Monday, January 25, 2010

Great News: White South Africans not Racist!

Well, not quite.

UBN has reprinted an old story from the Guardian from back in 2002 which tells us more about "postcolonial" analysis than we probably wanted to know, but nonetheless these things often make good reading as a thought exercise.

This one is hardly worth pasting in full, but a quick skim at the above link will give you the gist of it. Basically, Racism = Prejudice + Power blah blah blah, heard it all before. This is the Newspeak definition of racism, whereby old dictionary-type definitions of the words we own are given new, better meanings by people who know better and are, in their own eyes, better than everyone else.

Translated, it means that if you are a "minority" you can never ever be racist because you're a minority. And minorities can't be racist just because. Make sense?

According to author Joseph Harker (pictured above),

Of course all white people are racist

White people need to accept that, no matter how many anti-racist demos they've marched on, they inevitably make assumptions, however subconscious, which are influenced by a racist society and which help to form their views and opinions. To refute this is to be in complete denial. But this is not a blame game. Institutional racism is now an accepted term, but it's not the inanimate "institutions" which are racist; it's their staff who perpetuate the overall inequalities by their actions. The acknowledgement of personal racism is simply a prerequisite before anyone can begin to eradicate its pernicious effects. As a black man, I admit I am bound to suffer from prejudices of my own. I cannot be racist, however, because in the global order I do not belong to the dominant group. If I were to mistreat a white person, no matter how low in social status, the weight of this country's white power structure would come down against me. As Stephen Lawrence's parents found, this force does not come to the aid of black people.


So, if the powerless can't be racist, what does that say about white South Africans, probably the world's only large white minority?

Well, if we follow the formula, minorities can't be racist. White South Africans have no power, are officially and institutionally discriminated against and routinely blamed for the country's problems by those in power.

So, that's it settled. According to liberal philosophy, you are NOT RACISTS! happy days, people.

But don't celebrate to soon. As we've come to accept from liberals - the world's worst hypocrites - this doesn't apply to you. Of course not, you're white. The libs will just change this new definition of the word to suit their ideology and make you the exception to the rule.

How? Well the kind fellow quoted above has spelt it out for us:
"in the global order I do not belong to the dominant group"

Aha. So, because in the global order white people are still in positions of power (tell that to the Chinese), then you don't actually count as a minority in your own country. It's "global", see?

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Anonymous said...

Yep. We just have to wait until the Chinese become the globally dominant group, and then we can never be racist again. Hurrah!