Saturday, January 30, 2010

South Africa Cricket Plunges Into Crisis


South African cricket has plunged into crisis after Cricket South Africa (CSA) dismissed the entire selection committee. The move came after quitting of coach Mickey Arthur. The board has appointed an interim panel ahead of the Indian tour.

Mike Procter, convenor of the selectors, said "a meeting held last week with CSA bosses did not go well."

"Whatever transpired at that meeting led them to get rid of Mickey and also the selectors," Procter said on Wednesday.

Procter said CSA chief executive Gerald Majola told him that the selection panel was dysfunctional."It was a huge shock to us all."

"He said this selection panel would not be required in future. I think we had too short a time in the business: as selectors we always gave our own thoughts, we never ended up voting on issues. I think we were doing pretty well and in the short time we did introduce some new players."

Majola said Arthur's resignation came through the normal stock-taking process which followed the England home series and against the backdrop of the disappointing results of 2009.

Majola on Wednesday said,”A this process unfolded and remedies were sought, Mickey expressed the very honest and humble view that he did not believe that at this stage he could continue as coach of the Proteas."

"In the circumstances, he tendered his resignation and it is with much regret that the CSA Board accepted it. We have accepted Mickey's view that a change at the coaching helm is needed.”

Majola said CSA's high performance coach Corrie van Zyl will take over the coaching reins on a caretaker basis.The interim selection committee, which will replace the one led by Procter, comprises Majola, van Zyl and former captain Kepler Wessels.

The turmoil in South African cricket comes four days before the Proteas travel to India for a series which includes two Tests that will decide the top Test slot.

Van Zyl will now be in charge of the team in India."It's not the ideal situation to take over now, but I have worked with Mickey before," Van Zyl said.

"I had been focusing on the high performance centre till Monday, but I will meet with the captain in Cape Town tomorrow to prepare for India," Van Zyl added.

Arthur said he resigned because his vision for the national team differed with that of the board.

"I am disappointed, because when I started there I said I wanted to get South Africa to No. 1 in both forms of the game, I wanted to be the first South African coach to win in England, and the first to win in Australia. The only thing I didn't achieve was an ICC trophy," Arthur said.

Captain Graeme Smith was upset with the turn of events. He said, “Yesterday was a tough day for me," said Smith, who sat next to Arthur at a news conference.

"Mickey brought a lot of stability and calmness to the team and, having worked so closely together, it was disappointing, it hurt me, to hear the media telling everybody our relationship had broken down. I can tell you we spoke a few times on the telephone yesterday, so much for our relationship being irreparably damaged, we had a very healthy relationship and I gave him my full support."

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Anonymous said...

We know the reason for all this upheaval is because the cricket team isn't black enough.

Is it the fault of the trainer and the selectors that our blacks are talentless. Most of the big, strong, sporty blacks were exported to the US as slaves. The slavers took the best and left the crap behind.

Look at our soccer. Out of a black pool of 45 million people they can only achieve a rating of 80'something.

Compare that to rugby. Out of a white pool of 4 million whites, we have taken the world cup trophy more than once since our return to rugby in 1994.

We all know why they are interested in Rugby and soccer. It is because winning teams make money and the blacks are always after the money.

It is my wish that both Rugby and cricket should be made all black and then the world will be able to see how useless the boons are, as they will probably not even rate amongst the top in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to make of this. If you listen to Kepler when he commentates, then he seems to want the best players to be picked. This is going to be interesting to watch developments unfold..

Exzanian said...

"Whatever transpired at that meeting led them to get rid of Mickey and also the selectors, Procter said on Wednesday."

More meetings behind closed doors, we all know what it means. The rot creepeth...

Unknown said...

Really, who gives a shit?