Wednesday, January 27, 2010

South African World Cup 'Snubbed by Foreign Fans': Who Woulda Thunk It

So now it is blamed on "too few flights" to South Africa. Surely genius Danny Jordaan could have forseen that there wouldn't be enough flights, for starters, and it is doubtful that the airlines are the spoilers. Crime is the obvious culprit.

The football World Cup in South Africa will be played in front of fewer than half of the expected number of foreign fans, says governing body Fifa.

Secretary-general Jerome Valcke said there were too few flights to cater for demand, and also suggested some fans were concerned about safety.

Fifa expects 450,000 foreign fans - compared with estimates of one million made in 2002.

South Africans have snapped up most of the two million tickets sold so far.

The US makes up the largest contingent of foreign fans wanting tickets - with the UK next on the list.

The BBC's Jonah Fisher, in Johannesburg, says Fifa are clearly disappointed at the number of people planning to travel to the tournament.

Mr Valcke told a news conference: "It is true that the PMAs [local football associations] find it currently difficult to sell the tickets due to limited flights available.

"Therefore we are now working together with the airlines to create extra flights and packages to help the PMAs to sell their tickets."

Mr Valcke also said concerns about security in South Africa seemed to have put off some foreign fans.

He said criticism had been coming mainly from Germany and England.

Our correspondent says Mr Valcke was clearly angered by the criticism and described the comments as insane and completely wrong.

Source: BBC News

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Anonymous said...

Let's see - travel to a country where crime is a huge problem vs staying at home, saving money and watching it on TV...hmmmm, which one would I pick?

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money - what white person wants to watch soccer in a kaffir controlled third world country?

Anonymous said...

Our roads are all in a state of disrepair, with potholes the size of farm dams...shit in our water, parastatals corrupted from within, lawlessness on the roads, not a single cop to be seen, and all this fookin commie anc guvmunt worries about is fuckin soccer!

Man, we are fucked..

Anonymous said...

This may interest you :

Eskom imports overseas blacks to meet BEE target, then they sit idle

Anonymous said...

my blood boils when i read such racist and negative comments as you lot have posted!! now that SA has been freed from disgusting white oppression, it can join the ranks of the other sub-saharan utopias! viva africa!! viva South africa!! viva ... well all kinds of other things!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:19. Give us your definition of racism please, given that the Oxford version clearly isn't the one you subscribe to. Sub-Saharan utopias, hey, ha ha. I think you better stop drinking that sorghum beer, it is affecting your 67.

Anonymous said...

these nignogs use the dreaded r word like it's a sinful...

yes, I AM what now, do the racist police arrest me for hating what you black spawn of satan have done to my beloved country??

It time that we stand up and shout out load: HELL YE, I'M RACIST!!!(now fuck off and harass some miserable liberal)