The Political Personality of ILuvSA Readers

Previously I embarked on an exercise to categorise the collective political mindset of ILSA readers. The purpose was simple; to determine whether our collective opinions were as radical as some have suggested, or whether we have a lot more in common with our detractors than either we, or they have ever considered. These are my provisional findings, although it will remain a work in progress.

ILSA readers are apparently Authoritarian Leftists. At the extremes, this quadrant includes the likes of Stalin, Pol Pot and Mugabe. But that would be an incorrect assessment. ILSA readers are so close to the intersection of the X and Y axes, that we could reasonably be classified as Moderates.

Definition: Moderate

A person or group that is moderate in opinion or opposed to extreme views and actions, especially in politics or religion.


reasonable, temperate, judicious, just, cool, steady, calm, caution, self-restraint, control, prudence

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that although we do have extreme commentators, or we publish extreme articles from time-to-time, collectively we are a level headed bunch, which is what we have always advocated.

A Brief Overview

Quadrant 1 is the Authoritarian Left. It is characterised by state control and market collectivism. Your dominant character will be determined by your position within the quadrant.

Quadrant 2 is the Authoritarian Right. This is characterised by state control and open markets. This is the quadrant that encompasses most of the Western leaders.

Quadrant 3 is the Libertarian Right. This is rarely populated. It is characterised by open markets, yet very little state control, which is a difficult state to achieve.

Quadrant 4 is the Libertarian Left. This is traditionally liberal domain, but as you can see, even ILSA readers find themselves in this quadrant. Therefore, your dominant character would need to be determined by your position within the quadrant.

Some information for the polymath types; the blue block encompasses an area equivalent to one standard deviation of the mean scores. In other words 68% of ILSA readers fell within the shaded area; clearly moderate territory.
The accuracy of any survey is always dependent on the sample size. ILSA tracks the number of daily repeat visitors, and therefore it is against this population that I measured the accuracy of the findings. To be frank I would like a larger sample, and therefore encourage those that have not already done the test, to do it. The test can be found here. Please forward me either your score, or your screenshot. I would like the results to be accurate at the 95% level, with a standard error of less than 5%.
Then, a challenge to other websites, feminists, the ANCYL, the YCL and others; why don't you map your members collective political mindset as well? We may find that we have a lot in common, which will suggest that the only stumbling blocks may be our views on race and/or religion. A pipe dream, I am sure, but a good start.
For those of you that would like to read more about the Political Compass, please do so.