Thursday, January 28, 2010

Maximising Profit: Trafigura And The Rape of The Ivory Coast

The truth is what it is, and people deserve to know the truth. But apparently not in the UK. The United Kingdom has one-sided libel laws, where it is relatively easy to suppress the truth, as long as you have the financial wherewithal. In as much as we are critical of African governments generally, we are equally critical of gross injustices, and this particular incident deserves our condemnation. 

Late last week the BBC chose to delete from its website a damning Newsnight investigation into the Trafigura scandal, following legal threats from the company and its controversial lawyers, Carter-Ruck.

Previously, other media outlets including the Times and the Independent, had withdrawn stories about the case, amid concerns that the UK press is choosing to engage in self-censorship, rather than risk a confrontation with such a powerful company in the UK’s archaic and one-sided libel courts.

The BBC is a dominant player within the UK media, and its independence – supposedly guaranteed by the millions it receives from licence-payers each year – is vital both to its public service function and its global reputation.

Freedom of speech means very little without an effective and independent media – if it’s true that the BBC’s independence can so easily be compromised by legal threats, then this sets a very dangerous precedent for the future.

The mainstream UK media has so far assiduously avoided reporting on the BBC’s climbdown. Yet it’s an issue that raises serious questions about the state of press freedom in Britain, at a time of unprecedented attacks on the media.

To help subvert this latest attempt to muzzle the press, please watch the video, and view the PDF document of the original story.

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Anonymous said...

That story broke in 2008 already:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, yet this still remains a classic example of avoiding the cost of disposing of your waste, by offloading your filth onto a poor nation, that requires intervention by public institutions, in order to safeguard the population. It is shameful.