thousand or so murdered whites - in that this event would be the painfull birth contraction of the white homeland. After this holocaust the whites would be justified in demanding their own homeland free from the white hating blacks. The blacks would have proven their extreme anti white bias and hatred of whites to the world. The whites of SA would be able to seceed with ease and the whole world would have to approve, as their would be enough grounds. Perhaps I should write a thank you note to the leader of the young brainless idiots. A4