Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet Haiti's Next Government: The Gangs

Haitian authorities conceded yesterday they had lost their battle to maintain order in Port-au-Prince after gang leaders who escaped when the national prison collapsed in last week's earthquake reclaimed their old turf.

Residents say people have been killed and several women raped in a turf war between gangsters nicknamed "Belony" and "Bled".

The gangsters have stepped into the law-and-order vacuum, notably in the sprawling shanty town of Cite Soleil, which they dominated before being locked up after police operations supported by United Nations troops over the past three years.


The Haitian authorities, already reliant on UN forces, are now crippled by heavy casualties and widespread destruction of infrastructure.

Ten Brazilian peacekeepers were killed when a key local UN checkpoint at the entrance to Cite Soleil, known as the 'Blue House', collapsed.

The UN also lost its chief, deputy chief and acting police commander in the earthquake, creating a dangerous leadership vacuum at a time when international peacekeepers have committed their diminished forces to aiding survivors.

Police morale and strength have been severely reduced by the loss of experienced officers who were killed or injured -- leaving recently trained recruits to hold the line.

Dorsainvil Robenson, a police officer, said: "We do not have the capacity to fix this situation. Haiti needs help.

The Americans are welcome here. But where are they? We need them here on the street with us."

Haiti's police have effectively given up and appealed to vigilantes to take the law into their own hands.

"If you don't kill the criminals, they will all come back," officers announce over loudspeakers from heavily armed checkpoints in the slum area.

"The trouble is starting," said Jean-Semaine Delice, a 51-year-old father.

As escaped gangsters from the city's notorious main penitentiary attempt to regain control of the sprawling Cite Soleil slum, some neighbourhoods are creating their own security forces -- forming night brigades and machete-armed mobs to fight bandits.

"We never count on the government here, never," said 29-year-old Tatony Vieux in a hillside district where people used cars to block access to their street.

In a separate move yesterday, the UN Security Council (UNSC) agreed to boost the number of UN troops and police in Haiti by 3,500 to help restore order.

The full potential strength of the United Nations' Haiti force, known as MINUSTAH, will rise to 12,651, up from the current level of around 9,000.

China's ambassador to the UN Zhang Yesui, who is the revolving president of the UNSC for the month of January, said the reinforcements would have a six-month mandate.

But his words appeared to leave open the option that it could be extended. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

- Bruno Waterfield in Port-Au-Prince

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The Rooster said...

What's this got to do with South Africa ?

Oh I see. Blacks were involved. You're not really concerned South African citizens. You're just simpilton racists.

Tim Johnston said...

It's called "NEWS"

Exzanian said...

I see the cloacaian is face stomping again...Listen up mate, we're not constrained to a narrow range of articles, whose rule is that? Who do you think you are dictating what we choose to post?

Anonymous said...

Black Anonymous

Hey moderator, I was hoping you would miss this one. But i remember the last week on friday having a conversation with my Canadian friend (He is a Banker of East African origin), and I expressed to him that just give Haiti a few days, it will be back to gang warfare again. Same thing we see in africa when there is a disaster - BIG MN WITH BIG GUNS ALWAYS WINS. What a pathetic race most of us are.

Anonymous said...

I say leave them to it. Let them kill each other.

@Rooster - why are you even reading this blog? Aren't you one of those happy-clappy people with their own pro-black blog? What's wrong - need to troll on successful informative blogs and leave arsinine comments??

Anonymous said...

Contrast Haiti's behaviour to the dignified way in which many of the victims of the tsunami behaved. The digital age sucks if you are black; you can no longer hide your fucking barbaric behaviour.

Anonymous said...

From Hayibo:

Developing nations rush to jump on Haiti bandwagon

Developing countries say the catastrophe in Haiti has taught them some important lessons on how to get noticed by the international community. "We're hoping for a volcano, or at least a mud-slide," said the Foreign Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo. "Clearly it's a natural disaster or nothing."

According to the DRC official, Jean-Luc Propakanda, Haiti had gone "overnight from being one of the most horrific places on earth where people eat mud flavoured with cooking oil to the world's darling".

"We want in on that action," he said.

The DRC leapt to contribute $2.5 million in aid, a move questioned by DRC citizens currently who currently survive on a diet of diesel fumes and boiled artillery shells.

However Propakanda defended the move.

"It's not so much a donation as a consultancy fee for advice on how to replicate Haiti's tremendous publicity coup and maybe voodoo up an earthquake of our own."

He said that the DRC was doing everything it could to gain the world's sympathy.

"We've got child soldiers, a rape pandemic, we blow away gorillas on sight. Hell, we've even resorted to cannibalism. We've killed 5 million people in the last 14 years. And what do we get? Nothing. Not even a whiff of a CNN correspondent."

Anonymous said...

Rooster, you're not a concerned South African citizen, if you were, you would be as worried as hell that blacks would do the same thing if we had a natural disaster on this scale because most blacks ARE a natural disaster, they can't help it, and it's not racist to say so. On the other hand, it's racist NOT to realise how animalistic and volatile a lot of Africans are, and to be terribly surprised when they resort to behaviour that other races wouldn't contemplate.

Anonymous said...

Rooster is a liberal. Bet he has a picture of St Mandela in his house.

Anonymous said...

This video sums it up well!

Anonymous said...

You must mean: Meet Haiti'sext government, another gang!!!