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Haiti: Why bother to rebuild a basket case?

This is how David Bullard puts it, in his pithy, condescending Anglo-Supremo style...

Two days after the devastating earthquake in Haiti a story caught my eye in the newspaper. Apparently some Haitians were so angry that the world was taking its time rushing to their aid that they were going to build roadblocks with the corpses of earthquake victims as a sign of protest. How very intelligent I thought. Not only will the stench and sight of a pile of rotting bodies make the rescuers feel really welcome but it will delay the convoy’s progress. Clearly intelligence is not a commodity much in evidence in Haiti. So I took the trouble to check some statistics.

Most people know that Haiti is one of the poorest places on earth with a per capita income of around $500. It’s the home of voodoo and zombies and the country’s political history makes some of the nastiest African basket cases seem pleasant by comparison. Around 60% of the population have no formal education and the country has been so ecologically raped that there is virtually nothing left to farm and export. Unemployment is probably running at around 60% of the workforce and life expectancy for both sexes is in the very early fifties. All in all, a veritable hell on earth in normal times but made more so by the frightening aftermath of what the United Nations describes as the worst disaster it has ever had to face.

Reacting effectively to a disaster of this magnitude takes some planning, particularly when you are flying in equipment, provisions and people from the other side of the world. So it was inevitable that it would take a couple of days for developed nations to put together and co-ordinate an effective rescue operation. It’s also a costly exercise and no country has a rescue operation standing by just in case Haiti has an earthquake. Thousands of people, touched by what they have seen on their television screens, have donated large sums of money towards the rescue effort and governments have pledged further millions to help Haiti.

But what has Haiti done for itself? Not a great deal by the look of things. The country’s infrastructure was pretty dreadful even before the earthquake and a long line of corrupt politicians have made sure that the country is starved of money to maintain essential services. So the condition of the roads was already pretty dreadful and they are obviously worse now. The main airport was unable to cope soon after the quake and the port is unusable. Access by land from the neighbouring Dominican Republic is difficult so just getting into Haiti is a challenge in itself.

This is the price a country pays for failing to maintain basic infrastructure. More important though was the complete absence on our TV screens of any Haitian emergency services. I’ve been following the development of this story pretty closely and all I have seen is desperate civilians scrabbling through the rubble in a desperate attempt to find live bodies. There has been no evidence of local emergency services, whether they are police, army or ambulance personnel. I can’t believe that the world’s TV cameras have been deliberately ignoring them to show Haiti in a bad light. Far more likely is that they either don’t exist or have no plan for such an emergency.

So the image of Haiti as a terminal basket case with its hand outstretched for aid is just reinforced by this massive natural disaster. Already blame for the worsening situation has been laid at the feet of those who are trying to help. At least the “we demand” culture is alive and well in Haiti.

Which makes one wonder whether there is any point in rebuilding Haiti. It doesn’t have oil or any minerals that are cheaply accessible. It’s not an ideal holiday destination because it gets hit by hurricanes fairly regularly and it is an ecological disgrace. Worse though, it has a population that seems incapable of sustaining itself without having to beg for aid from other nations. It is just another African disaster story transposed to the Caribbean.

In the animal kingdom it would have been a weakling killed off long ago. But we compassionate humans are above the animal kingdom. Which is why we rush to help the weak and the poor in places like Haiti, even though we know that no amount of our money can bring a better life to people who are simply not equipped to survive in the 21st century.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone who can so eloquently put aside the liberal bullshit and get right down to the truth of the Haiti matter. Excellent. Sadly opinions like this are tantamount to treason in modern society.

Anonymous said...

I think a more acceptable version would run like this: we help, but in return, we put in semi-permanent managerial structures that ensure:

1. rigid population control (like China)
2. a graft-free administration
3. draconian crime control (like Singapore)
4. freedom to operate, and low taxes, for international entrepreneurs (see also Singapore).

For a start.


Tim Johnston said...

Great post!

Haiti has been like those people who are so "anti-establishment" they go and live off in the wild and "get back to nature", but when some crisis comes they start crying for a helicopter or the Coast Guard to come rescue them. From nature.

Ultimately their existence is only sustainable because other people are engaged in proper society and have real jobs. "Lord of the Flies" springs to mind, too.

Anonymous said...

It is probably fair to acknowledge that these Haitian people did not go there of their own free will, and not being particularly talented, can hardly be held responsible for their own economic predicament (even without the earthquake).

