Saturday, January 23, 2010

Geert Wilders on Trial

Perhaps the case that is being heard should be listed on the Court roll as "Netherlands vs Free Speech" and ultimately, as the author of this article points out, it is the Netherlands itself that is on trial. The life of the individual, Geert Wilders, pales into insignificance compared to the issues that are at stake. You need to be aware this article is from a left wing liberal perspective, but that in itself is quite revealing!

This week, the Dutch politician Geert Wilders appeared in court in his home country to face charges of "inciting discrimination and hatred", which could carry a two-year prison sentence on each count. Wilders is, of course, the bomb-throwing right-wing populist whom I wrote about in 2008, made infamous by his short film Fitna (caution: some disturbing images).

When Wilders' blunt criticisms of Islam caused fury among Muslims, the nation of Jordan - of which Wilders is not a citizen, and where he has no political or personal connections - demanded that he be extradited there in order to punish him. Understandably, the Dutch government refused. And despite a flood of complaints, Dutch prosecutors - to their credit - refused to charge him, finding that he had broken no laws. Their
statement on the matter was a clear and welcome affirmation of the principle of free speech:

But now a Dutch court of appeals, acting on its own initiative, has reversed this decision and ordered that Wilders be prosecuted - hence this week's hearing.
Before I respond to this, let me make one thing clear: Wilders himself is a hypocrite. Despite his vaunted love for the principle of free speech, he's
called for a ban on the Qur'an, a ban on the founding of new mosques, and a ban on further immigration from Islamic countries. I disagree with all those proposals just as vehemently as I disagree with the plan to prosecute him.

But that's precisely the point. It's not Geert Wilders to whom I owe any allegiance, but the principle of freedom of expression. And the Netherlands is doing grave harm to that principle by its decision to prosecute someone for doing nothing more than voicing his opinion. As
Russell Blackford astutely notes, it's not just Geert Wilders who's on trial now - it's the Netherlands as well. If it shows by its actions that it is now a country where a person can be jailed for speaking his mind, it's well on its way to erasing the distinction between itself and the theocracies of Islam.

In truth, it's not Wilders' fate I'm particularly concerned about. If he's acquitted, so much the better. If he's found guilty and punished, that will in all likelihood allow him to paint himself as a martyr (and rightfully so) and will probably win him even more support. The Dutch court has yet to learn the most basic lesson of free speech, that trying to suppress ideas by force tends to make them even more powerful and resilient.

What does concern me is that there are those among the Dutch people who
fail to grasp what's at stake here, who think they can solve all their problems with Islam by punishing the ones who call attention to them:

If Muslims are indeed concerned with avoiding that label, they should be doing more to stop violence in the name of Islam. Speak out, support free speech, denounce the imams who call for violence, make it clear that they are not the sole authority on the teachings of Islam! Muslims have not done nearly enough along these lines, and throwing one Geert Wilders in jail will accomplish precisely nothing if their actions are such as to cause similar thoughts to occur in a million minds. If anything, it's likely to inspire more hatred, more anger, more xenophobia, and make the eventual outcome worse for everyone concerned.

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Anonymous said...

The principle of free speech is a sham to begin with. No ideology can offer it´s opponents a platform to topple them, when they know full well free speech is not on their opponent´s agenda once they gain power.
That´s like voluntarily handing in your weapons when you know the enemy will take your weapons and use them to kill you. It doesn´t make sense.
Anyway, try standing up and saying what Wilders is saying, only substitute the word Islam of Jew, and see how long your freedom of speech lasts. You probably won´t even get a trial. Try denying the holocaust and see how long your freedom of speech lasts.
It´s all rather subjective, is this thing called "free speech".
Actually, it´s really only another "democratic" illusion, so I´ll not lose too much sleep over whether or not Wilders is prosecuted.

gcohen said...
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gcohen said...

This is a frightening statement coming from this blogg.

