Thursday, December 31, 2009

Showerhead Updated!

Every since cartoonist Zapiro began depicting Zuma with a showerhead on his skull, in reference to his infamous remarks about showering after rape sex to "prevent" AIDS, we have had a great laugh at the expense of this buffoon of a president.

Zapiro removed the showerhead from his cartoons after Zuma was made president in a gesture of "automatic respect" that was undeserved. I reckon the showerhead should go straight back on. At the very least it should go back on as soon as Zuma "pardons" his crime buddy Shabir Shaik (and that will be soon) from his fraud charges (thereby confirming that the previous release on grounds of "terminal illness" was a total fabrication.)

Until then, I have done a video on You Tube in which I have built upon and extended the theme of the Showerhead and created generic "Headstyles" for Zuma.

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Anonymous said...

Exzanian: your stuff needs work.

Having said that, I'm going to download all the photoshop and other programs I need to make a serious attempt myself.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Zuma doesn't do condoms, he does polygamy.

I'm just waiting for a more progressive black person than a graduate of Fot Heh (and I grant that during the struggle there wasn't much of a choice for blacks in terms of universities to attend, but hey, times have moved on)to make the observation that polygamy is so much less hypocritical than serial monogamy, which let's face it, really is polygamy in serial form.

My new year's resolution is to be more open and receptive to non-racist black readers and commentators.

It will be interesting to find out how many of those there are.

(I'm a bit pissed, hence the previous typos.)

Good evening, South Africa, and a happy new year to all of us!

Tim Johnston said...

I wonder if we have any black or Coloured readers?
I would hope so, but I imagine they wouldn't stick around wrong. People can be over-sensitive.

The title of the blog needs some reflection every now and then. "I love South Africa but I hate my government". There's something universal about that.

Anonymous said...

@Dachs. Graphic work can be done using GIMP 2. There are plenty of web tutorials and videos, and it is free.

Anonymous said...

@ VI

Not all your coloured readers are sensitive nor irregular. Some can see the bear from the woods.

Tim Johnston said...

VERY glad to hear that, Anon. 6:13.
I was really thinking of black readers being oversensitive..

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6.13. Huh? I think you are heavily indulging in the fruit punch. You must be referring to Dachs.

Anonymous said...

To stay regular like a bear in the woods, take Senokot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks VI, I just downloaded GIMP 2.6. Now to wade thru the tutorials. Phew.

h said...


Some GIMP video tutorials for you.

And some other GIMP reading material.