This gets to the heart one of the great lies in liberalism: they know that human beings are not endowed equally with brains, and they know that for this reason alone, these Haitians and similar others cannot handle real freedom; and therefore need a custodial state. But they will never admit this openly, since the party line (that all people are equal) is necessary for their main project, the destruction of the West; nonetheless, liberals work ceaselessly to limit real personal freedom in the West, and would do so in Haiti if we enabled them with our money; while at the same time, seeking to insert themselves as the rent-seeking beneficiaries (excuse me, "leaders"), all the while disguising their true motivations.


Tim Johnston said...

Fair comment Anon.

I worry that Haiti will become another Ethiopia, who managed to double their population while the world came to their aid after their famine.

Anonymous said...

Fairness is a two-way street. It is not fair to donors to increase population without self-control.

This very obvious norm of basic decency is totally absent from the discussion in the msm.

If responsibility is only our prerogative, then they are like infants; can't get away from it.
So admit it, or demand self-control as a condition of post earthquake support.

Tim Johnston said...

The same libs who'll throw money at hopeless cases like Haiti are (if they're anyway decent parents) likely to try to teach their kids the value of money. Chores for pocket money? That was my deal as a kid.
I know some good people who charged their (over 18y.o.) kids rent for living at home,and they never resented it. In fact it's quite normal, and fair.

And yet they won't apply that to grown adults in a foreign country!

Anonymous said...

How about we take all the Haitians to SA and the SA whites go to Haiti? I can guarantee you that the island would be successful and productive in just a few years. Utopia - we can only dream....

Anonymous said...

Evil has no colour.

Look at the IMF loan conditions that was handed to Haiti and Swaziland for that matter. They would bugger any country.

Yes the blacks are retards but even so one should remember that they are endowed with piss poor leadership and it does not help when the West throws petrol on an existing fire.

--- Reason why there is no farming and food is because the IMF loans clearly states that they are not allowed to subsidise farming. They are also not allowed to halt imports (i.e 'free trade'). Yet the US will subsidise its farmers and dump grains onto their market killing it where it stands.

Bullard writes well, but sometimes he has piss poor knowledge and just shoots from the hip.

Anonymous said...

SA, by contrast, would become Vootopia.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment from anon above. I don't think that liberals have a master plan to destroy the west, they are simply misguided morons.

Anonymous said...


Bullard is Jewish. Certainly you mean Jewish-Supremo??

Laager said...

David bullard is not correct when he says that no country is on immediate standby.

Israel was at the coal face in Haiti within 24 hours of getting the call for help with a fully operational field hospital in tents



It simply amazes me to send the following information. Please share this with eveyone you know, Jewish and non-Jewish.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Saturday evening on his Geraldo At Large program anchored from Haiti and aired on FNS, Geraldo Rivera and his brother Craig reported on an Israeli Defense Forces ( IDF) field hospital operating in Haiti. Within 24 hours of the earthquake the IDF had arrived in Haiti and built their field hospital (16 hours flying and 8 hours building). They have a full operating theater, a pediatric ICU, an Obstetrics facility and about 100 beds, all set up in a tent. The unit is staffed by about 40 IDF doctors. They are saving lives by preventing infection in neglected wounds and by operating when necessary. The IDF unit is complemented by a ZAKA unit, the folks who clean up human remains after bombings and provide for compassionate burial. It is worth noting that ZAKA are primarily orthodox Jews who violated the Sabbath in order to get to Haiti quickly. Jewish law says saving lives takes precedence over the Sabbath.

There has been a general lack of publicity for this effort which I believe is based on a perception among the media that Israel is too controversial to show a purely humanitarian side. It begs the question among Israel bashers why Israel can be so compassionate in Haiti and so allegedly brutal in the territories. Nobody wants to get into this. It shows the success of the Arab propaganda campaign to demonize Israelis and delegitimize the Jewish State. Remember FOX is alone among the networks in generally showing compassion toward Israel.



Exzanian said...

Anon 24 January 2010 10:52 PM
David Bullard is British born and SA naturalised...(now please don't go off on a tangent here about his ancestry)His talent is that he is supremely satirical to the point that nobody knows how to handle him, least of all the bleks. My view of him is that he's a closet racist but nobody seems to be able to pin it to him and make it stick...He is subversive and slippery as an eel.

Anonymous said...


I think he is a closet homo.

Exzanian said...

Anon 25 January 2010 4:11 AM...