(Before I respond to this, let me make one thing clear: Wilders himself is a hypocrite. Despite his vaunted love for the principle of free speech, he's called for a ban on the Qur'an, a ban on the founding of new mosques, and a ban on further immigration from Islamic countries. I disagree with all those proposals just as vehemently as I disagree with the plan to prosecute him.)

Are you saying that you support islam?
Are you saying that you support this satanic crap from the muslim invaders.

Tim Johnston said...

hi gcohen, and welcome to this blog.

The poster makes clear that the article he reprinted here comes from a left-wing p.o.v. and the poster was careful to point that out at the start.

The tone of this piece - and largely, of all the articles we post - are pro-Western Civilisation and hence, anti-Islamist.

Anonymous said...

Wilders is just trying to protect the indigenous people of the Netherlands. He knows what's happening in his country with all the Muslims invading; squatting; breeding and claiming tax payer benefits. They are also out-breeding the indigenous people. By the end of the century Muslims willbe the majority in Europe (at the current rate of breeding) and the west will be lost. Sarkozy has come to realise this but it's a little too late. The UK is in deep trouble, what with Sharia law now being recognised there. Wilders, the BNP etc are the only ones that seem to be worried and standing up about the status quo, but are being vilified by their anti-west governments.

Anonymous said...

More proof that the unrepresentative representatives of the Western white countries have a decidedly anti white bias. Look at the photograph of the Islamic man holding the placard with the slogan to kill Wilders. Strangely enough this is acceptable. The West is under attack. Their spheres of education, economics, politics and religion have long been subverted from wihin and the unrepresentative representatives are only left with trying figure out at how best to destroy the Western civilization.

Exzanian said...

gcohen: If we had to post articles that only subsrcibe to a narrow point of view, then that will be a sad day for this blog. As Viking said, I made mention of the source. My intention was to show that even the liberal left, who detests someone like Wilders, is prepared to state that the Netherlands is making a grave mistake by even attempting to prosecute him. WTF more could you ask for? As for the question of whether I support this "satanic crap" Try get your brain into the fresh air more often...

Anonymous said...

Part of the Mohammedan mindset is Jihad. To conquer the whole world and bring it under the banner of the "one true faith" - Islam.

Another part of the mindset is that any land that has been occupied by Mohammedans in the past remains Mohammedan land forever. Europe was occupied by them for centuries before the crusaders forced them out and went on their punitive missions to free Jerusalem etc. etc. So... Europe is "their" land by conquest. They realise that they cannot comquer Europe by force of arms - never have been able to for at least 500 years, so they do it through demographics. They move in, claim every benefit they can without assimilating. This increases the burden on the indigenous population who have less means to look after their own interests while the Mohammedans breed themselves into a position of homogenity and so take over the country by stealth.

Very clever - very patient - very destructive.

As their numbers increase we see the demands for "Islamic" laws and society being made. Increasingly these demands are coupled with violence - both overt and covert - against the indigenous population. They assume positions of power and promulgate legislation in their favour. Once a certain critical mass has been reached they then overtly target the indigenous population and slowly force them out of their "area". A Mohammedan stronghold is established and the legal and mostly illegal immigration of more and more of them takes place. These illegals are given every aid by the "legal" immigrants, including jobs etc. Meanwhile the Mohammedan precepts of disobedience to "pagan" regimes takes hold and taxes are withheld and not declared. Monies are cash-only and no record is given the government.

The Mohammedan society essentially becomes a cancer within the host population - destroying the laws, values and norms of that society while enforcing the laws of Islam with it's associated lying, tax evasion and fraud.

This type of stealth Jihad will never end unless the West has the balls (like Geert) to stand up and paint the Mohammedans and their so-called paedophile inspired "religion" for what it is.

The point we need to understand about Mohammedanism is that there will never be peace between the House of Peace (Dar Es Salaam) [Islam] and The House of War 9Dar El Harb) [Any NON MUSLIM] until Islam is established as the world religion.

These people are dangerous and devious and must be curtailed in all freedom loving nations. Extradition to Islamic paradises such as Yemen, Iraq, Iran and other places should be arranged.